Here’s Who Barbara Streisand Thinks Would Make A “Great President” (Try Not To Laugh)

(Tea Party PAC) – Ah, the great political genius that is Barbara Streisand.

I’m sure that, many times, as you ponder the state of American politics, the future of our Republic, and the best person suited to occupy the White House, you have wondered:

What does Barbara Streisand think?

Well, this brilliant mind has bestowed us with her no-doubt carefully considered and deeply principled answer.

Friggin’ Adam Schiff.

The actress and singer who is, in reality, better known for being one of the fussiest, most high-maintenance figures in the entertainment industry and hasn’t been culturally relevant for decades despite assuming the entire time we desperately need to know her opinion on everything (thanks, Twitter), is tweeting her support for the notoriously idiotic California Democrat, who is at the center of the impeachment of current President Donald J. Trump.

Schiff, who has been lying to the American public without shame or credibility since Trump entered office, has been heading up the team of Democrat House managers and took up an insufferable amount of time during the presentation of the arguments in favor of impeachment and the question and answer portions of the proceedings.

This left Streisand feeling that the man Trump has nicknamed “Pencilneck” would in fact “make a great president.”

“Adam Schiff is so impressive. His knowledge of the law… his passion… his articulateness. His sincerity!” Streisand gushed. “He speaks the truth and would make a great president.”

Breitbart notes:

Babs may want to pomp the breaks because as it stands, only 27 percent of America has a positive opinion of Rep. Schiff according to YouGov data. The same polling outfit reports that President Trump’s approval among Americans sits at 39 percent.

This wild declaration from Streisand comes just a month after the two-time Academy Award-winner and apparent Constitutional law expert said “impeachment is the sober process envisioned by the Founders to counter such a threat” as President Trump.

This hilarious endorsement for a presidential campaign we can only hope and pray will never happen was followed up with six reasons why she believes Trump should be impeached:

1. Trump bribed and extorted the Ukraine with taxpayer money to investigate a political rival for personal gain.

2. Trump believes he is above the law. He thinks presidents can do anything.

3. Trump threatened a witness, a career diplomat, during the impeachment inquiry.

4. Trump clearly lied and obstructed justice in the Mueller investigation.

5. Trump dismisses intelligence briefings about Russia’s role in undermining our democracy, and repeats Kremlin
disinformation on Ukraine.

6. Trump is personally profiting from the presidency, violating the emoluments clause. He charges our government to stay at his resorts.

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  1. Bandies is a fat, ugly old bag oh 79, a self-hating Jew, and a moron, without ANY comprehension of the U.S. constitution. We a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy nor parliamentary system. Babsies rinks we’re a mob-rule popularity contest. She and her I’ll-informed childishly petulant and fatuous, self-centered opinions aren’t IRRELEVANT. She’s a complete Idiot who thinks she’s some kind of trashy show biz brothel queen, that can lecture down to us. Adam Schiff is a pathological LIAR. He beats the young black men he forces to have intimate relations with him, like Rob Porter.

  2. I can’t laugh at this because it’s not nice to laugh at the mentally disabled. Poor Babs, if she had a brain cell it would be lonesome. Get some plastic surgery – you need it.


  3. Honestly, does anybody take this dope Streisand seriously?!!! This dummy obviously does not have command of reality!!!

  4. Babs was last relevant n a movie with Ryan O’Neil where her tight outfits and mediocre legs almost overshadowed her poor acing skills and ugly face. Sh has for the past few tears been desperately trying to act like her opinions and talent are worthy of notice. Get a life ant eater.

  5. Stay out of POLITICS! . . . By OPENING your mouth and uttering such NONSENSE, you have PROVEN beyond ALL doubt that you need to stick with the entertainment field (unless, of course, you want to be a STAND UP comic saying such things). You look too intelligent to be saying such DUMB statements. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


  6. Schiff should hang for Treason along with so many others who attempted this blatant coup. Babs is a freaking Globalist jackass! How old is she now?! The only thing I admit about her is that she still looks reasonably good for her age. She looks almost the same as she did thirty years ago. I know, all plastic surgery, but I give her credit where it is due. She is still ugly on the inside. She is not very bright.

  7. Who’s Barbara Streisand? A has been! I used to love her when she could sing, but I couldn’t stand her idiotic politics. She isn’t bright enough to upgrade her political views into today’s world.

  8. Trump’s greatest superpower has been exposing the astounding ignorance, gullibility, and blindness of so many in hollywood, the media, and the dem party. Its been eye-opening, like being surrounded by zombies. We never knew what an issue it really is.

  9. She has had her head inserted where the ‘sun don’t shine’ for quite some time. the reaaly unfortunate thing is that anyone actually listens to her, DeNiro, Reiner, etc.etc.etc.

    • I do love her music, her voice when she sings, her acting in movies is pretty good too…. But her politics? She should just stuck to making opinions on music.
      Sorry Babe, we love you but dont make us have to hold our nose doing so.
      Adam Schiff…. What rhe hell is she thinking. That ass is not intelligent, knowledgable or articulate. He is a pathological liar and his arrogant disposition was easy and plain to see.
      Please Babs. Get back into the studio and show us your genious from there.

  10. Com’on Babs…you have a great voice – use it where it counts –
    leave it to the Trumps of our world
    to provide the appropriate leadership to maintain a political
    & social environment in which
    that voice may have an enduring
    legacy .

