Huge: Can President Trump Create Exec Order To Have Forensic Ballot Audit?

(Tea Party PAC) – There is nothing more important to freedom in America than our elections. Without fair and free elections our government is not by the people or for the people at all.

Democrats have been working hard to ensure that our current government structure, that has been successfully working for decades, falls and crumbles so that their radical agenda can take over.

Tens of millions of Americans believe that the 2020 election was stolen. They don’t believe this simply because President Trump has insisted that he was the winner by a landslide. They don’t just believe it because they don’t like Joe Biden.

They believe it because of what they have seen with their own two eyes. They believe it because they watched Joe Biden campaign from his basement while President Trump drew tens of thousands to rallies all across the country.

They believe it because in their gut they know something wasn’t right. They know that a man who could barely attract gnats to his events could never become the most voted for man in American history.

It just doesn’t add up. The American people see it and they know it.

If there is ever to be trust in American elections ever again, there needs to be a concerted effort to restore it by those in the Washington swamp.

The Gateway Pundit is requesting that President Trump create an Executive Order that would require all the ballots and images of ballots to be audited forensically in the swing states to provide transparency for all Americans to see.

The American people need and deserve transparency after the 2020 election. If there was no voter fraud, if there was no corruption the Democrats have nothing to worry about.

If Joe Biden legitimately won the election, which the left insists is the “most secure in history,” and honestly garnered 81 million votes, then show the American people.

However, if there was fraud and the election was stolen, the American people and the whole world needs to know.

America is the beacon of freedom and democracy in the world. Billions of people look to America as the defender of righteousness and the one nation who will fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

If America falls to this fraudulent and corrupt election and places an illegitimate usurper in the role of President, there will truly be no more hope in the world.

America is so much bigger than America.

President Trump has a few days left and he could issue an Executive Order calling on this audit that would reveal the truth about the 2020 election once and for all.

Inventor Jovan Pulitzer offered to audit Georgia’s ballots using his technique of identifying paper ballots and even said he would do it for free. The state’s Judiciary Committee approved the audit, yet it hasn’t happened.

Pulitzer has even said it would only take him a few hours to analyze 500,000 ballots. There is no reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to go forward with this audit, regardless of the fact that the Electoral Certification has already been done.

If the election was rigged, it was rigged and it will never be too late to right that wrong.

The Gateway Pundit is calling on President Trump to create an Executive Order that would mandate Pulitzer’s audit of the results in Georgia and other swing states.

It’s likely the only way Americans will ever have faith in the integrity of our elections again.

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  3. We have two Idiots getting ready to act like
    they are a President and a Vice President
    Two Stupid people one who acts like a Mob
    Boss and the other a Laughing Idiot with no
    sense. They are like two little kids getting
    Ready to Destroy the Play House and the
    Country. The Republicans are in bed with
    the Rats or something would have been done
    to stop this Farce . A man who can’t even complete a sentence and hides in his Basement was not elected by the people.
    He was planted in there by the DemonRats

  4. I agree 1000%… this MUST be done! If elections are fraudulently taken from the American people then there is nothing left… we just saw it happen and I believe its been being done for years… conservatives will never win again. The voting machines must be analyzed, thrown out if bad, and never used in any State again. All other means of cheating must be made impossible. Do it President Trump!

  5. Republicans need to stand up for THIS election investigation. Don’t argue not to impeach because he’s leaving but because he did nothing wrong nor did the others who had every right to be heard and demand Those swing states prove their votes were legit. I’ll not fund the repub party any longer unless they stand up for pres and election integrity!

  6. Patriot’s needs to form a Citizens Grand Jury! We need to turn the tables on the corrupt politicians and begin by taking back our countries rights!

    The cesspool of Washington DC is the isolated bubble they live in. Greed lines their pocket books. Power is their god!

    Why are politicians careers mainly being lawyers?

    How do politicians come out millionaires after doing their patriotic duty? When they first start as soccer moms?

