Here’s Why Rudy Giuliani Just Challenged This Fox News Hack To A Debate

(Tea Party PAC) – On Thursday night, the Gateway Pundit reported that a leaked internal memo from Fox News obtained by the far-left Daily Beast and Law and Crime accuses Sean Hannity, John Solomon, and Rudy Giuliani as “disinformation.”

The lengthy, 162-page memo entitled “Ukraine, Disinformation, & the Trump Administration,” was created by FOX News investigator Bryan S. Murphy and slams Rudy Giuliani, investigative journalist John Solomon and popular Fox News host, Sean Hannity.

The memo, authored by Bryan Murphy also says that Giuliani is “easily fooled” by Ukrainians.

Jack Posobiec reported:

We’re talking about a man who has a record of 4,000 convictions from his time as Associate US Attorney and has boldly defended the president through the midst of the Deep State’s relentless attacks on him.

Murphy is not clear on what, exactly, the “disinformation” is, but Giuliani and Solomon’s reporting includes Ukranian documents and testimony from Ukrainian officials.

After the release of a document from Fox News, Twitter took to Twitter to refute the false claims made against him.

Rudy Giuliani: This is repeating the Democrat lies to cover-up the Biden family making millions everywhere crooked Biden was Point Man-Iraq-Ukraine-China. All facts are backed up by witnesses, documents and tapes so are Solomon’s. Go to and get evidence not bull.

He then challenged Murphy to a public debate!

Rudy Giuliani: I challenge Brian Murphy to a debate on Fox on the lies he is spreading about us. If he needs help maybe he can bring a few others. I’ll bring Joe or Vicky or John or all of them. Fox owes us an opportunity to respond to this attack. I can prove what I’m saying. Can he?

Mitch Kweit, Senior Vice President of the Brainroom sent the Gateway Pundit a statement:

“The research division of FOX News produces a briefing book for all major stories, which serves as a standing collection of extensive data on major topics for internal use by all those in editorial functions. The Ukraine briefing book is nothing more than a comprehensive chronological account of what every person involved in the Ukraine controversy was doing at any identifiable point in time, including tracking media appearances of major players who appeared on FOX News and in many other outlets. The 200 page document has thousands of data points and the vast majority have no relation to FOX News – instead it’s now being taken out of context and politicized to damage the network.”


  1. This nonsense by a ‘Bryan Murphy’ is almost vebatim the same pablum I have heard mouthed by so- called ‘journalists’ on MSLSD and C(ee)N(o)N(ews). The most frightening aspect is that these supposed defenders of the 1st Amendment then usually assert it is essential for Big Tech companies to censor and suppress any messages which they perceive as violating the bounds established by their ‘narrative’. It is as if these people see themselves as some sort of perverse ‘showrunners’ escorting their officially designated ‘Donald Trump is Evil’ show through its various seasons and episodes, ensuring that everyone stick to the approved ‘high concept’ for our nation’s ‘story’. How else to explain the ludicrous ‘opening statement’ that repetitively droned on for 24 hours by the frustrated screenwriter, Burbank’s very own Adam Schiff, and his entourage of stooges (my apologies to the original Stooges). It was obvious that most just read out, very badly, the script set before them, even during the Q & A period. It was only Schiff who appeared to attempt to deliver a reading with the requisite passion and effect. His, and thus their, case rested squarely upon that, a repetitive narrative that strained to include snippets of excerpts from the carefully coached ‘witnesses’, yet still depended overwhelmingly upon the fetid imagination of Schiff, who offered up an almost unending stream of imaginary conversations and internal dialogues, as if he were narrating one of those awful movie scripts that fall back on interminable narrative exposition to cover up all the holes in their lousy story. I think young Adam attended far too many film noir festivals. He must have spent a significant amount of his time getting thrown off the studio lots at Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal, Paramount, and all the other studios within his congressional district. His only solution to all those forcible ejections was to get into Congress. Yes, he is our nation’s official congressional representative to Hollywood. No wonder they portray politicians as venal crooks; you write what you know.

    • Irwin,
      Thank you so much for typing all of your thoughts here for the masses to read so I didn’t have to try and articulate my feelings, much of which you covered. Well said Mr. Silver, well said!

  2. This is easy…..a no-brainer = Mayor Giuliani has issued Brian Murphy a legitimate challenge……step up to it Fox and Brian Murphy….accept the mayor’s debate request….or stop publishing pieces like this.

  3. Please tell me that Fox is not going down the same rabbit hole as the rest of these TDS networks. I have always relied on them to be” fair and balanced”. So when I see idiots taking potshots at Rudy, Sean, Laura and the rest it makes me nervous. If Fox is not going to stay true to itself and the people who is?????

    • I think that Fox is already deep in the rabbit hole as proven by them hiring the lying and disgusting Clinton minion, Donna Brazile and having the arrogant POS Chris Wallace as their ” senior statesman.” Whatever happened to true journalists like Robert Mac Neil and James Lehrer of The Mac Neil / Lehrer News Hour and Kathleen Sullivan ( from the early days of CNN). These were journalists, not the hacks like Wallace, Maddow, Lying Brian Williams, Chuck Todd, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and the list goes on and on.

  4. The subversive anti-American left has many smart useful idiots that will keep the con going to sell there perverted ideology to those the want to eat it.

  5. FOX News is one of the few Conservative or quasi-Conservative media news outlets remaining in the public sector. If it can’t be targeted directly, then it will be targeted indirectly! The Left will stop at nothing to libel, slander, and otherwise malign the reputation of FOX for objective (read “fair, balanced, and unafraid”) and verifiably accurate reportage! Don’t let it happen, America! If FOX goes down the lights go out, perhaps for the last time!

  6. You need to provide a link to the web page you stole this from. Your version needs to be edited for printing mistakes. I can’t share this because it looks like a 10th grader wrote it. You need to hire an editor like most media should these days.

    • Where are all the mistakes, Colleen? The only one I noticed on my first time through the article was “Twitter took to Twitter”. It is still the only mistake I saw when I went back and read it again, after I read your comment. Oh well, maybe I’m only as smart at a 10th grader.


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