Hard Evidence That Dominion Systems Is Lying To Us About Their Ability To Rig An Election

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s amazing to read mainstream media reports about allegations of voter fraud.

Rather than any sort of evidence-based assurance that the claims made by the Trump legal team or independent attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, the media often bulldozes over the very detailed and explosive allegations and insists that Dominion Voting system has denied they are able to manipulate votes, as Powell has claimed.

Oh, well.

In that case.

Case closed, right?

Give me a break! This is exactly why President Donald Trump calls the fake news media the “enemy of the people.”

A free press is the most powerful tool the people have. Lying, manipulative, propaganda-pushing fake news journalists are actively working to undermine the legitimacy of our election process and any claims that it is at risk.

This is after four years of pushing blatant lies about President Donald Trump in a thinly veiled attempt to support a literal planned coup of a sitting U.S. president.

The fact that they’re completely satisfied with Dominion’s denial tells you everything you need to know.

Dominion Voting Systems is in a panic as more and more Americans learn of their role in stealing the 2020 election from President Donald Trump.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the Dominion webpage now contains a full page refutation of claims made against them.

One rock-solid refutation includes the claim that “deletion/switching assertions are completely false.”

Yeah, sure. We all know how “independent” those fact-checkers probably are. How is someone who is not investigating the company with a warrant able to decidedly ascertain that they’re not doing something?

This claim, of course, is a “bald-faced lie” as TGP explains it.

“There is video of 19,958 votes switched on election night from President Trump to Joe Biden in Pennsylvania,” they explain.


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  1. Trump and the Republicans rigged the vote, why else did the mobster get millions more votes than last time, and the Republicans took all 25 toss up House seats.

    • What have you been drinking? If Trump rigged the election, how come he is fighting for his political life? The dems rigged the election at the presidential level. The house seats were won fair and square. What does it say about you and your candidate that you have to cheat to try and win?

  2. It does seem that every instance where accusations say the machine changed Trump votes to Biden, then a hand recount proved the accusations totally wrong and Biden vote increased. Now every machine is independent of outside connections and all the electronics is shielded in EMF which prevents signals from entering or leaving except for the buttons on the voting machine, which if tampered with sets off an alarm. Now with all the poll watchers from both parties and all the observers from both parties selected by their party, at the counting centers and all the tallies at every stage of the game again by all parties concerned in the Election.

  3. Until someone goes to jail, this is all talk and no action. Running your mouth about fraud of the election doesn’t solve a damn thing. 5 am busting down doors with people in handcuffs makes others sing like birds. Hey Barr why not try to act like your doing you job, Barr you are a treasonous traitor, you are no better than the criminals of the Democratic Party and the criminal MSM. Americans need to be ready to lock and load and take back our country. Go Trump MAGA 2020


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