House Judiciary Committee Brings Four New Witnesses For Impeachment Hearings; There’s Just One Problem Though

(Tea Party PAC) – The impeachment inquiry just continues to reveal with each passing day how much of a farce the whole thing really is, particularly when new witnesses are brought in against the president that don’t actually have anything they can add to the madness to clarify the charges against Trump or prove that he’s done anything wrong.

In fact, the House Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, has announced that four legal scholars will be the first witnesses at their hearings against the president.

The only problem is none of these folks have any firsthand accounts of the president’s dealings with Ukraine.

Here’s Breitbart with more details:

House Judiciary Committee chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) has announced the four legal scholars who will be the first witnesses at his committee’s hearings on the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

The witnesses include three chosen by the committee’s Democrats, and one chosen by the committee’s Republicans.

The Democrats’ witnesses include Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman, Stanford Law School professor Pamela Karlan, and University of North Carolina Law School professor Michael Gerhardt.

The sole Republican witness is George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, a liberal who nonetheless has become a frequent critic of Democrats’ approach to the Constitution in recent years.

Last month, Turley said that Democrats were “proceeding on the narrowest basis for impeachment in the history of this country.”

Feldman is respected for the nuances of his constitutional insights, and worked on the drafting of a new Iraqi constitution in the wake of the toppling of Saddam Hussain a decade-and-a-half ago. Yet he was taken in by the “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory, claiming in September 2017 that “more and more evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia has come to light.” (None was eventually found.)

Feldman also argued that Trump could be impeached because of “conflicts of interest” and “foreign emoluments” — and even said Trump could be impeached for “defamation” after he accused former President Barack Obama of having his “wires tapped” at Trump Tower. As contemporaneous mainstream media coverage reported, the Obama administration had conducted surveillance of some Trump campaign operatives, including Carter Page.

Karlan said in 2017, after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, that Trump had been “behaving extraordinarily badly,” and suggested that Republicans, then in the majority in both the House and the Senate, would spur the country towards a “constitutional crisis” if they failed to hold him in check. However, she acknowledged at the time that the president had the authority to fire Comey, except to obstruct a legitimate criminal investigation.

Gerhardt testified during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998. In retrospect, he wrote, “members of Congress are unlikely to pursue similar charges against a president ever again. Future members of Congress almost certainly will grant presidents a much wider zone of immunity for any personal misconduct than did the Republican Congress in 1998-99.” He also argued that “Congress should agree, at the very least, to have bipartisan support before authorizing congressional subpoenas or investigations,” adding: “At the very least, members of Congress should require committee chairs and ranking minority members of committees to agree before initiating investigations or issuing legislative subpoenas.”

In the Trump case, Democrats are pursuing a partisan inquiry without Republican consent and with one-sided rules that give the majority unprecedented power.

Earlier on Monday, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking Republican member on the House Judiciary Committee, protested in a letter to Nadler that the witnesses had not been revealed with less than 48 hours before the hearing was due to start Wednesday morning. Nadler revealed the witness list shortly thereafter on the committee website.

We all know this whole thing is a joke. The impeachment proceedings against President Trump are the work of angry leftists who want to put the conservatives living in the flyover states back in their places and let them know they are irrelevant. At least that’s what they want those folks to think, but of course, that isn’t true at all.

The American people voted for President Trump, and thus far, he’s done a pretty bang up job getting things back on track toward legitimate recovery. The most valuable contribution Trump has made, however, is his fighting back against the mainstream media and leftist culture that pervades our society.

For a long time, those of us on the right have felt as if we have no voice, no platform to fight back against these individuals who mock us and our belief system every chance they get. Trump has given us the voice we need and it’s been glorious to see folks standing up boldly against the bullying of the left.

Trump has empowered his base and its causing a shift in culture by not only creating a vehicle for the truth to be spoken, but by exposing the true nature of the left.



  1. this has gone way too far. a reach ..the Ukraine Pres. ..said there were no demands made by Trump in phone call.. Trump is not making $$ off being Pres. it is costing him millions in lost business. HE DONATES his salary.. so.. the wrong doing was by strong arm Biden and his threat to cancel aid to Ukraine if they didn’t stop the investigate of son HUNTER BIDEN WITHIN 6 HRS.. mafia like.. they also received 3 million $$ etc. bribes.. this is proven saw BIDEN BRAG ABOUT IT talk about not seeing the elephant in the room?? no.the Demos don’t give a sh#t about you and USA they just want to keep control,, hold their position… you know how much $$ they are spending on this??wow .. what is their ideas FREE everything and no way to pay for it.. !! I am sick of this turned off t.v. and I am a registered more….

  2. Our future jurisprudence is in deep do-do if these are the kind of law profs that are now educating our present “heads of mush.” The three very liberal DJT-hating profs are scary in that they have no bounds how far they will go to ruin someone. Total wack jobs.

  3. How can they be called witness’s? They haven’t seen or heard Trump say or do any of the democrats accusations.Their was one that didn’t even know how to turn his mike on.Harlan had to attack a child in her hatred for Trump.One just agreed with the other two.Three dummies being called professors is the joke of the democrats farce.Nadler like Schiffty was a joke in its self.Wouldn’t let a person speak just kept the same BS SCHIFFTY DID pound his gavel.


  4. well all 3 are democrats , The only one that made any sense was Turley !!! the other three all were Bias toward the President !!! If the democrats are listening to the three I can see why they act the way the do !!! they were dumber then a box of rocks !!! what a big waste of time !!!

  5. Democrats have no shame. Lying dishonesty are all they can do. They don’t have any problem to flip depending on the situation, example, just look back at what they said about impeachment when it was Bill Clinton in that situation.

    By the way, concerning Clinton, there were real crimes, but for Trump, they try to create the crime because they don’t like him.

  6. A house divided can not stand. We the people, of this nation, have to find a way to be inclusive, and recognize that we are all Americans, with different views. Let us hope we can find the path to reconciliation with each other.

    • At one time, Democrats and Republicans “had different views” but that isn’t what we face today. Democrats are displaying a radical ideology far removed from the American dream. The two parties no longer have different approaches designed to accomplish the same ends. The Democrat left, otherwise known as socialists, wants to kill off the constitutional republic in favor of a communist utopia. If they lose this impeachment battle, it won’t matter. They will continue to incrementally impose their ideology on the country, a piece here and a piece there, but never-ending. That is, if we let them. Now is the time for all patriotic citizens to stand up and right the ship of state. We must vote for the most conservative candidates available.

  7. This travesty of injustice to the American people is like a bad dream of evil clowns that you never wake up from as they spin a yarn like a never ending bad movie.

  8. Someone needs to hold the communist liberals in check. They are all nuts. Has anyone checked any of these nut cases for dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have seen the symptoms first hand and believe me pencil neck and the witches all show symptoms.

  9. What number do I call to complain about Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schifler in Congress. I don’t have money just started a new job but I can use my voice. I believe a March by the people to show our disgust regarding impeachment should be done to stop this unjust actions by the Democrats.


    Andy Martin

  10. God bless President Donald Trump! America we have to support our President & show him we believe in him & all the work he is doing to bring America back to the country we are meant to be!

  11. Screw “Trump hating” nadler and as usual more of the same – from the DemonRats!! Can we just end-this-circus in the Senate ASAP!!


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