Huge: Why Thousands Of Georgia Votes Could Be Completely Illegitimate Based On The Address They Use

(Tea Party PAC) – An explosive new Project Veritas probe has discovered that thousands of people used the same address to register to vote in the state of Georgia—this is huge.

The executive director of Atlanta’s Central Outreach and Advocacy Center, Kimberly Parker, admitted in an undercover video released on Monday that thousands of people are registered to vote at the same address that they provide them.

According to Georgia state law, it is illegal to register to vote at an address that is not your residence—this is huge.

These ballots need to be tracked down and scrutinized.

“So, the majority of the people we serve don’t have an address, so we allow them to use our address if they register to vote and to get Georgia State ID,” Parker says in the video.

She went on to further confirm that individuals with no proof of address otherwise are allowed to use theirs.

“Because you have to have proof of residence, and so although we are not a shelter, we do allow them to use 201 Washington Street [Atlanta, Georgia],” said Parker.

She told the undercover journalist further that she “can’t even begin to tell you how many people have that address on their ID.”

It’s only after this highly suspicious election that it began to attract attention.

“We’ve never run into any problem with that until this election,” she explained.

A board member, she continued, apparently “got wind that they thought we’re doing things not on the up and up because so many have the address, but we’ve not heard any repercussion from it since.”

Otherwise, this had been going on “for years.”

Project Veritas released the video on Monday night ahead of Georgia’s runoff elections.

The organization had previously released a video detailing how the campaign for radical Democrat Raphael Warnock had hidden the fact that he supports defunding police, as he has claimed he does not.

“So he avoids using defunding the police because he knows that the Republicans are gonna try to grab onto it and attack,” explained finance assistant to the campaign, Eric Bhole.

“But in reality his whole platform with police reform is along the lines of the same people who are saying [defund the police]. Just not using the same rhetoric.”

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  1. Does anybody know how many examples of voter fraud it takes to get anyone arrested for it? So far, there are enough examples of voter fraud to turn this election around but a majority of our “representatives” and “vice president” who had the opportunity to do something about it, did not do that. Make sure that they are rewarded in the next election. Reward, with extreme prejudice. Vote for anyone (not democrat) else. Especially you guys down in Kentucky who will have the opportunity to set Mitch McConnell straight in these matters. I’ll bet he doesn’t even plan on running again after this term. What a wimp. As long Trump was sending him judges to confirm, he was all right with it. But his true colors came out on Wednesday. These guys shouldn’t worry about arresting the perpetrators of this fraud. They should worry about not arresting them. RIP Ashli. 2A all day.

  2. As far as the Dems are concerned this is insufficient evidence. Yet Trump’s one phone call with Ukraine was grounds for impeachment. As for Colbert the moron, before President Trump took office, Colbert’s show was on the verge of extinction. When President Trump leaves office Colbert will be out of a job again.

  3. If people are using the same address they must put that on their application for Welfare and they must combine all income from that address to be eligible for welfare help or they lose their government help. This rule is in most states if not all. So any fraud can be looked at from two different avenues.

  4. As long as lawyer, law makers and law enforcement are unwilling to investigate voter fraud the wicked will win! This is the beginning of the end of truth and justice for America. From here on people will be rewarded for their sin.


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