    Why do they spend millions of dollars to get elected?

    Why are they re-elected after they are shown to never do anything but be a warm body in the Senate or the House?

    Why do most of them after being defeated become lobbyists, join their old law firms, or get appointed to several companies boards?

    Term limits. Laws that prevent any elected official after serving their term, to not lobby, represent or serve on, any individual or corporation that contributed to their campaign or was affected by their legislation.

    I don’t know how you would stop the obvious insider stock and investment issue – I am sure there is a way.

    Judges need to be responsible to the people as well! No more life terms for any elected official or judge.

    Make politicians “live” under any law that they pass! Let the people decide how we pay our elected officials and that includes pensions, medical and all the other benefits we pay for like airplane trips – they need to fly on military planes that have established routes or regular commercial airlines.

    The bureaucrats that serve in the various departments need the same guidelines – they should keep their politics to themselves (Hatch Act) and earn their livings as all of their fellow citizens do! No more lifetime appointment or individuals building their own little kingdoms. The need to be held accountable and able to be fired for good reason – just like the real world. Not passed to other departments or promoted because they followed or drug their feet because of their political affiliation.

    Individuals like Mr. Gowdy would serve well as an glowing example for following the rules of law!

    They are our fellow citizens who serve us while they are in office! This country should have over site that includes citizens. More transparency less secrecy will help in times of turmoil and goes along with how our government should work.

    The more that truth sees the light of day – the less that individuals have the opportunity to take advantage or hide things!

    God bless America and God bless each and every one of you!

  7. He should use ALL his power as President until his last second in office,they(the democrats) stole this election and Trump should go for it and stop the cheating and fake news…period……..

  8. They were going to do the audit with the ballots being examined and it was going to be done before January 6th. The committee approved it, the judge was dragging it out, reports from individuals with film showed the trucks & ballots being destroyed. President Trump even mentioned it in his call to the Secretary of State of Georgia.

    How come we never heard about it after that? Media! How come Sidney Powell said she had several appeals in the Supreme Court and we never heard about the status of those? Media!

    Corrupt judges who never saw any evidence “passed” on technical grounds and one judge in Georgia that was going to was cut off by Georgia’s Supreme Court.

    This was organized like the Mafia! Co-ordinated! Why didn’t the NSA pick up on any of this? They certainly used telephones, cell phones, emails, and other forms of communication. Why hasn’t anything been found?

    The FBI held back information regarding the Capital, on people communicating on Tweeter no less! If you don’t believe this was a well orchestrated and co-ordinated – open your eyes – this goes deeper than a few people or politicians.

    Why hasn’t Soro’s been kicked out of our country? He has supplied money to groups he created and are subversive to America. He has involved himself in our local and National elections.

    How about following the money? That’s how you catch criminals!

    Because banks, financial institutions, foreign governments, wealthy individuals in our country want to control the levers of government and the power it wields!

    You have the IRS quashing individuals and political movements, FBI only investigating what they want to, CIA involved in domestic affairs, NSA spying on American citizens, President Obama killing American citizens without due process in other countries, surveillance cameras everywhere, and you personal information all over the internet.

    How hard was it for the FBI to run down people at the Capital incident? What about the people who are rioting and have rioted? All I ever hear is them being released by some prosecuting attorney funded by Soros.

    The 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean anything either, you have two lawyers who defended there property being charged – how about the rioters who broke down the gate?

    Across the board – if there is the rule of law – it is only the ones who believe in it getting it used against them.

    Rioters should be charged, convicted for the crimes they commit, if property is destroyed, then all of them should be charged, if someone dies, they are all complicit in someway with that death, enough of the excuses!

    I would like them to tell me how it’s a crime to steal a television or break windows or destroy property but during a riot it’s ok and no one goes to jail! You are taking or destroying someone else’s property they worked hard for!

    There are no black and white way of seeing things – you can’t respect others property then you don’t respect the laws that protect you!

