Hecklers Interrupt Chuck Schumer’s Presser And Deliver Epic Message He Won’t Forget Anytime Soon

(Tea Party PAC) – There are a lot of folks who are angry with the radical leftist element in our country right now. And rightfully so. These individuals, working within the Democratic Party, have been going full tilt against President Trump and anyone who dares to support him, in the week since the U.S. Capitol riot.

In reality, this opposition to conservatives has been going on for much, much longer. But things really started to heat up when Donald Trump became president. It’s been a constant battle to maintain freedom and to have spirited, but civil debates. The left has tried their best to silence anyone who disagrees with their worldview.

However, what these leftists tend to forget is that we’re Americans. Patriots have a long history of being loud so that they can be heard by the masses. And that’s precisely what happened during a presser held by Sen. Chuck Schumer in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Schumer called for American citizens who were involved in the riot last week to be placed on a no-fly list.

“We cannot allow these same insurrectionists to get on a plane and cause more violence and more damage,” the New York senator said.

A protesters, who referred to themselves as a “transsexual gypsy” was not too pleased with Schumer and ended up confronting him during the press event, calling him a “racist anti-Semite.”

“Remember this, Adolf Hitler was a Socialist and that’s exactly who you follow!” the protester stated directly to Schumer. “You’re nothing but a coward!”

Hey, this individual isn’t wrong. Hitler was indeed a socialist and actually shared a lot of common values with the current Democratic Party. A quick study of history will show you that the head of the Third Reich was a big fan of how the Democratic Party back in the day handled Native Americans, using that whole ordeal with President Andrew Jackson as inspiration for the “final solution” when he wanted to destroy the Jews.

Another protester shouted, “Traitor! Treason! You’re going down, buddy! Traitor! To this nation! Everyone knows!”


Sounds like Schumer ended up having a really, really rough day, doesn’t it? Then again, he deserves every bit of it. He and his cronies in Washington are riding high right now on how Democrats have managed to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get the White House.

Hopefully, one day, folks like Schumer will be held accountable for their actions.

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  1. Micheal – unfortunately that information will never come out. There is too much corruption and guilt among those that control the process to allow it to come out. Our government was based on the idea that the three branches would balance each other and prevent one or the other from seizing control. Too bad our founding fathers based their thought process on people being honest. We have lost that battle.

  2. what a great idea -have trump resign at about an hour or so before biden is sworn in
    and have pence be at the swearing in -and have roberts have to swear pence in
    right on the same spot where biden is about to be sworn in–and then have pence
    give trump a presidential pardon in front of the dems and the world-

  3. well when all the numbers are crunched–it will show that trump actually got about 90 million votes before they were switched or stolen by the dems–
    biden actually got around 60 million after you count the dead and illegals-

  4. Remove President Trump before the inauguration, and VP Pence must br sworn in as the 46th President, with full presidential power to pardon whom he wishes etc until Biden could be sworn in to be the 47th President.

  5. Hello to “We The People”,
    We all should be very proud of ourselves as Americans. We have done nothing that is wrong especially when we stand up for “We The People”. We are the Proud, The hard working People of the United States trying to put food on our tables to feed Our Children in Our $1,500.00 refrigerators.

  6. Love that lady. More and more Rep. have to get in Demo faces and let them know how we feel. We had wacky Waters telling Demo. to get in Rep. faces at eateries, gas station or were ever they were and even there homes were vandalized. It’s your turn and let’s see how you like it. She did a peaceful protest, not like the other side, destroying cities. Rep. SPEAK UP OR THERE WILL BE NOT FREEDOM.

  7. What this Beautiful Young Lady spoke, was the absolute truth. Every American Citizen should be VERY PROUD of her and of yourselves. G-D Bless America and those of us who believe in the truth of The United States 🇺🇸 America.

  8. This video tells the truth about “Schmuckey Chuckey Schumer”. He has always presented himself as a f***n
    Screwed up puppet. He doesn’t have the ability to stand up or the people. He and Nancy Poluted proved it to us when the would not even respect the seated President 🇺🇸 The United States 🇺🇸 America. The left in Our Country only shows how wrong they are time and time again.

