He Did It Again: What Joe Biden Did To This Recording During Fundraiser With Obama Is More Proof He’s Mentally Unfit For The Presidency

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President Joe Biden is not well, folks. If you’ve been paying attention at all to the man’s presidential campaign over the last year, it’s become apparent that the elevator in Joe’s head is not going all the way up to the top floor. The lights are on, but apparently, nobody is home.

Aside from the strange stories, the stumbling during interviews, forgetting what he’s talking about during interviews, and other assorted pieces of evidence to back up this observation, we also have the fact he tried to interact with a pre-recorded questioner during a virtual town hall back in May.

Well, he did it again, folks.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Things got awkward when MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell played a pre-recorded question from a viewer.

Biden tried talking to the pre-recorded questioner.

Well, it happened again.

On Tuesday Joe Biden held a virtual fundraiser with Barack Obama.

During the fundraiser Biden started talking to a pre-recording again.

Oh my word.

Back in March, a piece appeared in the Washington Times that discussed whether or not Biden was mentally fit for the office of president. Here’s some of what this opinion piece had to say:

The host of a program called “Outsiders,” Rita Panahi, assembled a montage of gaffes and gibberish from former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The Biden montage makes you ask: Is this guy mentally fit to be president?

Biden supporters might argue the clips are edited, but what makes them formidable, credible — even incredible — is that they appear to reflect Mr. Biden’s speech and thought patterns over many years.

Here are some samples, beginning with his reference to “Super Thursday” (instead of Super Tuesday). Next comes this misstatement during a presidential debate: “150 million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie (Sanders) voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability.”

If that were true, it would certainly “reduce the surplus population,” to quote Dickens’ Scrooge.

How about this beauty? “It would put 720 million women back in the work force.” Our country’s population currently stands at just under 330 million. Who’s doing Mr. Biden’s math?

This is already painful to read, right? Who in their right mind thought this man should be allowed to run for the highest office in the land? The thought of him being in control of the greatest military force in the world, with nuke codes in hand, about the scariest scenario I can imagine.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, that’s right. There’s more.

“Nobody should be in jail for nonviolent crime.” That would clearly reduce the prison population, but it would likely increase the number of nonviolent crimes. Maybe Mr. Biden’s thinking the nonviolent offenders would be so grateful for being sprung he could earn their votes? Bernie Sanders one-ups Mr. Biden on that one. Mr. Sanders thinks even incarcerated violent offenders should be permitted to vote.

Mr. Biden recently announced he was a candidate “for the United States Senate.” He called the state of Vermont “a neat town.” “Make sure you have a record player on at night,” he advised an audience and “Poor kids are just as talented as white kids.” A Republican who said that would be called a racist.

“We choose truth over facts,” said Mr. Biden. He botched a line from the Declaration of Independence, saying, “We hold these truths to be self-evident; all men and women created by, you know the thing.”

The thing? God is a He, a person, a real being, not a thing. How could one forget this most critical part of the Declaration? It’s the very principle upon which our whole appeal to freedom and liberty is based. This isn’t a little slip up. It’s a total botch from a mind that is clearly not at all working properly.

It seems pretty clear that Biden isn’t right mentally speaking. It’s time for him to bow out of public life and get some serious mental health treatment for what’s happening to him. The last thing he should be is president.

Here’s to hoping for four more years of Trump.





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  2. There’s the Flynn thing. There’s the Ukraine thing. There’s the Hunter thing. The Democrats are so dirty I can’t keep up. It seems nobody gets hurt except the tax payer. It’s like the housing crisis all over again. Former VP Biden – we saw the video of you threatening the Ukraine that you never explained. It seems like corruption is a virus in the Democratic party and everyone is wearing Teflon. What the public needs is a little truth in politics. And for corrupt politicians to be held accountable for their actions.

  3. Dums are up to something. It’s obvious that Bribem’s VP pick is who they want to be president. Maybe Hillary so she can continue her lust for killing babies.

  4. The LIBS have no intention of making Biden the President. It will be whoever he picks as his Vice President. The LIBS are just using him. What kind of family does Biden have? His wife, children, sister and brother (who he made wealthy) to put him out there making a fool of himself. Anyone with a brain can see he has a mental problem.

  5. Biden’s family and the DNC should be prosecuted for elder abuse. This is just shameful and painful to watch. It is obvious his mental capacity is flawed. There is no pride or integrity left in his family or the DNC. At least allow him some integrity and encourage him to leave with a smidgen of pride.

  6. Creepy senile Joe has been a crook, liar and an idiot his whole life. They did not give him the nickname of doofus for nothing. With the onset of dementia he is unable to tell the difference between his sister and his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of our country? The best thing they could do for senile Joe is to find him his rocking chair and make sure he uses it somewhere out of sight.

  7. Oh Joe??????????????
    The Democratic Party are????????????
    No words.
    Just Lucifers Finest.
    This says it all. You can’t go any lower into the bowls of hell. Lowest.

  8. If his wife had any integrity, she would put a stop to this. She must want to be First Lady so bad that she allows him to continue to embarrass himself before the public. That’s cruel on her part. She should be seeking treatment for him. Greed, power, and notoriety must be the democrat creed.


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