  11. Fact Check: Actually Adam Schiff’s wife came of with the nickname “Pencil Neck”. President Trump liked it an ran with it. Otherwise, the rest of the story seems on point.

  12. Yeah you must be a great American and happy with the fact that you can have a trial without witnesses so you can hide the facts and not be able to know the truth you’re probably one of them Americans that is so far up Trumps ass , That you would have to pass McConnell and Republicans to see the light of day. But don’t feel bad I’m not just blaming the Republicans I’m also blaming the Democrats I believe Congress sold out the American people . Just think about it they can spend $782 billion on a space force but they don’t have enough money to cover you for your healthcare and you still think it’s socialism to cover healthcare for the American people I guess it’s better to go shoot aliens with your little ray gun , Then being able to pay for your health care for you and your family out of the tax money that you provide to our government to ensure that we’re taking care of properly I’m all in for working for your money nowhere does it say that all your tax money can go to yourGovernment so they can pay for their infidelities or line their pockets at the American people expense so think about it

    • Its not the government’s responsibility to pay for your health care ! That’s the problem with democrats and socialists. They want to take your hard earned money and give it to People not willing to work !

    • How sad for you Felix. It isn’t the Senate’s job nor the Republican’s to prove the case against the President .
      If your so concerned about it ask yourself why the Dems didn’t allow the Republicans to call but one witness in open testimony, a liberal, Jonathan Turly? Why was the a closed door session where no Republican or cross examination?

      Get your head out of your A$$.

      And if healthcare for all would’ve worked under your precious Barry, then Hillary should’ve won by a landslide. Could it be “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like you plan you can keep your plan, and premiums will go down”, was a lie?

      I’ll take protection over the enemy and pay for my own healthcare thank you.

  13. Who the hell gives a crap what Barbara Streisand thinks? Some of these has been Singers and Actors think the American Citizens give a crap what they think 🤔 (NOT )

    • Ditto, Don. She sounds disgustingly nasal and she also hollers when she supposedly sings. Thought she was going to move to Canada if Trump got elected. Guess Canada didn’t want her.

  14. Why would this ugly old fat COW comment on anything. Everyone knows she is a phoney and a fake. Only a fake person would publish a photo that is 30 to 40 years old and pretend it is a current picture of herself. She has grown old ugly and bitter in her later years. So she should just crawl under a rock and disappear. Like most Hollywood people she fits right in with all the fake and deranged idiots that reside there.

  15. Why does the left wing media always go after left wing stars for their opinion. Who carea what Streisand thinks. I mean who really gives a s—

  16. Babs? Babbles would be more like it.
    The arrogance of Holly weird.
    Just because God gave you one gift,
    does not imply that you have many.

  17. Streisand is a self hating Jewish imbecile. She is a disgrace as a Jew and a disgrace as an American. Her wisdom in the political arena could fit on the head of a pin and there would be room left over. Truly NOT worth reporting anything this dope has to say.

  18. She was a good singer one of my favorites.
    Now I cant stand her turn her off if her music comes on the radio. Or is on TV for old movie.
    She knows nothing about politics.
    Pencil neck for president Wow.

  19. 9 out of ten times ,Emergency room young doctor . ICU young doctor , has no idea What they r doing .Unless they have consulted a very senior doctor already . So 9 out of ten times It is the action or in action of these young inexperienced doctors ,kills the patient . Patient does not know what happened and patients relatives do not know what happened ……………Even the stupid young doctor does not know what happened …………..Bernie Sander has no Idea What goes on in medical field and hospitals Medicare for all will kill ten out of ten patients Only elites like Bernie Sander (with 100 million dollars bank account ) will have any chance It has happened in every country controlled by socialists so far ………….

  20. Hollywood lives in it’s own time machine bubble. She thinks poor people are so poor that her maid is poor, her butler is poor, her chauffer is poor, the gardener is poor and her daddy had to go to work 3 days a week just to put food on the table in their island get away. We are sad for your hardships in life but we have little to no respect for your opinion.

  21. I hereby apologize to Barbra Streisand for ever thinking that she is a mental pigmy. Since she has come out in favor of Adam Schiff for President, I no longer THINK she’s a mental pigmy; I now KNOW FOR A FACT she is! How MENTALLY DEFECTIVE can one individual be?

  22. So sad Babs just another hollywood idiot without a clue living in their ivory towers
    telling all deplorables how to think.
    Get off your high horse. You know nothing! Mr. Justice I stand with you 100%.

  23. Just another left wing nut with a crazy thought,my God Schiff for president is worse than the democratic clowns running.

  24. As Babs so artfully sings, “Bring in the clowns. There ought to be clowns.” I imagine that is the profound wisdom behind her decision.

  25. Oh wait. She hasn’t finished yet. She said she’s going to move from the United States for at least the forth time,if her pick isn’t elected president. That always works in influencing the election. We need to follow her lead or suffer without the consequences of her not living here.

  26. Babs just stick to singing. Your political opinions have been so detrimental to this country. Say hi to ur handsome husband ♥️

  27. So much for Bab’s opinion.
    Schiff couldn’t even prove his case against POTUS Donald J. Trump in the Senate and she thinks he’s be a good president? LOL………
    Long Live POTUS Donald J. Trump, the most Superlative POTUS our country has ever had and will ever have.
    God Save POTUS Donald J. Trump, Our Wonderful First Lady and Goddess Malania.
    I only regret that he won’t be POTUS after 2024.
    Trump 2020!


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