Huge Turn In Spygate Investigation…Here’s Who Barr And Durham Want To Interview Next

(Tea Party PAC) – There are a lot of people both in and outside Washington DC who have been quaking in their boots every since no-nonsense, law-and-order Attorney General Bill Barr took up the task of getting to the roots of the Obama Spygate scandal, and tasked US Attorney John Durham with the job.

The architects, engineers, and contractors for the Deep State’s attempt to sabotage Donald Trump’s rise to the White House have been running amok since the incident took place, and while they’ve been entirely unsuccessful at every attempt to keep Trump from the presidency and subsequent attempts to remove him from office, they’re still walking free.

Not for long, if Barr and Durham complete their job.

Every day it seems their closer to revealing that everything the Democrat-Media Complex has been telling us for years is entirely false.

Any day now, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release his long-awaited report on FISA court abuses at the inception of the Trump-Russia hoax.

Meanwhile, Barr and Durham have finally included some of the most important figures of the Spygate scandal in their investigation: former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Chief John Brennan, both long credited with being the architects of the Spygate scandal.

Clapper and Brennan are set to testify before Durham.

This is excellent news, patriots.

This week, Ken Dilanian of NBC News reported:

New: AG Barr expands controversial review into origin of Russia investigation.

“Durham wants to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine,” Dilian explains.

“A Western intelligence official familiar with what Durham has been asking of foreign officials says his inquiries track closely with the questions raised about the Russia investigation in right-wing media—a line of inquiry based on accusations made by George Papadopoulos,” he continues.

This is exactly where Durham needs to be looking. There is more than ample evidence to hold these men’s feet to the fire at the very least.

We can only hope they’ll squeal like pigs and reveal how far up the coup plot went, because as there has already been evidence enough to indicate for years, it went all the way up to one Barack Hussein Obama.

Take these traitors down.


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