Huge: Democrats Suffer Serious Legal Blow In Court Dismissal Of Emoluments Lawsuit

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump has had a truly epic week.

Has there ever been one single week that better embodies the relentless victories of the Trump campaign?

First, on Monday, the Iowa caucuses collapsed into embarrassing corruption and incompetence. Sure–Trump can’t take credit for this (even though some even tried to blame him!) but it just speaks to how eager Americans are to have a leader who actually knows how to get things done.

This was definitely a big win for the incumbent.

Then, on Tuesday, Trump delivered an amazing State of the Union speech to a joint session of Congress, celebrating the strength of our nation and the resilience of our citizens.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded this speech, however, by tearing up Trump’s speech angrily.

This was likely because on Wednesday, the Senate voted to acquit President Trump of the two articles of impeachment that Pelosi so victoriously managed to convince her caucus to vote for.

On Friday, Trump experienced yet another key victory…the Democrats must be on suicide watch after this!

The Gateway Pundit reports:

A court dismissed the emoluments lawsuit filed by 215 Democrats in Congress against President Trump, ruling that the appellees lacked standing.

The emoluments clause is a provision that bars US presidents from accepting gifts from foreign governments without permission from Congress first.

The 2017 emoluments lawsuit against Trump was led by Stolen Valor fraud Senator Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal (D-CT).

Da Nang Dick and the 200+ Dems took another loss today!

Law & Crime reported:

The U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Friday dismissed an emoluments-related lawsuit filed by members of Congress against President Donald Trump, ruling that the appellees lacked standing.

The three-part Article III standing test requires that the plaintiff demonstrate an “injury in fact” if a lawsuit is to move forward:

1) The plaintiff must have suffered an “injury in fact,” meaning that the injury is of a legally protected interest which is (a) concrete and particularized and (b) actual or imminent

2) There must be a causal connection between the injury and the conduct brought before the court

3) It must be likely, rather than speculative, that a favorable decision by the court will redress the injury

The court said that the 215 Members of the Congress failed that test.

“Here, regardless of rigor, our conclusion is straightforward because the Members—29 Senators and 186 Members of the House of Representatives—do not constitute a majority of either body and are, therefore, powerless to approve or deny the President’s acceptance of foreign emoluments,” the Court said.

According to Chad Pergram, Fox News’ Congressional reporter, the Democrats are devastated.


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