Here’s Why This Virginia School Is Banning Kids From Researching White Male Scientists

(Tea Party PAC) – Maybe it’s a sign of old age, but do you remember when schools used to teach children?

Schools used to hold in high esteem the mastery of the core subjects, a firm grasp of art and music, and, heck, some fortunate kids even got to learn how to type or operate a drill press.

But, friends, that was long ago. Even then, you’d likely run into a fair dose of bias in subjects like history or civics, to be sure, but what we are seeing in schools today is far beyond the pale.

If there’s any doubt still clinging to your mind that today’s government schools aren’t simply Marxist indoctrination camps, this latest insanity ought to shake it loose.

When students of Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia were given a physics assignment to research a scientist or inventor for a biography project, there was one shocking criterion in the instructions: students could not choose a white, non-hispanic male scientist to research.

“Your inventor should share at least one marker of identity with you. However, they cannot be a white, non-Hispanic male. Reason: Our textbooks and schooling is filled with famous while male scientists & engineers,” the assignment instructions state. “It gives the impression that nobody else (female, persons of color) has contributed to science. This Eurocentric view is false…”

Now, you and I might stand there, dumbfounded, and astutely remark that this is clearly discrimination. Of course, that’s not the name the left would have us use—far too unpalatable.

No, this is the very definition of affirmative action. Sure, none of the white, male scientists in the world, dead or alive, have a single thing to lose from not being featured in a kid’s science project, but for the teacher to have the nerve to exclude a massive demographic from the pool is just insane.

Is this teacher going to fail a wheelchair-bound student who wants to write about Stephen Hawking? What if a gay student wants to learn about a gay physicist who happens to be white? What if a student is particularly intrigued by the work of Neil Turok, a South African physicist who is as white as can be?

If the teacher wants to be consistent, he or she will say, “Nope, sorry kids. We have to squash any God-given curiosity you may have about your chosen research subject and place inordinate focus on race and gender.”

When contacted by Big League Politics, the school’s principal, Bridget Loft, said the assignment has her full support because students are already too exposed to the “Eurocentric view” of the world by their textbooks:

“This project was assigned by a Physics teacher who wanted his students to research a scientist, engineer or inventor with whom they shared an identity marker, such as race, religion or gender to name just a few examples. All year, students have been learning about scientists such as Isaac Newton who has an entire chapter named after him. The intent of this project was to expand the knowledge of students beyond what is in their text books and to learn about the contributions of other scientists. It was not to in anyway minimize or diminish the work of scientists that they study on a regular basis.”

Of course, Loft has not yet responded BLP’s inquiries regarding the outrage among some parents over the assignment.

Here is the original classroom assignment, provided to Big League Politics by a concerned parent.

Folks, cultural Marxism dominates our schools. Don’t take this garbage laying down.