Huh? Sarah Silverman, Who Once Dressed In Blackface, Hurls Bizarre Playground Insult At Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – Sarah Silverman is one of the most insane progressives in Hollywood, and that’s really saying something.

This is a woman who once called for a military coup against the President, not long before she thought that surveyor’s marks on the sidewalk were swastikas.

In other words, she’s a nutcase who is competing with Kathy Griffin for most unhinged anti-Trump “comedian.”

This week, she exploded on Trump once again, calling him a “smelly penis hole.”

Has she been spending too much time around kindergarteners?

Despite this weird, vile language, by the way, Silverman still has her Twitter account. Meanwhile, conservatives are banned for far less.

Democrats may think that juvenile insults like this make Silverman a comedian, but it doesn’t. You have to actually be funny to be a comedian.

In response to the President’s tweet on the announcement that Amy Klobuchar was running for President, Silverman replied, “No point in explaining how mind blowingly stupid this tweet is so I’m just gonna go with F*CK YOU, and also add that you are a smelly penis hole with balls that touch water. Eat sh*t, you greedy twat,” she wrote (asterisks added).

Mike Cernovich slammed Silverman for failing to be funny, adding that she had done a far better job in the past at mocking the President.

Earlier this week, actor, rapper, and TV host called Sarah out for using blackface during her career amid the blackface controversies hitting Virginia Democrats over the last few weeks.

When did randomly throwing together vile curse words count as comedy? It’s all well and good to mock the President no matter who he is, but at least make an attempt to be funny, Sarah.

Otherwise you just look like the bitter, unhinged vile hack that you are.