Here We Go: Elizabeth Warren Wants You To Pay The Descendants Of Slaves You Never Owned

(Tea Party PAC) – On Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) once again called for reparations for slavery, because apparently, the Democratic primary isn’t boring enough yet.

She gave her remarks at a speech at Clark Atlanta University, where she voiced her support for Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee’s (D-TX) legislation on reparations.

Warren told the crowd that the historically black university that Lee’s legislation “establishes the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans.”

“Let’s be clear: It’s time for our government to have a full-blown national conversation about reparations,” Warren wrote along with a tweet containing a video of her remarks:

“America was founded on principles of liberty and built on the backs of enslaved people. [It’s] time to adopt H.R. 40, Sheila Jackson Lee’s reparations plan. [It’s] time to do what’s right, so that our nation can begin to heal,” Warren declared.

The commission, according to the summary, would “recommend appropriate remedies” for slave trade and discrimination between 1619 and the modern era. For those of you who skipped math class, 1619 is well over a century-and-a-half before there was a United States Federal Government.

Is the government of the UK going to be forced to pay reparations too? (Asking for a friend).

Anyway, Warren claims this would be a “big step,” and boy, would it.

“This is a big step but slavery is not the only history we must confront. Jim Crow was the lived reality in American up through the 1960s,” Warren said.

She continued:

Government redlining meant that too often, toxic waste dumps and polluting factories were located far away from white communities and right next to black communities. The 1994 crime bill exacerbated the mass incarceration that locked up millions of black men and women. So don’t talk about race-neutral laws. The federal government helped create the racial divide in this country through decades of active state-sponsored discrimination, and that means the federal government has a responsibility to fix it.

Warren claimed that each of her plans has an element that will address what she views as racial injustice, although whether or not racial injustice includes claiming to be a Native American for the sake of furthering one’s career, she did not say.


One of the aspects of Warren’s plans to rid the world of said racial injustice is her Green New Deal plan, which would “put racial and environmental justice at the center of our response to climate change.”


“My health care plan will bring down the costs of prescription drugs and tackle the risks of black maternal mortality that is literally killing black women and their babies,” she continued, clearly missing the very ironic reference to things that kill babies when she openly supports abortion.

“My public education plan will put 800 billion new dollars in federal money into our public schools and quadruple the funding or schools that teach low-income children. My student debt cancellation plan will help close the black-white wealth gap in America,” she continued, proudly declaring that her programs are “all paid for.”

By whom? Those evil, evil rich people, of course.

“One more thing about those plans: They are all paid for, not by raising taxes one penny on working families,” she claimed. “They are all paid for by asking the wealthy and well-connected to just pay a fair share.”

“It’s time for a wealth tax in America. Two cents!” she declared.

In March, Warren called for a “national, full-blown” conversation on reparations. Because the nation has never talked about reparations before, apparently.


  1. Shouldnt those whose ancestors fought and died to free men from slavery receieve reparation also? Werent most slave holders democrats, ergo reparation should only be paid by the democrats for their sins?

  2. The one sure path to a Republican landslide in the 2020 elections is the adoption by Congress of ANY of the harebrained schemes proposed by the current Democrat majority in the House of Representatives. The only GOOD thing resulting from any such actions would be the sure and certain knowledge that they would be DOA in the Senate, where Republicans are in charge.

  3. First off, my family came to this country in 1902, we never owned any slaves, so I don’t think I should have to pay for something I never owned, and second has she EVER heard the words statute of limitations? She cheated and lied to further her education and career and now that she has been caught she is trying to draw the eye to something else like a magician does, maybe she should just drop out, America is not ready, willing or able to pay for all the freebies she wants to give, because no matter what she says, it is NOT paid for and everyone will have to caugh up.

  4. She is an idiot, no one alive has or had slaves. She just keeps going so far to the left she sounds insane even. I used to be a demon rat but I would never vote for another demon rat in my life. They are all treasonous traitors to the American People. Turning our country over to illegals and muslims. She has been a liar all her life, because what her mom said to her years and years ago, securing a job through lying, what a stand up POS SHE IS!!!!!!!!

  5. This is one of the DUMBEST things this silly female has said yet! Hey! Poke-A-Hon-Tits! Why not give it to the Indians? You lied about being an Indian got caught and now you’re gonna thumb your nose at the Indian’s I suppose now you’ve been caught lying about your son and school!!! Just look at yourself! Pathetic, Just a Pitiful Display…Has-been!

  6. Were all of the slaves moved to the western hemisphere transported by American flagged ships? Of course not, the British, Spanish, and Portuguese ships also moved slaves. What about the Arab traders who gathered the enslaved people in Africa? Do they hold any responsibility for this? More slaves went to Brazil, Haiti, and Cuba than to the USA. Do we give reparations to all of their descendants that have now migrated to the USA? How does anyone determine what country the slaves were initially delivered to as they were moved around, bought and sold by many landowners in many countries. Is the present day America responsible for all of the past sins of the world? Please Elizabeth, answer these questions publicly.

  7. If that fool knew her history she would know more white people were slaves/indentured servants in America than black. But being an stupid lying vote for me, want a be, jackass, sorry I meant DemocRAT, REMEMBER you can’t fix stupid only educate ignorance.

    If I insulted/dog whistled you, good! Go to your library and read and learn the real history not the swill the liberals call “history “. You will be amazed what you find out. But that is hard work so you won’t do it because someone promised you something for free.

  8. Do you have to be black to be a slave? I think my ancestors were slaves also slaves to the system. I’m white, does
    that count?

  9. She wants reparations hearings. Next she’ll claim she was and still is a slave and should be allowed to testify! What kind of slave was she? Rumor is she worked in a black brothel! Does she have any other BS to promote?

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