Here’s Why John Solomon Is Suing St. Louis Circuit Attorney (And Naming George Soros And His Orgs In Lawsuit)

(Tea Party PAC) – In 2018, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner launched a vicious campaign to attack, slander, and oust Missouri’s Republican governor, Eric Greitens.

She was successful.

Gardner and an associate, former FBI agent William Tisaby, were successful inforcing Greitens to resign from office.

During the election, Gardner accepted money from a Soros-backed PAC.

In February of 2018, Greitens was indicted on invasion of privacy charges for taking a photo of a naked mistress before running for governor.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The woman claimed it was very traumatizing.

The woman also admitted she went back to Eric’s house later that same day for more sex.

The photo never materialized. It’s doubtful there ever was a photo.

The charges were announced by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. This was politically motivated take down of the very popular Republican governor.

The Gateway Pundit later reported that Gardner and her chief investigator withheld information in their case against Greitens. Kim Gardner chose not to have the St. Louis Police Department investigate the allegations against the Governor and instead hired William Tisaby, CEO of Enterra, LLC and a former FBI agent.

In June, William Don Tisaby was indicted by a grand jury on six counts of perjury and one count of felony tampering with physical evidence in relation to his smear campaign against former Governor Greitens.

According to local reports, Tisaby met with Gardner for two days in Louisiana before the charges against Greitens were ever announced.

Several individuals were likely involved in the campaign against Greitens, including Missouri Republicans.

Enter John Solomon.

The renowned investigative journalist and Fox News contributor wrote the St. Louis Circuit Attorneys asking for documents relating to this case.

He never received a reply.

So on Tuesday, Solomon and his attorneys filed a lawsuit against Gardner, accusing her of violating Sunshine Laws.

As KMOV has reported, the lawsuit also names Al Watkins, the attorney representing the mistress’ husband, former Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn, Missouri State Reps. Jay Barnes and Stacey Newmann, and none other than billionaire progressive philanthropist, George Soros.

From the lawsuit:


  1. Wow, isn’t Enterra the same company Nancy Pelosi’s son got a lucrative job with that he never had to show up at. Kinda like other politician’s sons who got jobs just because one of their parents had the power of an office. Maybe I’m wrong, but can anyone say Deep State?


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