Here We Go: Unable to Cope With the Truth About Jussie Smollett, Leftists Invent Wild Conspiracy Theories

(Tea Party PAC) – Well, this was bound to happen.

Editor for the LGBT magazine Advocate, Zach Stafford, suggested on Thursday that the Chicago Police Department deliberately rigged the Jussie Smollett investigation because the police officers are Trump supporters.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Stafford admitted that while Smollett has done “tremendous damage” because people on the right are now saying “victim narratives” are “rampant and not true” (right…that’s why what he did was wrong, because it made the left look bad), he also suggested that the investigation was rigged against Smollett.

Stafford said that pro-LGBT figures who originally supported Smollett are “sprinting” about what to do now and “really frantic” behind the scenes as they wonder “how do we correct this message?”

In other words, they’re wondering how they can manipulate reality to better suit their narrative, as always.

Which is exactly what Stafford did next.

He went on to suggest that the Chicago Police Department leaked information to damage Smollett because they support Trump.

Nevermind that Smollett called the police on himself.

Smollett told officers when he originally reported the “assault” that the “attackers” had yelled “this is MAGA country” while they assaulted him in sub-zero temps at 2 AM on the streets of Chicago.

Smollett reportedly took officers to the scene of the “crime,” pointing out a surveillance camera, thinking that the incident, which we now know he carefully staged, had been recorded.

Smollett admitted it was “disappointing” when the detective told him “that the camera inside of the casing was facing north, so they didn’t have it.”

But Stafford suggests that the Chicago Police Department, who dedicated hundreds of man-hours and likely tens of thousands of dollars towards investigating this attack, knew Smollett was lying and called “it a racist and homophobic attack” on “day one” to “use it against” Smollett at the end of the investigation.

“Personally, it was incredibly shocking on day one to see the police department call it a racist and homophobic attack. Their first statement—they exclusively said that, said they’re investigating it as a victim case,” Stafford said on MSNBC. “As someone that has been investigating these for years in Chicago, that was really unprecedented before… And a lot of the time people in the background were worried they were leaning into this victim part of the story because they didn’t believe him and they wanted to use it against him at the end when they were able to prove that he was lying.”

Stafford also claimed that “historically, the Chicago police has not leaked information, or information like this hasn’t leaked so quickly and so rapidly in a case.”

“The police were openly confirming and not confirming certain reports and not doing it to other parts of the story, and so due to the vocal nature in this case, it was really peculiar,” Stafford said. “And people have a lot of reason to not trust them… Chicago has a deep history of openly lying to citizens. This police department did in 2016, openly through their union, support Donald Trump.”

He said that a lot of the attention the case has received focused on “MAGA statements, and the far-right has really clung to them.” Stafford said this is why he’s wondering about the police conduct.

“Many people have felt that they have been so willing to call this a hoax… is because the central question of this case was, ‘Are Donald Trump supporters out here committing hate crimes?’ And that’s what really sparked a lot of the tension,” he continued. “To have a police department that hasn’t been as cooperative as they have been this round, do not openly give information, do openly lie and mishold information in cases and then to know that they… have openly supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election, a lot of activists on the ground are saying, ‘Wait, what’s going on here? Who do we believe out of these two suspect people.’”

Stafford, who may have been aware how weak his logic was, even went as far as to say  “Jussie may have created this whole situation to highlight a reality that is happening every day”—“our current administration doesn’t support people like him — that are black and queer.”

This is all of course, completely absurd, and is an inadvertent open admission to everything that Smollett was thinking when he orchestrated the “attack.” He knew the media would fall hook, line, and sinker for his false narrative of MAGA-hatted white supremacists just looking for a black gay man to assault.

Because at the end of the day, Stafford should consider this: Chicago Police didn’t have to do anything to slander Smollett. He staged a fake, racist hate crime, the motive of which was incredibly hateful and racist. He was supported by hoards of elitists who are themselves hateful and racist towards Trump supporters.

Smollett dug his own grave, and the police did not have to do anything to help him.