Hillary Clinton Will Hate What Was Found In Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion

(Tea Party PAC) – Hillary Clinton seems to be gearing up for yet another failed run at the US presidency. She’s been appearing in more and more interviews and has suddenly become a lot more visible.

Why on earth would that be? The only reasonable explanation is that Clinton is just a glutton for punishment and is eager to be rejected by Americans for a third time.

Her apparent self-loathing may explain why she has stood by her sex-obsessed husband, Bill Clinton, after all these years and all the dirty little secrets that have been exposed.

Not only was Hillary publicly humiliated while her husband was the president when he was caught having an affair with a White House intern, the infamous Monica Lewinsky, but after Jeffrey Epstein was arrested it became clear to the world, Clinton was one of his most frequent high-profile associates.

As she gears up to possibly run for president again, more information tying Bill Clinton to Epstein has emerged thanks to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

According to a report by the Daily Mail last Thursday, Epstein visited Bill Clinton in the White House a startling 17 times, bringing with him a total of 8 different women.

As you most certainly recall, Epstein committed “suicide” in August of 2019 while sitting in prison awaiting his trial after being arrested for allegedly trafficking and sexually abusing girls.

The Clintons likely felt assured that Bill’s secrets died with Epstein. However, that has been far from the case.

Epstein had many connections with the world’s rich and famous, as revealed by his little black book which contained their contact information.

In the Daily Mail’s story, they reported that Epstein visited the Clinton White House numerous times and evidence of these visits was hanging on the walls of Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

Epstein must have been pretty proud of his relationship with Bill Clinton to have pictures of his visits to the White House hanging on his walls.

Just when Hillary thought the whole Epstein saga was behind her, this new report comes out proving that Bill was up to more than just private meetings with Lewinsky while he was president.

Hillary is probably wishing she would have been able to “suicide” Maxwell. Nonetheless, things just never seem to go right for Hillary. It’s really quite sad but also karma always catches up.

It’s hard to believe she is still desperately clamoring for the love and admiration of the American people, who so clearly despise her. Another presidential campaign will only bring more of her and her husband’s dirty little secrets to light.

Soon there won’t be anymore darkness for her and Bill to hide in.

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  1. Okie dokie – let’s unpack this. The Lewinski affair conveniently was exposed right when Bill and Hillary gave CHYNAH our nuclear secrets. That was about to come out. Instead, an “affair” was exposed and the press hyperventilated about that and ignored the treason from the leak to CHYNAH. Later it was discovered HRC gave access to her computer to the same people. So she wasn’t a “cheated on wife” – she was partner in crime. An affair was more forgivable to the compliant left and their co-conspirators in the media. “Well, he’s just a man!” Treason is another kettle of fish all together. And it wasn’t the adult affair we should have been concerned about, it was the kiddies. So there’s that. Epstein had all the Washington Predator Elites by the you-know-what, and they all knew it. Whether or not he actually died in that prison or it was a body double, there were certainly many reasons for him to disappear. But when Ed Buck was arrested and all THOSE files were uncovered, that’s another headache for the “elite’ class. Watch for that “suicide’ next.

  2. Why was Epstein allowed entry into the White House on 2 separate occasions when Bill Clinton was not even there. For what purpose???

  3. if we are all very very VERY lucky, slick willie and his Hag, hiLIARy will soon self destruct, and save the world from having to look at these losers evermore

  4. I think what is seen by government officials is some have nothing to do and become useful idiots for anti America globalist that entertain them.


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