Here We Go: Facebook Ramps Up Censorship Ahead Of 2020…This Time They’re Censoring Melania!

(Tea Party PAC) – In 2016, the GOP had serious leverage in their social media use. The Trump campaign put the Democrats to shame in the way they rallied voters around our future POTUS and catapulted him to success.

There is also a well-established phenomenon that conservatives simply meme better. Liberals just can’t meme. Conservative memes are better, smarter, funnier, more popular, and go down in the annals of whatever short history of memes there is at this point in time.

Our own president himself is a prolific social media poster, troll, and has excellent taste in memes.

Heck, just this week he sent the left into hysterics after retweeting a hilarious photoshopped image of his head on Rocky Balboa’s body. Ha!

So, Facebook has been working hard to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Since 2016, an untold number of conservative outlets have watched their reach plummet if their pages aren’t shut down completely. Facebook’s definition of “hate speech” has been sure to include application to all manner of ideas that offend liberals.

Everything from Bible verses to comments on the mental health of those with gender dysphoria have been banned as “hate speech.”

Now, apparently, pictures of Melania Trump are also considered “hate speech.”

On Friday, Facebook deleted a photo of Melania Trump with this reasoning, if you can call it that.

A woman called Amy in DC posted a warning that she’d received from the massive social network about a photo she’d posted of our beautiful FLOTUS, which called her “Lady MAGA.”

Literally, that was it.

There was absolutely nothing offensive about the photo.

“FB just removed this from a political page I’m co-editor on,” she wrote. “Hard to see the meme another editor shared, but it’s a picture of our First Lady and says ‘You can keep your Lady Gaga, we’ve got Lady MAGA.’”

FB just removed this from a political page I’m co-editor on. Hard to see the meme another editor shared, but it’s a…

Posted by Amy DC on Friday, November 29, 2019

“Hate speech? Really?” she added, echoing this writer’s thoughts exactly.

How could Facebook ever hope to claim this isn’t targeted, partisan censorship?! It’s outrageous.

The social media platform is simply trying to eradicate conservative content – however innocuous – from its platform to demoralize conservatives and influence the 2020 election outcome in Democrats’ favor.


  1. Even though FACEBOOK deletes, calls hate speech or whatever else excuse, don’t stop standing your ground and using your right as an American “ Freedom of Speech” ! It is our constitutional right to speak freely and we will keep doing that.

  2. Fake book I’m so glad I DON’T use you ever your just a bunch of lying nerdy hypocrites and losers. Suckerberg I’d call you out but it wouldn’t be a fair fight cause I’d win on a pansy like you. I bet you were one of those who got stuffed in a locker or doused in a toilet coward

  3. Fxxxxxxx blocks anything they don’t agree with……Like us stating the truth….I got blocked for 30 days for sharing the whistleblower’s name….which was already on the internet…They’re afraid their idiot libtards will figure out what they’re really doing….I hope you idiots like communism…..

    • Fakebook pansy ass mark needs to be put in jail he’s not but a little boy trying to be a man. This is what Hitler did when he wanted to silence the other he uses the media. If I were Trump and his family I would sue Facebook for everything they got force it to shut down for good. I could I put thousands of illegals on Zuckerbers home and let him deal with it.

  4. Facebook is the one whom is promoting hate along with twitter and they learned it from Nancy Pelosi whom every time she opens her mouth is saying such horrible things in a way that she thinks is correct. We can see through all of it. FB, Twitter, Instagram and the others are soon to find our exactly where they stand when Trump has William Barr investigate them. Then and only then will they find themselves charged with treason-yew, treason as what they do to us IS against the Constitution, Their GOD complex is way out of hand. They do not own us. We use their sites and they make money on it from us. When we stop using these communist sites, they will suffer and struggle to stay alive on the web. We need to rise up and fight for our rights as was given to us in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They must not be allowed to break the law and that is another thing the Democrats are teaching. Break the law and get away with it, that is their meme. They are teaching the American citizens how to break the law and get away with it, It has got to stop, I tried to do something about it, but got shut down. I need money. I don’t have money to fight it. Go Fund Me will shut me down if I try to use that as they have done to other people before. The evil forces of law are hard at work against humanity. Money is what it is all about. If you don’t have money, you re sol. In this, I am glad I am elderly and will not have to suffer in the future because of the evil underground government that is really ruling this country.

  5. I’m back in f/b for calling out foul mouthed nut Teigen. Her foul rants against the president and conservatives are fine, but you can’t say anything bad about the sow herself.

  6. Same BS that has been going around for at least 50 years. “The left” has taken over colleges. Also “radicals” are trying to take over. Not true then, not true now

  7. Yet they allow the real HATE SPEECH to go on and on. That being any and everything Planned Parenthood puts out. Every Democraps page is all HATE speech as well. The worst of their HATE SPEECH is pictures of AOC, HITLERY, and ANY DEMOCRAP in office Schiff and Pelousy being two of the worst.

  8. That’s Fakebook for you, it doesn’t meet ” their ” standards , whatever that is .
    Post a picture of Anderson Cooper doing his boyfriend on Saturday night, well ,that’s OK ..


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