Horrific New Video Shows Destruction Of AutoZone During Minneapolis Riots Amidst Protest Over Death Of George Floyd; This Is Insane

(Tea Party PAC) – Things are reaching a boiling point when it comes to race relations in America, thanks in large part to the efforts of race baiters in the government and mainstream media who have made it their life’s goal to create racism where none actually exists.

When legitimate racism comes up, it’s hard to see it for what it is, as is the case with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, who was died after a police officer put his knee against his neck while detaining him. Protesters and demonstrators have shown up in the city, very angry, and have already exploded into riots and looting.

New footage has surfaced of angry rioters burning down a local AutoZone, which just goes to show you how bad this thing has gotten very, very quickly. You just have to see this destruction to believe it.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

Several journalists shared photos and video of the burning Autozone, which is also near Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct, where protesters and police officers engaged in a tense standoff in the afternoon. Des Moines Register photographer Zach Boyden-Holmes noted that the blaze was started by protesters.

Young man named Mason said he was hit by a rubber shot from police. People clapped for him as he took a seat. He says he’s fine. Others helping cover his wound. #GeorgeFloyd

AutoZone at the corner of Minnehaha and Lake has a fire burning inside of a broken window. The store is right across the street from the police station.

These guys say they support the protests but not the looting. Showed up to help this tobacco store owner stop people from breaking in.

Earlier Wednesday evening, dozens of apparent looters stole televisions and groceries from the Target store on Lake Street, shows multiple videos shared to social media by Fox 9 reporter Karen Scullin.

A Target spokesperson said:

We are heartbroken by the death of George Floyd and the pain it is causing our community. We decided to close our Lake Street store earlier today and worked to ensure all of our team members were accounted for and safe. Our focus will remain on our team members’ safety and helping our community heal. Until further notice, our store will remain closed.

Other reported looters were seen at Dollar Tree, a liquor store, and a tobacco store, according to ABC 5.

This is just pure savagery. How does burning your city to the ground and stealing things solve anything? How does this produce societal change that these people claim to crave? It doesn’t. What it does is invalidate their cause and make them look like two-bit criminals who see an opportunity to let loose with their wickedness and pick up a few items on their wishlist.

This is beyond pathetic. Folks engaged in this kind of behavior should be utterly ashamed of themselves. None of this activity is about fixing the issues on display in the death of George Floyd. I’m sure that man wouldn’t want any of this done in his name, yet here they are, disgracing the victim.

The protests came as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for the arrest of the police officer seen in a video kneeling on Floyd’s neck before his death.

The mayor urged Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to file charges against the officer, whom the city identified as Derek Chauvin. In a video taken by a witness, Chauvin can be seen kneeling and putting pressure on the neck of George Floyd, who struggled and said he couldn’t breathe.

Police called an ambulance for Floyd after he became unconscious. He later died at the hospital.

The Minneapolis Police Department fired Chauvin and three other officers involved in the arrest — J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao.

This is proof that we as a nation need to reevaluate our values as a nation.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/05/27/video-protesters-reportedly-set-minneapolis-autozone-on-fire/#


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  3. Personally, I think that anyone caught or seen looting and destroying property should be shot on sight! There is no way that I could condone such lawlessness. Besides, what does burning, looting, destruction of private property and assaulting or killing others have to do with the tragic death of George Floyd? If the truth were known, I seriously doubt that anyone involved in the burning and looting or, the assault of the driver knew or even gave a damn about what happened to Mr. Floyd. They are all criminal opportunists that are taking advantage of the situation to steal whatever they can lay their hands on!

  4. Hmm
    You have protested and destroyed your town ???
    WHAT did YOU accomplish??
    Act like animals be treated like such. Lets use technology)))
    With FACE recognition we can see you.then let’s burn your home’s to the ground!!!see how you like it.)))
    Then for fun lets get some old school cops .(like ones mayor Daley had back in 1968)
    Just go thru bust some heads and kick some ass!!!
    PEOPLE talk of change and of
    what matters.TALKS CHEAP!!!
    OH what were we protesting?????

  5. Arrest the destructive violent protestors and hold them accountable including for all monetary damage. This is unacceptable behavior and is in no way a constitutional right. If you want respect and to be heard, act in a manner that will actually bring about a positive result.

  6. This incident shows how deep the racial divide is.

    Yes, the officer should be charged with murder, no question about that.
    But every time this happens, those looking for an excuse to loot and burn and beat up and destroy are then no better than the cop.

    Lastly, the cowardly mayor who allowed this to happen is culpable and liable to the owner’s of the businesses HE permitted to be destroyed. Don’t you love liberals?

    • Just imagine the rioting and looting that will go on once the officers go on trial. Regardless of which way the verdict comes out, there will be large scale rioting and looting.

  7. The unnecessary roughness by authorities is a disgrace, no matter color, or race!

    But the destruction and luting basically instills the supposed reasons of judgment before trial, when being caught red handed, authorities are generally expecting actions of resistance. Sometimes to extreme levels, that they can not know!

    Remember, desperate criminals will take any measures the can to set themselves free, including killing police authorities if it serves their opportunity and cause! So for that, you must remember the criminals take drastic measures on their part, leaving authorities to only be able to guess what will happen next.

    I doubt he surrendered without a struggle?

    If their was no crime there would be no arrest!

    What’s lost in this, was who his actions hurt, which was the reason for the arrest?

    Would there have been a story about their impact, and struggles, caused by his actions?

    Commit no crime and you have no worries!

    That’s my best solution!


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