Here’s What Iranians Are Shouting In The Streets As US Democrats Blame Trump For Downed Ukranian Aircraft

(Tea Party PAC) – After lying to the international community for three days, the Iranian regime has finally admitted to shooting down the Ukrainian airliner with 176 people on board, including mostly Iranian citizens or Iranians with dual nationality.

The government has now claimed that an IRGC commander accidentally shot the passenger plane down, believing it to be a cruise missile from the United States.

They admitted that they had failed to shut down civilian air traffic in spite of plans to fire missiles and then shoot the missiles at US forces in Iraq.

What kind of backward country fails to do this?

Although he admitted there had been someone at fault, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif still tried to blame the US.

Ironically, he managed to better characterize the actions of his own provocative terrorist state.

Well, Iranian citizens are far more outraged over their own government’s lies than American Democrats, who also have blamed President Trump for the downed aircraft.

Let that sink in, by the way.

The Iranians, who have been provoking western assets abroad for the last year, and whose general approved of a plan to attack the US Embassy in Baghdad on December 31, blamed the US when they accidentally shot down a civilian aircraft after firing missiles on bases hosting US troops.

No wonder their citizens are outraged!

Iranians took to the streets, calling their “Supreme Leader” a murderer and chanting “shameless” at the IRGC.

Red State notes:

Masih Alinejad is a heroic Iranian journalist who is here in the U.S. but whose brother is being held prisoner by the regime. Despite that, she’s still fighting by getting the word out by spreading videos like these.

Doesn’t look like they’re upset about the “revered” IRGC terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani, as many in liberal media would have you believe, does it?

The government killed 1500 protesters in November, so it is no small thing to do this right in the face of the killers.

More video:


  1. why are we attacking our self why, blaming the president for what they are doing to there country let them do what they need to do and stop pointing finger at our self you moron

  2. I’m sorry (actually not the least bit) for expressing the real life feelings of what Americans with experience have.
    I commanded units in 5 nations on 3 continents multiple times. I’ve witnessed the various fields of battle and their probable causes (no one can ever be sure). However, I do know this. Always strike with enough to make the enemy not able/want to continue the battle.

  3. I wonder want the US students’ take on this is? They have shut down protests n their campuses.
    Also one report is that the missile was surface to air and Not surface to surface aimed at the US area. Could that be confirmed since the site was clear before inspections

  4. What is inconceivable is that the liberal democrats blame Trump for the accident that shown down the Ukraine airplane, that show the histérica reacción that sound like a bunch of traitors to the USA, sorry donkeys Trump will be re-elected in November for a blessing
    United States of America.

  5. Democrats have turned their backs on America and the Iranian People….It doesn’t fit their nerative…Just like when the Obama Administration did the same in 2009!!!


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