    Riots are riots – peaceful demonstrations or marches are the only way to protest!

    Violence begets violence! It is never the solution. Where did debating your issues openingly with another individual become name calling and accusations? Or directly pointing out another’s age, race, education, economic status, etc.

    Debate with facts and opinions!

    To “cancel” someone is to not respect them or their opinion!

  9. Since Mr Jovan Pulitzer volunteered to audit GA’s paper ballots and the state’s Judiciary Committee approved it, why hasn’t it been done? Why haven’t all of the various dirty, illegal tricks been overturned? I observed most of these nasty democratic including blocking the poll watchers by 25 foot bike racks so they couldn’t see as well as other methods of blocking, poll counters clapping and cheering when counters were expulsed for no legal reasons, liars saying they were done for the night, then when the watchers left, boxes of ballots with only democrat names were pulled out from under tables! Paper ballots from military for Trump were found thrown away! More than one per person were sent without request to numerous homes. many addressed to dead people, past residents, dead or alive pets, for instance, one guy sent in three democrat ballots from his dead mother; one cat ie. was dead 12 years! Then there was ballot harvesting, forgeries, bribery, postal employees not delivering. My state, PA, run by the crook Gov. Wolf ( that sent infected elders to nursing homes and infected and killed healthy elders while the trans. secretary sent his-her mother out of the nursing home). Wolf went against the Constitution by extending voting. (as well as taking money from police- where did that money go?) Also the polls in our state not only gave voters markers that bled into names in back of ballot or bled. At our poll we couldn’t put our own ballot in the dominion machine; mine for instance was taken by a woman who put it in and when it came back out, she looked it over and put it back in at which time it then went in the whole way! any buttons and the front of the machine were not visible to we voters! It has been proven that the Dominion voting machines are 67% defective, even when not using the defective software! The President should not concede and should use Executive order to recount and check out all the Fraudulent ballots including the others besides those I have mentioned.

  10. This is our country and our Government leaders are ignoring us.When the people ask for an audit they should get it and I believe that the military could accomplish that in a very short time.

  11. Yes please everyone has to finally see and face the fact that they are illegally putting someone in the White house that did not win the election.

  12. It is an action that the President can order. It would need to happen on Monday or Tuesday. However, executive orders like that and others President Trump put into effect, are already being readied by President elect Biden, to reverse or eliminate or be replaced by.

    I have given this great thought, they are in collusion with China CCP, a virus made in a weaponized way and released upon the world, then Democratically aligned states push controls over local populations, they radicalize over police shootings (many that are rushed to judgements before facts are in), inviting riots, that cause billions of dollars of damage, deaths, and more controls are put into place, CDC changes how they count the related deaths, stimulus bills that are supposed to be for the people affected by the lockdowns, are so ill conceived, that money meant for those same people is diverted ($36,000,000,000.00 stolen alone in unemployment area), more is to other countries, the Democratic leadership continued to blame President Trump, getting rid of the police, then the rigged the election, and used those same groups that rioted (still are rioting in Portland) as political operatives to cause the Capitol to again be blamed on the President and any one who may even question the irregularities of that election, then add into it the media bias, political canceling of anyone who they don’t like what their saying and the Big Tech taking away our first amendment rights – along with the disgusting hateful talk aimed at “anyone” who voted for Trump needs to be put in re-education camps.
    Proof lies in the facts – now those same governors are talking about opening up, our rights to discuss the election, or even discussion about anything has been taken away.
    I say to you – are you blind to a well organized co-ordinated takeover of our country’s government? Where were the justice department, FBI, the last four years? Why didn’t they put anyone in jail except Trump people on trumped up charges, millions of dollars spent on the Mueller investigation and two impeachment’s? Clinton’s, Biden’s, or people who lied under oath making statements against Trump & his administration? Now we see what Biden means by unity! Rewarding all the liars by appointing him to posts in his administration and cancellation of half the country!
    Do you really expect an investigation can happen now? Greed and power hungry individuals got us here. How do you possibly believe you could even get the ballots and prove they were illegal? They were being shredded in Georgia a couple of weeks ago. Even if they are available-do you believe they have not destroyed the ones they don’t want us to see?
    I believed our votes counted! I also believe in evil and that is what we have now! I believe we still have good Americans in this country, in both parties. But do you believe that they will be around in two years or even four years?

