Here’s How The Clintons Were Acting Just Hours After Their Friend Jeffrey Epstein “Committed Suicide”

(Tea Party PAC) – Just after the news of Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” hit the media, Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared cheerful and smiley at an event in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Epstein, who was awaiting trial for a child sex trafficking ring of which there had been substantial evidence to indicate that Bill Clinton had at least been aware of, was found unresponsive in his cell on Saturday morning and later pronounced dead of an “apparent suicide.”

There are few people right now who believe dude actually killed himself.

The Clintons have a very funny habit of being linked to people who eventually take their own lives or are found mysteriously dead.

And all these people are usually getting ready to testify against them or are participating in investigations into the Clinton’s dirty dealings.

Just before Epstein was found dead, documents were unsealed which implicated several powerful figures, including Bill’s Vice President, Al Gore, and former Governor Bill Richardson.

It has been well-documented that Bill traveled on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” over two dozen times, and, according to the flight logs, nearly every one of these times there were underage girls on board.

He even ditched his Secret Service detail more than once.

It didn’t take long for the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount to trend on Twitter after the news of Epstein’s “suicide.”

Meanwhile, the Clintons were all smiles in Arlington Heights as they attended a memorial service for Hillary’s childhood friend, Betsy Ebeling, at the Metropolis Ballroom.

They looked as cheerful as could be!

The Arlington Cardinal reported:

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton exited the doorway to the Metropolis Ballroom about 1:50 p.m. The Clintons waved to a crowd that gathered with curiosity over the numerous police, US Secret Service and black SUVs that were gathered along Vail Avenue, which was shut down just south of Campbell Street. People standing in front of Nonny’s on the sidewalk caught a close-up view and captured cell phone photos during their exit. The Clinton’s, especially Bill, greeted a few people before entering their motorcade vehicle.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, someone wrote “XOXO, Hillary + Bill” in blue chalk outside of Epstein’s mansion.

This video captures how very cheerful the Clintons were, waving to the crowds in Arlington Heights: