Gregg Jarrett Smashes The Media To Bits Over Russia Hoax; Everyone Needs To Read This

(Tea Party PAC) – Gregg Jarrett, a legal analyst for Fox News said that he believes there are troves of documented proof out there that demonstrates a truly deplorable and disgusting level of misconduct by the government during the Russia probe that will be revealed for all eyes to see as soon as the materials are declassified.

There’s little doubt that one day in the future, history will mark this time period, when the existence of a shadow government known as the Deep State, worked to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and attempted to create a false narrative of collusion with Russia to get him booted from office, as the greatest political scandal of all-time.

Here’s more of what Jarrett had to say about all of this from Just The News:

Jarrett told the “John Solomon Reports” podcast remarked that he thinks “when all of it is declassified there will be a mountain of damning, incriminating evidence about just how devious and corrupt these government officials were in the Russia hoax.”

He said that recent revelations regarding the handwritten notes of former CIA Director John Brennan confirm his long-held suspicion that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the false Trump-Russia story.

Jarrett sharply criticized the media, asserting that it perpetuated the false narrative.

“You know the media will never admit that they were complicit and you know willing accessories to the Russia hoax. They drove the narrative,” Jarrett said, mentioning two outlets that “received Pulitzer prizes for getting this story wrong. So they will never apologize or retract or admit their own wrongdoing, they will simply move on, you know, to the next hoax,” Jarrett remarked. “They’re devoid of principle and conscience. They are unscrupulous.”

It’s no secret that the mainstream media has abandoned all of the principles that mark good journalism, namely integrity and objectivity, in favor of allowing themselves to be used as propaganda machines for the Democratic Party.

Rather than providing the viewing audience with the facts and allowing them to have room to make up their own minds concerning the issues facing our nation today, news outlets step well over the line and attempt to craft narratives designed to force people to think the way they want them to think.

News coverage is clearly used to manipulate the masses. What’s terrifying is how effective this method of brainwashing really is. You know, if you hear a lie enough times, you start to believe that it’s true. That’s what’s happening to a lot of good hearted Americans. Some still have a naïve trust of networks like CNN, believing these folks are giving them the absolute truth, when in reality, the facts have been filtered through a particular worldview and are being used to push that same view onto those watching.

The media wants to join the Democratic Party in shutting down President Trump. They have worked around the clock to spread the nonsense they are told to spread to try and make the president look bad, to convince folks not to vote for him in November.

How successful this plot is will be made known to us in just a few short weeks.

Listen here: Gregg Jarrett: Clinton created from thin air Trump-Russia collusion narrative


  1. Democrats just don’t care. That is why I left the party. ‘Ends justifies the means.,’ Each and every person who is a Democrat follows this criminal approach to every problem. Let’s throw them all out of office in a few weeks.

  2. Yes Douglas. You must be one of those that believes a lie and doesn’t know the difference. Have you done any fact checking yourself. Or are you just following the opinions of the “hate Trump” media.

  3. Yes people like Gregg and many others just keep repeating all the crimes that were committed and nothing will be done but wasting their breath. We got to vote out all the spineless Republicans and get people that have the balls to do their job. Barr and Durham have got to go, does anyone think the Democrats would wait until after the election to reveal their findings.

    • You are not even worth the air you breathe. Is there a brain in your head? Well maybe you are just a communist loser.


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