    They will be cancelled, families threatened, businesses or their finances gone, and the party in charge now will make sure our votes “never” count again, because if they can be so blatant in taking this election-there will be nothing to stop them in any election after this one!
    Look at history – once dictators and tyranny takes hold, it is hard to get rid of it! While we are in this position the countries like China, Iran, Russia, etc will be like vultures!

    Evil was fought in WWII, Nazi Germany was the playbook and Marxist the ideology it is just a modernized and they were quick to takeover because they know and planned exactly what played out and is going too!

    I pray that I am wrong. However, we started this by assuming good men would be there to be the safeguards to our rights. Patriot Act and big brother are watching us all – including you!

  13. The American people deserve the truth ! Let the audit be conducted, and the results are the results ! Otherwise we will never know the truth ! Truth and Justice for ALL !

  14. If he signs this EO, the sleazy Dems will just reject it and yell IMPEACH the mutha f***er while the scumbag Republicans chime right in like a church choir. We have no representative government. They only represent special interests and fringe movements like the Rainbow Coalition, Abortions Inc. and Green initiatives. That being said, I say go ahead President Trump, sign the EO and at least give it a go.

  15. If this is true I hope Pres. Trump does it, he has 3 days left to do so. I am really upset that we have an arrogant, lying, pervert and a crook who will be sworn in on Wed. and start tearing this country to shreds. This man is illegitimate and belongs in prison instead of the W.H. Also just take a look at what is headed to our Southern Border it will make you sick.This country is in deep trouble. God help us with a Biden/Harris administration

  16. Yes, He should issue an executive order to do just that. That would help to show exactly how the voting really happened. It would certainly put the question to rest, and would help the voting citizens to know exactly what took place on election day. Democrats shouldn’t oppose this action! Unless, they are afraid that fraud will be exposed!


  18. WHY HAS NOT PRESIDENT TRUM has even said it would only take him a few hours to analyze 500,000 ballots. There is no reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to go forward with this audit, regardless of the fact that the Electoral Certification has already been done.? ?

  19. To be or not to be” FREE —Liberals continue to take over our government and trash the Constitution. If we are going to keep our rights, we may have to fight for them. What our military and law enforcement do will determine the outcome.
    QUESTION FOR ALL MILITARY AND LAW OFFICERS: If freedom-loving Americans are forced into protecting their rights by bearing arms, how are you going to stand?

  20. The fact is our own supposedly Republican elected officials did nothing to find out the truth! Even while waving the Trump flag they stabbed him in the back every step of the way. Even the supposed Republican governor of Georgia did nothing to insure the integrity of their election. RINOs, every one of them! Who do we vote for now, not that our votes will count. Shame on all of them, we all know the Democrats lie cheat and steal but we don’t vote for them.

  21. Yes! The determined opposition to investigate the election by the Democrats is a definite indication that “there was dirty work at the crossroads”. Besides I have seen stark evidence on security cameras of election workers filling out ballots, unmarked vans delivering ballots in the middle of the night after poll watchers have been ejected, suitcases being dragged out from under tables and being counted and most damning votes being switched on Dominion machines.

  22. I think it’s a great idea! America needs to know the truth no matter which way it goes. I believe that is the only way back to “Unity”. I also believe if the election was illegal the person legally elected in all cases Senate, House and President be put into office.

  23. The country is so decided I can’t stand all of the fuckers coming into office they don’t give a shit about America it’s so obvious they wasn’t socilisam they are going to drive the country into the ground and they don’t care as long as they get what they want


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