He’s Back… with a vengeance

(PCC)It’s about time the Swamp thugs are challenged and defeated and Trumps the warrior to do it! Not just that but Trump vowed to fight back against what he sees as efforts to erase American history, persecute political opponents, undermine the Constitution, and protect a corrupt Biden.

Former President Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in Pickens, South Carolina expressed his strong opposition to the Democrats’ actions and their support for President Joe Biden.

In the past, Trump had respected the office of the presidency and refrained from attacking Biden directly. However, after facing unjust indictments, he declared that he would no longer hold back and would speak the truth. He referred to Biden as a crook, a fitting label considering the current state of the country, in Trump’s opinion.

Trump focused on exposing Biden’s alleged corruption scandals and the politicization of the justice system. He accused Biden and his allies of using claims of election interference as a means of cheating and regaining popularity in the polls. Trump emphasized that these tactics were not new, but they were new to the extent they were being employed in the United States.

Addressing the crowd on Independence Day focused his attention on Biden, vowing to remove him from the White House and restore America’s greatness.

Trump linked the impeachment proceedings against him to Biden’s use of the justice system to target political opponents. He referred to it as a “sick nest” that needed immediate cleansing, while highlighting that his own concerns about the Biden bribery scandal were proven right.

Trump warned that Biden was engaged in an election interference campaign to hold onto power. He accused the government of being corrupt and likened Biden to those corrupt individuals. Trump believed that the Democrats’ actions had actually backfired, as his poll numbers were higher now compared to previous months, with a growing number of people withdrawing their support for Biden.

Final War: America must reclaim independence and criticize the leftist agenda of erasing American legends and teaching children to hate historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The battle will be hot and unfortunately could be bloody!



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