Huh? Bette Midler Thinks Trump’s “Jealousy” Of Obama “Will Lead To Thousands Of Premature Deaths”

(Tea Party PAC) – When will celebrities learn that they should probably stay in their lane?

The more anti-Trump they get, the more crazy they sound.

Bette Midler is at it again, just off the heels of a fresh unhinged Cher tweet, too.

The aging actress and singer is now claiming that Trump is jealous of Obama and it means we’re all going to die and yes, she apparently thinks that this is supposed to make sense.

In an apocalyptic social media rant Thursday, the actress declared that Trump’s “uncontrollable” jealousy of his predecessor will lead to “thousands of premature deaths.”

She seemed to be reacting to a report on the Trump administration’s efforts to pull back the Obama administration’s high-resolution global warming initiatives, including the Clean Power Plan, which opponents say place a serious burden on the coal industry.

“#trump’s uncontrollable jealousy of Barack Obama will lead to thousands of premature deaths from air pollution, wildfires, floods,” Midler tweeted out to her 1.63 million Twitter followers. “What a small-minded, short-sighted little man.”

How she worked all this out, one can only guess.

The Trump administration finalized their rollback of these Obama-era initiatives Wednesday, putting forward the Affordable Clean Energy rule as an alternative.

“Rather than punishing US production and yielding the marketplace to Chinese coal, which is what the Obama Clean Power plan did, we are leveling the playing field and encouraging innovation and technology across the sector,” EPA chief Andrew Wheeler explained at a press conference.

“Our ACE rule will incentivize new technologies that ensure short coal plants can be part of a cleaner future,” he added.

While Midler was convinced that Trump rolled back these Obama-era initiatives out of “jealousy,” this not only doesn’t make a lick of sense, it’s also entirely unsubstantiated.

One can only guess how it will lead to “premature deaths” from air pollution, wildfires, and floods, but we’re willing to bet Midler fully supports politicians that make sure millions of pre-born humans are legally murdered.

Midler could be referring to an already debunked “consensus” which claims that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is “man-made” or “dangerous.”

As Breitbart News has reported:

The paper from which that “consensus” is derived was written by Australian global warming activist John Cook. He reportedly reviewed nearly 12,000 papers on the subject matter and determined that a clear “consensus” existed. However, his methods have been called into question over the year.

In only 41 of the nearly 12,000 reports Cook research conclusively stated that mankind played a significant role in the climate’s constantly changing cycles. That amounts to 0.3 percent.

Additionally, the U.S. government’s Global Historical Climate Network, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and National Climate Data Center have been busted in the past for “amplifying” and “adjusting” published temperature graphs in order to achieve politically-fueled results.

Maybe stick to what you know best, Bette Midler. Which most certainly isn’t climate change models.