Hollywood Actor Makes Very Unpopular Admission About Climate Change

(Tea Party PAC) – If you work in Hollywood and challenge any of the dogmatic principles of mainstream leftism, you probably know all too well what a social pariah this can make you.

Members of the entertainment industry who stray outside the far-left zeitgeist that their peers adhere to have been telling us for years how difficult it is to be a conservative in Hollywood.

Actor Ansel Elgort may not be a conservative, but he’s certainly taking a pretty big risk with some recent statements he made about climate change that are sure to ruffle some feathers.

That’s because he was actually rather sober-minded and realistic about the issues facing our climate.

Elgort, who is known for his role in The Fault in Our Stars and Baby Driver, said in an interview with HuffPost that the left often “overexaggerates” political issues like climate change, which he believes has actually been counterproductive for environmentalists.

“I have no hope,” he said, adding that he believes there are some issues, such as the environment, which should transcend politics, so they can be separated from partisanship. However, he explained, many are unwilling to meet in the middle as “the left overexaggerates” the problem.

“There are some issues, though, that hopefully we can detach from politics and take into our own hands, like the environment. I hope that people all over can throw out the window [the idea] that it has to do with politics,” the actor said.

“[Conservatives] think, ‘I’m a right-winger, so those crazy environmentalists are the same people who are trying to take away my gun rights,’” said Elgort. “The problem is that the left over exaggerates and the right can feel that over exaggeration, so then they shun whatever scientific proof there is.”

“It all becomes super confusing,” he added. “I feel like we all need to sort of meet in the middle there.”

He is right that we need to meet in the middle, and its refreshing to hear someone on the left actually be honest about how dramatic the left can be when it comes to climate change.

Compare him to AOC, who is regularly ranting on Instagram, with a full mouth, about how we only have twelve years to live if we don’t implement her economy-killing Green New Deal.

What he doesn’t know is that there are many very sensible.


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