Here Are Seven Times The GAO Found The Obama Administration Violated Federal Law…Yet The Dems Only Care What They Say Now?

(Tea Party PAC) – It can sometimes surpass the realm of absurd to consider how very deeply hypocritical the Democrats are.

They have absolutely no problem shamelessly boasting of their commitment to law and order…in every single instance that involves someone on the other side of the aisle.

When it comes to their own members, and their voters, and the illegal aliens that their wealthy corporate lobbyists convince them to allow to be imported into our country like a sick, modern-day slave trade of government dependents, then the law is of absolutely no consequence.

But when it comes to Trump and anything he ever touches or does, they swear up and down it’s all illegal, and apply standards to his presidency that would land their entire caucus in the slammer were we to apply them to top Dems.

It’s absolutely outrageous.

On Thursday, Democrats and journalists were elated over the release of a legal opinion from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) which stated that the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had violated the Impoundment Control Act by withholding congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine last summer, Breitbart reports.

The OMB promptly disputed the non-binding opinion from the GAO, releasing a memo last month arguing that the “programmatic” delay was for the sake of fulfilling, not opposing, congressional intent.

The decision from the GAO, which had been requested by Democrat Senator Chris van Hollen of Maryland (no doubt fishing for something, anything, anything at all which could give the Democrats more leverage in their demands to have new witnesses at the Senate impeachment trial), concluded that the delay had been for “policy reasons” not “programmatic delay.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) cited the decision in her morning press conference Thursday, although Breitbart notes she had a difficult time pronouncing the word “impoundment,” while Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also lauded the legal opinion from the GAO as vindicating support for the Democrats’ impeachment quest.

This is where the glaring double-standard comes in:

Though the GAO works for Congress, it is not the finder of fact in impeachment cases. Moreover, it is not even clear that the Impoundment Control Act is constitution.

Nevertheless, if a mere GAO finding is sufficient to justify impeachment, then President Barack Obama ought to have been impeached at least seven times over for each of the following cases in which the GAO found that the Obama administration had violated federal law.

• The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and United States Secret Service (USSS) were found to have violated section 503 of the Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act, and the Antideficiency Act, in 2009 after the Secret Service reported that it had overspent on candidate protection in 2008 by $5,100,000, and used money from another program to cover the shortfall. DHS failed to notify Congress 15 days in advance of the “reprogramming.”

• The Department of the Treasury was found to have violated the Antideficiency Act in 2014 when it used the voluntary services of four individuals. “Treasury did not appoint any of the individuals to federal employment, nor did any individual qualify as a student who may, under certain circumstances, perform voluntary service,” the GAO found, adding that there was no emergency that might have justified using the individuals to perform several months of work without receiving pay.

• The Department of Defense was found to have violated the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2014 and the Antideficiency Act in the infamous Bowe Bergdahl swap, when President Barack Obama traded five high-level Taliban detainees for a U.S. Army deserter. The administration transferred the five Taliban from Guantanamo Bay without notifying relevant congressional committees 30 days in advance, as required by law. Republicans complained; Democrats were silent.

• The Department of Housing and Urban Development was found to have violated the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, and the Antideficiency Act in 2014 when the deputy secretary of the department sent an email to “friends and colleagues” asking them to lobby the Senate in favor of a bill appropriating money to the department, and against amendments offered by Republican Senators.

• The Environmental Protection Agency was found to have violated “publicity or propaganda and anti-lobbying provisions” in the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act and the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act in 2015 by using some of the department’s social media accounts in rule-making for the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) regulations (which have since been repealed under the Trump administration).

• Two officials in the Department of Housing and Urban Development were found in 2016 to have violated Section 713 of the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act by attempting to prevent a regional director within the agency from being interviewed by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. (Notably, the GAO reversed its earlier decision that the department’s general counsel had not violated the law once it was presented with more evidence.)

• The Federal Maritime Commission was found to have violated Section 711 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, as well as the Antideficiency Act, in 2016 when it failed to notify the relevant Senate and House committees that it had spent more than $5,000 to furnish and redecorate the office of its former director in 2010. (The total amount spent was $12,084 over three years, as noted by the GAO in a footnote reference to an inspector general’s report on the excessive expenditures.)

Of course, Obama was never impeached for any of this, let alone all the other ways in which he broke the law and completely corrupted our federal government, elections system, and nation as a whole.


  1. Now it seem like everything written here, in not one instance did Obama dirct that the money be diverted or stopped, in Trump’s case it cme directly from Trump as ever witness has testified. So no undr ling did it it was Trump himself who violated the laws governing his actions.

  2. 2 wrongs will never make a right and we will never end up prosecuting Clinton or Obama. I would love to see it happen….it won’t. However what seems so ingenious to me is the fact what Trump did, if proven, seems more like an oversight compared to the grossly egregious actions of the previous administrations. The dems are merely grasping at straws to remove a fairly elected individual that has proven his governance has been a 1000 times better than anything they promote which has effective destroyed their platform in the eyes of the American people setting their socialist platform back and everything 8 yrs of Obama tried to establish as the new norm.


  4. I already commented on this on a mainstream media article. It is said the Obama violated the Constitution and/or Federal Law 78 times. But this is what we really should be focused on, the GAO.

    Has anyone asked the question, “is the GAO issuing a personal opinion, or a definitive judgement”?

    If it is just opinion, then who cares? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even the GAO.

    If it is a definitive judgement, then is the GAO only concerned with Federal Law, or would their concerns include the Constitution?

    Frankly, I believe the watchdog group needs a watchdog group. If the GAO is so concerned with what is right and what’s wrong, they may want to considered including in their definitive judgements the parts of the Constitution that deal with due process. Not recognizing an American, even a President, whether Obama or Trump, is INNOCENT, until proven guilty by a jury of their peers.

    Who made the GAO investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner?

    May I suggest the GAO get some accountability itself.

    Bob Larivee,
    US Senate Candidate CA

  5. What about the 1.8 billion in cash delivered to Iran on pallets for a hostage release? The latest cover story for this was this was interest on the 150 billion in assets returned to Iran as part of the nuke deal. Obama was very not to have a direct link to any of his scandals. He did thing with a wink a nod or a smile.

  6. The Obamas (and the Clintons, by extension) have all led charmed political lives. Neither couple is riding the lead horse any longer, so it begs the question “how long can it go on?”

    • Sorry, Ronald, but it is true. The Obuma’s gave up their law licenses under a cloud of investigation and suspicion. William Jefferson Clinton was disbarred for committing perjury. But of course you Leftist-Socialist ignore those facts. Hmm, I wonder why? Well, not really.


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