Huge: Flynn-Kislyak Calls Declassified, Finally Confirming Whole Case Was A Fraud

(Tea Party PAC) – Here it is.

The confirmation we’ve all been waiting for.

The case against General Michael Flynn, American war hero, first national security advisor to President Donald Trump, and enemy of the Deep State, was a hoax.

The Obama FBI had nothing on him.

On Friday, newly sworn-in Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, declassified the long-awaited transcript of Flynn’s 2016 phone call with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, in which, as expected, confirmed those who originally investigated Flynn have some explaining to do.

BizPac Review reports that “The transcript proved without a shadow of a doubt that Obama-era administration officials had no legitimate reason to suspect Flynn of violating the Logan Act when they maliciously tricked him into sitting with them for an interview in early 2017.”

Here is the full transcript:

More from BPR:

The debunked theory was that Flynn had promised Kislyak that then-incoming President Donald Trump would undo then-President Barack Obama’s sanctions the moment he stepped into office. But this never happened.

The transcript shows that Flynn simply urged Kislyak to tell Russian President Vladimir Putin to not retaliate harshly to the then-president’s sanctions.

“What I would ask Russia to do is to not … to only make it reciprocal. Make it reciprocal. Don’t go any further than you have to. Because I don’t want us to get into something that has to escalate on a tit for tat,” he said.

Kislyak responded by saying that while he understood Trump’s concerns, anger was brewing in Moscow over Obama’s sanctions.

Flynn replied by saying that while he appreciated the sentiment in Moscow, Trump was worried that harsh retaliation from Putin would spur even harsher counter-retaliation from Obama, thus entering the United States into another Cold War-like cycle — one that the then-incoming-president preferred to avoid.

“I really don’t want us to get into a situation where we’re going, you know, where we do this and then you do something bigger, and then you know, everybody’s got to go back and forth and everybody’s got to be the tough guy here, you know?” he said.

“We don’t need to, we don’t need that right now, we need to—we need cool heads to prevail, and uh, and we need to be very steady about what we’re going to do because we have absolutely a common uh, threat, in the Middle East right now.”

Think of the hell that Flynn and his family have been put through since this conversation took place. This perfectly, perfectly innocent conversation.

The entire Russia hoax has rested on the shoulders of this flimsy case against a patriot and war hero.

You should be fuming.

We certainly know that Sidney Powell, Flynn’s attorney, is.

Look at her tweets:

The Department of Justice, that already knew the case against Flynn was baseless, dropped charges against him earlier this month.

The Clinton-appointed US District Court Judge Emmet G Sullivan, however, refused and has since appointed outside counsel to try to find some other way to persecute Flynn.

These people certainly don’t give up easy!


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  5. Now, IMPEACH the judge Sullivan from off the bench, and send him to FEDERAL PRISON. Flynn was NEVER guilty! One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Unfortunately too many people are going to believe the Democrat nonsense that Flynn was in the wrong. They are not intelligent enough to look for the truth and only believe what they hear in the msm. If they accidentally hear the truth, they will discard it because they prefer to be slaves to the lying Democrats.

  7. Flynn has the right to sue Mueller, FBI, DOJ for defamation and prosecutorial over reach; make them repay all they have stolen from him. This is for all the assceholes in the lame stream media saying Flynn was guilty.

    • Maybe if he does it will send a precedence to not do this in the future. But I doubt it, the democrats never give up. Somehow they will try to tarnish him more.

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