Guess What Happened After Lancaster, PA Police Chief’s Wife Voiced Her Support For President Trump?

(Tea Party PAC) – Some on the far left have not been shy about their disdain for conservatives and anyone who supports President Trump, despite the fact that it seems the overwhelming majority of Americans are and do. If Joe Biden should manage to steal this election and actually take control of the White House conservatives have good reason to worry. Not only have some on the left expressed radical ideas such as herding conservatives together and “re-educating” us but they’ve also made it very clear there is just no room for us in “their” America and Joe Biden, as he put it, “is” the Democratic Party.

The Police Chief of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has already found out what this will look like as he has just been forced to retire from his job after his wife posted her support for President Trump, according to the Fraternal Order of Police in Lancaster. This is just the beginning of the purge should Joe Biden end up in the White House.

Here’s more from The Post Millennial:

John Fiorill, who is the previous president of that order, said that “This was an unjust situation that [Berkihiser] was placed in, a clear violation of his rights. He was advised by the mayor that she wanted his resignation, based on those statements made on Facebook, not by Chief Berkihiser, but by Chief Berkihiser’s wife.”

It was Mayor Danene Sorace, Fiorill said, who demanded Berkihiser’s resignation. “He retired under his conditions, not the conditions of the mayor, not a termination. That’s exactly what he wanted to avoid and he wanted to avoid that turmoil,” Fiorill said.

Sorace announced the chief’s retirement on Oct. 2, and did not take questions. She has also declined to comment on Berkihiser’s departure. His departure will be effective on Oct. 30, and he has been with the force since 1994. Sorace praised his work.

“As it relates to Chief Berkihiser’s retirement, I have nothing further to add beyond my comments last Friday,” Sorace wrote.

The chief’s wife, Kristy Berkihiser, has since deleted her Facebook posts. Her comments were in response to a friend, who had been volunteering at the president’s Harrisburg International Airport campaign rally.

Her friend reportedly posted “spoke so much of law enforcement officers and his respect and thankfulness for them!”

Mrs. Berkihiser then wrote the reply “why im voting for him again. Same reason as last time… you don’t see him meeting w Jacob Blake’s family or speaking to him by phone…”

Local news outlet Lancaster Online reports that this was “apparently the extent of the Facebook exchange.”

Lancaster Online reached out to Mrs. Berkihiser, who said that “That afternoon I read an article about a presidential candidate visiting a victims family after a critical incident where all the facts are still being investigated and I was sickened that they were used so a politician could pander for votes. I feel this behavior is disrespectful to the family and the community.”

Chief Berkihiser has not made a public comment, but reportedly went to the Fraternal Order of Police for advice on how to proceed.

It’s truly appalling to think that the Mayor of Lancaster actually had the audacity to demand Chief Berkihiser’s resignation simply because his wife voiced her support for President Trump. This is an extremely scary trend that we are going to be seeing a lot more of the longer Democrats remain in positions of power.

No matter what your personal politics are, as Americans we all have to be able to agree that this is just downright wrong. If there was ever a reason to vote Democrats out of office, this would be it.


  1. I live in Lancaster City. This police chief even marched in a BLM protest. Which I think he should have not. And this is his payback for his wife’s opinion.

  2. Is this what freedom of speech is? Is this a sample, of what life will be like, if Joe gets allected as our president? What gives this mayor the right to do this? Do you think that this sort of thing will happen over, & over, again, if we keep voting for democrats? Should we just give up, & give in, to the evil, corrupt, left? Is this what we want, for our America? Do we stand up, & fight, with our vote, or do we give in to the left? If we decide to fight, United We Stand, Divided We Fall, what is it going to be? God Bless America, & God Bless All Americans.

    • There will b no push back , people on the right r spineless. I have plenty of ammo , I live in South pa , & I doubt I can get 10 people to join me to fight the commie left

    • I’m all in with you, James O’Byrne, and Larry Herring. What is going on in OUR COUNTRY is revolting to me. Need to return the good old USofA to it’s former glory and RIGHTFUL PLACE AS THE LEADER WE ARE DESTINED TO BE. We need to save our Democracy for our kids & grandkids!!

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