  9. The ONLY problem is that their “Amerika” is SPELLED with a “K”. These people are COMMUNISTS through and THROUGH. You CAN’T reason with them, and those who commit TREASON and SEDITION should be in FEDERAL PRISON – PERMANENTLY. GITMO and LEAVENWORTH will do FINE. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  10. The woman was 100% right. The democrats stole and cheated the election. How the hell biden won the election when most of the time he was hiding in his basement. Thieves.

  11. Tbe house has had major problems over the year’s and nothing has beeb done to fix it. They a all paid handsomely for years and nothing has ever been done for the people. They rob steal cheat and everything else. They fought President for 4 years wasting tax payers money tring to impeach the president. As a American i feel that congress needs to revamped. Our congress cannot keep running this way. Something has to change.iam sad to be an American. Something has to stop. The people have had enough. It’s time for reform of congress. The riots will not go away until both senate and house work for the people in this country. By the people and for the people

    • Remember when supposedly the House of Representatives tried to empeach Our President??? Firstly Nancy Poluted got on television and embarrassed America’s People and announced that we are going to impeach Our President while he was at the United Nations. And then these so-called lawyers could only present “hearsay” words from people who came forward as their witnesses to say they heard someone else say this or that. WHERE IN THE WORLD did they get their law degrees??? Oh yeah isn’t Sears Robach going out of business???
      Hearsay evidence LEGALLY cannot hold a drop of water in any ocean of the world especially in ANY COURTROOM OF THE United States 🇺🇸 America!!! These idiots start their salaries at about $179,000.00 annually. And boy oh boy that is another item that needs t be addressed. My only suggestion at this point in time is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open and utilize all of this for the Good 🇺🇸 the People. Be sure to always remember the Title of Our Constitution “We The People”.

  12. I never voted for Schumer because he doesn’t represent me at all. Schumer is a lifetime politician. He never had a real job. He is indeed a coward. He wants to disarm the populace, while he himself is protected by armed goon squads. He’s a hypocrite, among other things. I shall refrain from profanity.

    • Jan, I am with you on this 1400%. The way I look at him he does not have the right to serve any American Citizen. I truly hope that we can all meet one day in harmony. G-D Bless America. Please use my email address to contact me. Have a wonderful day and life in Our United States 🇺🇸 America.

  13. It’s about time to let EVERY elected official,demonRAT and Republican,know that he or she isn’t above the law,or unreachable! They are elected to SERVE the people…ALL the people,ALL the time. As my mother often told me when she was frustrated,”I brought you into this world,I can take you out!” WE put you in that position and we can damn sure take you OUT of that position! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!!!

    • Hey George, I know I could not have said it any better tha way you just mentioned. THANK YOU for speaking the truth. This is what we need. The way I look at what happened here in
      Washington,DC, is due TO THE FACT that “We The People” spike out due to the fact that for four years “We The People” have spoken out, not anyone in particular spoke to say destroy. What “We The People” have said that day is, “Listen to us you continue to frustrate “We The People”. And non of you in your elected office have the right to do otherwise. So I say to Nancy Poluted and to Schmuckey Chuckey Schumer “Wake Up And Smell The Roses”.

  14. Answer to the question about the voting machines, never! Both Republicans and Democrats hated President Trump because he was for common sense handling of government affairs. That means doing away with all the pork and restrictions that make politicians so rich. So far politicians seem to be richer than the average football player or movie star. If you go into politics poor and come out rich your stealing, Maxine Waters! If Republicans wanted to help the people they would have fought for President Trump!

  15. Now round up the other 95 million patriots that stand up for the USA like her, and go take back our country. This will NEVER be on the NY 6 o’clock news all they will talk about is how US citizens and patriots are now considered terrorists.

  16. Right now, Conservatives and Republicans are living in a “Us Against Them” country. There are now two sets of rules: The Left vs The Right. Hollywood Elites seem to have “the say” and everyone else is supposed to keep our mouths shut and follow the Democrats and the Radical Left into the sea. The Left can say and do what they want and the rest of us have no platform to express our views. And if our views differ with the vies of the Dems and the Radical Left, we are simply out of luck. If Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can permanently remove the President of the US from their social media platforms, what chance do the rest of us have?

  17. Go after Democrats no matter where you find them. Tell everyone around them the truth. Sounds harsh? It is EXACTLY what the Democrats have been doing over 4 years. Let’s see how they like it.



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