Hillary Deletes Embarrassing Tweet

(Tea Party PAC) – The radical left’s rhetoric is completely out of control. They insist that America’s very core is racist and that American politicians are still actively attempting to oppress anyone who isn’t a white cis-male.

Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth but the truth has never mattered to these unhinged, leftist lunatics of which Hillary Clinton is one.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to defeat the Democrat’s latest attempt to pass a corrupt “election reform” and “voting rights” bill that is only just a cover to ultimately federalize elections and make it near impossible for Republicans to win in the future.

This attempt has once again been defeated in the Senate and Hillary Clinton decided to chime in after the vote on Wednesday. Her post on Twitter was a hot mess.

Clinton was apparently embarrassed by the idiotic post in which she didn’t even get the numbers right, as she quickly deleted it. Fortunately, the internet is forever.

Twitter users noticed that Clinton took the post down in the middle of a thread about the Senate vote where the outcome was a united Republican Party and two Democratic Senators coming together to keep the filibuster in place.

Clinton, a career, life-long politician, couldn’t even get the numbers right.

“Forty-eight Republicans and two Democrats are in the history books for using the filibuster to do what the filibuster does best: block the right of Americans, particularly Black Americans, to vote,” Clinton wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

Anyone with half a brain who has been paying attention knows there are 50 Republicans in the Senate and that all 50 are opposed to the Democrats anti-American efforts to take federal control of state elections.

The vote tally was actually 50 Republicans and 2 Democrats, Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), in support of the filibuster.

On the other side, there were 46 Democrats and 2 independents who voted to kill it.

It should really come as no surprise that Clinton, a former first lady, senator, secretary or state and Democratic presidential nominee, couldn’t get a little detail like the voting numbers quite right considering she’s only one of the most experienced political figures in the US.

Clinton got a lot more than just the numbers wrong, however. It’s pretty entertaining to see Clinton suddenly claim that the filibuster is so “racist” despite her own party’s excessive use of it during the Trump years, when they employed it more than 300 times.

Now, however, when the Democrats are the majority in Congress they suddenly want to get rid of the “racist” tactic to require 60 votes for major legislation instead of a simple majority. Democratic hypocrisy at its finest.

It’s also pretty baffling how she can imply that Republicans have a history of being opposed to voting rights, especially for black Americans.

As The Western Journal points out, “every American should know, it was the Democratic Party’s Southern segregationists who launched the filibusters that tried to block civil rights legislation (those same Southern segregationists Joe Biden kissed up to in his early days in the Senate).”

What’s more, “The filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the longest filibuster in the Senate’s history, according to the Senate’s website, was orchestrated by Democratic segregationists.”

Democrats in general have absolutely no shame but Hillary Clinton especially has a tendency to say literally anything in order to bolster her political ideas and assertions despite her statements being completely lacking in any integrity or honesty.

Clinton most certainly deleted her post due to the numbers being incorrect but it was hardly the most egregious aspect of her embarrassing post.

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  1. Well she is an expert at deleting things, be it emails or people that might become “inconvenient”! And since the statute of limitations no longer exists thanks to DA Bragg, when can we expect to see her indictment?

  2. The real issue with the racist Leftists going back to its roots is that we as Conservatives don’t hammer this enough DAILY! Once this happens we change the narrative.

  3. Lying Clinton’s family is done either go’s to jail or face heavy prosecution of many innocent dead on theirs hands don’t used the American black to cover their ass wipe it off yourself !

  4. The most basic fact about a liar or in other words, a filthy, lying DemonRAT, is the basic fact that, they lie fluently, whenever they open their mouths that it is impossible to tell exactly what they are lying about because they never shut up; they just yell louder and louder, to cut of anyone else trying to make a simple point, namely they are lying dog pony soldiers! DemonRATS mistakenly believe their own lies, however by now everyone on earth knows they are nothing but yellow-bellied cowardly snakes, who are admitted homosexuals, child molesting, dirty filthy lying Nair-do-wells, who belong locked up in federal prison, with the rest of the homosexuals so they’ll have someone else to play their pitiful, demented, perverted games with, while Bubba & Rasmus pimp them door to door down the cell block for squares dude. There you are Vern, read it and weep.

  5. The Dems strategy is to lie often and lie confidently. Of course, the Polly want a cracker news outlets are their echo chamber. They have no conscience whatsoever. To them the end (absolute totalitarian power) justifies the means.


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