Government Must Obey, But Will It?

(PCC)Have the citizens of America been tainted by the misguided belief we must unquestioningly submit to the authority of the government? We the People have entrusted our representatives with the responsibility to conduct our affairs, including establishing the rule of law to govern a civilized society. But these laws are permitted by the wise and informed choice of the People, who understand the importance of upholding traditional values and preserving the foundations of our society. Through the power of due process, We the People have the ability to exercise our rights and bring about change, repeal, and reverse laws through legitimate and just processes.

In today’s society, it is absolutely imperative to acknowledge and uphold the paramount significance of individual liberty. We the People must steadfastly oppose the relentless expansion of an overbearing government that shamelessly covets our hard-earned taxes, our property, and ultimately seeks to exert absolute control over our lives! Neglecting the well-being of the citizenry it serves.

Case in point, let’s not forget the Maui fire, a tragic incident that highlighted the dire consequences of unchecked government policies. Why did FIMA fail to effectively respond to the situation, and why was the government’s response so underwhelming? What about the tragic incident in East Palestine, Ohio, where a train derailment caused irreversible damage to the land, lives, and innocent children of that region?

All the while the fat and greedy government stood-by and did little, but it did ship tens of billions of dollars of aid to none US citizens in foreign countries.

We must demand accountability and justice for the affected community, ensuring such incidents are prevented in the future and protect the well-being of US citizens. Why did the government fail to take action?

Yet, the concept of personal ownership is a fundamental pillar of a free society. It is through ownership  we are able to exercise our rights, pursue our dreams, and build a prosperous life!

Freedom to own and possess property is not given to the citizens, it is the citizens who give authority to the government.  Everything citizens have, including cherished liberty, is entrusted to them by the government is a fraud notion. Freedom and right to own property is entrusted to citizens by the constitution, backup up by We the People. The government is nothing more than a slave to the will of the people NOT THE MASTER!

In numerous states and countries, it is disheartening to witness how private property and personal belongings are essentially under the control of the government, limiting our individual freedoms and rights. Some might question the reasons behind this, but it’s crucial to understand  genuine ownership always entails the duty of preserving and safeguarding those possessions.

The “You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy” Conundrum: A Disturbing Vision of the Future It is truly disconcerting to witness the rise of the “You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy” ideology. This misguided notion, propagated by certain factions, presents a troubling vision of the future and undermines the very foundations of personal liberty and individual prosperity.

As long as citizens embrace the principles of self-reliance and personal responsibility, they can break free from the cycle of dependency and work towards genuine progress.

Final Word: I am deeply concerned about future generations will inherit the consequences of our actions. We must not be remembered as a generation that allowed our values and principles to be eroded, leaving behind a society which undermines the well-being and future of our children. It is our moral obligation to courageously confront inconvenient truths and engage in open discussions about them.


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