Here’s What We Know About The Bat-Crap Crazy Lady Who Tried To Drive Her SUV Into Mar-a-Lago

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday, as the news centered around the now-impending conclusion of the Senate impeachment trial, security at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort stopped an attack from a crazed anti-Trumper.

Now, thanks to an exclusive from The Gateway Pundit, we know who this crazy person was, and you may be surprised.

The culprit is one Hannah Roemhild, an opera singer, Bernie supporter, and professed socialist.

Police responded quickly.

TGP reports:

Today we have more on Ms. Roemhild.

It looks, as most Bernie Sanders supporters, like Ms. Roemhild was raised in a well to do family, in a very nice and expensive house in Connecticut:

She must feel guilty about her upbringing and especially the boat her family cruised around in:

She supported the women’s march and shows Trump hating cartoons on her social media. She is also a die hard Bernie supporter.

Don’t be deceived.

Bernie Sanders may be taking a hit from the establishment left right now, but he and his supporters are just as violent and desperate to overturn Trump as the Deep State.

It’s hard to say which is more dangerous.

If Sanders’ is the party’s nominee, we can expect a lot more violence and a lot more crazy.


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