Government Guidelines To Control What You Drink

Beer soon to become extremely regulated, but all in the name of freedom and the preservation of democracy.

Remember how the ‘suggested Covid guidelines’ were weaponized and turned from guidelines into mandates where people lost their jobs, were blacklisted, and even were denied their right to protest the government covid power grab!

Now the government is issuing Beer Drinking guidelines! This is nothing less than a form of 1920’s prohibition.  OMG

Guidelines Turn Into Mandates, mandates turn into draconian control.

In recent discussions surrounding alcohol consumption guidelines, there have been proposals to potentially adjust the existing recommendations set by the U.S. government. The current guidelines, which suggest moderate alcohol consumption for adults, have been in place for years and have generally been accepted by the public.

Globalism is now America’s new operating procedures. The Biden administration is reportedly contemplating the possibility of aligning alcohol recommendations with Canada, as part of ongoing discussions surrounding regulatory policies.

This move comes as the administration aims to explore avenues for cooperation and consistency in the realm of alcohol regulations.

A recent development has ignited fervent discussions and passionate debates surrounding the encroachment of big government on personal freedoms.

George Koob, the Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), has recently suggested the United States must consider implementing alcohol consumption guidelines akin to those followed in Canada.

The Biden proposal, soon to be a mandate aiming to restrict individuals to a mere two beers per week, has sparked widespread backlash and raised important questions about the extent of government intervention in the personal choices and freedoms of its citizens.

Currently, the American alcohol consumption guidelines recommend men limit their daily intake to a maximum of two drinks, while women are advised to consume no more than one drink. However, Koob has expressed concern about Canada’s model, which recommends a maximum of two drinks per week.

Koob’s viewpoint has sparked a wide array of responses. Supporters argue his proposition is grounded in scientific evidence and prioritizes health concerns, emphasizing the minimal concrete health advantages linked to alcohol intake. Koob himself argues numerous perceived advantages could potentially be attributed to dietary and socio-economic factors. He also recognizes the positive aspects of alcohol, acknowledging its role as a “social lubricant” in fostering social interactions.

On the other hand, critics express concerns regarding excessive government intervention and the potential erosion of individual liberties.

Texas Republican Representative Troy Nehls passionately asserts the proposal in question is a blatant attempt to exert control over the lives of hardworking citizens. He draws attention to the alarming parallels between this proposal and past instances where governments sought to dictate and manipulate individual choices, reminding us of the dangers of such overreach.

The proposed alcohol consumption restriction serves as a prime example of the ongoing debates surrounding government regulations, mirroring the recent efforts to limit the usage of gas stoves.

As discussions on alcohol consumption guidelines and gas stove regulations converge, they highlight larger concerns about the delicate balance between government oversight and individual freedom.

The enduring question remains: how much power should the government possess in dictating the daily decisions of individuals, and to what degree can these regulations truly enhance the welfare of the public?

In the ongoing debate between public health and personal freedom, the discussion surrounding alcohol guidelines serves as a prime example of the broader question regarding the extent of government intervention in individuals’ lives.

Will the United States follow in Socialist Canada’s footsteps or chart its own course, finding a balance between public health concerns and the preservation of individual freedoms? Only time will tell.

Final Word: Modern day prophet recently sang this prophecy: “Rich Men North of Richmond Want Total Control”. The government’s guidelines will soon turn into total control, and all in the name of freedom and the preservation of democracy.

At this rate, soon, America will have neither.



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