How Trump Campaign Staffers Are Coping With Social Distancing Is Absolutely Awesome

(Tea Party PAC) – Did you know that the Trump campaign engages in weekly Bible studies as they work together to ensure that America remains great in 2020?

Neither did we.

But since National Press Secretary to the Trump campaign, Kayleigh McEnany just tweeted out that they have still managed to gather to study God’s word together digitally as the nation collectively practices social distancing, we just found out that not only is this a regular practice of the team, but that it matters so much to them, they make sure to keep the habit up through the most trying times.

Which is when we all need to lean on the Lord the most!

“We managed to do our weekly Bible study digitally!” McEnany wrote on Twitter along with a photo of the live stream feed with herself and all her campaign colleagues.

“Loved joining my friends from the Donald Trump campaign and GOP this Friday morning.”

According to campaign sources and reported by Breitbart, the Trump campaign employees started the study in February after McEnany, Lyndee Rose, Sonny Nelson, and Ryann McEnany came up with the idea.

As many as two dozen members of the team meet every Friday morning before work to participate in the study, reading Scripture for about 30 minutes followed by about 15 minutes of corporate prayer.

Bagels are served for those who are able to attend in person, and those who are traveling can call in.

“This is oftentimes the most powerful part of our time together because you can feel Christ at work,” a campaign staffer told Breitbart News about the gatherings.

The studies appear now even more important to staffers as they find themselves apart from their colleagues during such a trying time for the nation and the president they are working to elect.

This is all the more reason for them to meet and pray for our president!

Friday’s virtual study was led by Dr. Tom Mullins, the Founding Pastor of Christ Fellowship and a member of the Evangelicals for Trump coalition.

“There is nothing more meaningful than coming together in prayer,” McEnany told Breitbart News when speaking with them about the groups.

She calls the group’s study “the most inspirational part of our week.”

“As Christian men and women, our Bible study helps us to keep our eyes and mind on Christ,” she continued. “It offers a time to pray for our President and pray for our nation.”


  1. That’s Awesome news! President Trump and all his campaign workers, family and cabinets members are in my prayers and masses. We can do nothing without God!

  2. Thank you for knowing Who—God Almighty— the source for wisdom, knowledge and inspiration is all the time but especially during these very unusual and trying times!

  3. Thank You for sharing! It is a blessing to know You are seeking wisdom from Jesus Christ and His Word. I believe wisdom and all other knowledge and help come from these sources. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead you in the work at hand each and every week. I join you in prayer. God’s will be done.

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