If Former Obama Officials Are Doing What Secretary Pompeo Says They Are Doing With Iran, They Should Be Charged With Treason

(Tea Party PAC) – We all know that former President Barack Obama lacked the spine to stand up for America and her interests abroad, spending most of his time bowing to foreign leaders and making apologies that were unnecessary and only served to make us look limp wristed and weak.

However, it seems members of the former administration have taken it upon themselves to continue on this legacy of wimpiness by holding secret meetings with Iran, telling the nation to just wait out Trump and we’ll eventually go back to appeasing them.

This, folks, is treasonous.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry was secretly meeting with Iranian officials to salvage Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

After the news broke last week, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee called on G-men to arrest John Kerry for his treasonous acts.

Kerry was working against the Trump administration to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal.

In May of 2018 former Obama Secretary of State was seen dining with several Iranian regime officials.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Trump’s claim that John Kerry violated the Logan Act is “true.”

“It’s true. I mean I was there in Munich when I saw not only Kerry … the whole gang that crafted that terrible deal…they were there, they met with the Iranian leadership,” Pompeo said during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

“It’s unusual, but more importantly, it’s wrong,” said Pompeo.

On Thursday Secretary Pompeo accused the Obama officials of secretly telling Iran to wait out President Trump — then America will go back to appeasing.

Via FOX News:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused members of the Obama administration of undermining President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran by telling the Iranians to “just hang on” until Trump loses in 2020.

“I’ll be straight up with you,” Pompeo says in an interview for the American Enterprise Institute’s national security podcast “What The Hell Is Going On?,” which I co-anchor with my colleague Dany Pletka, “you have folks who served in the previous administration who are telling the Iranian leaders today, ‘Just hang on. President Trump will lose in the election in November and we’ll go back to appeasement. America will write you a big check, we’ll underwrite your terror campaign around the world, we’ll give you a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon system. Just wait until the Trump administration is finished.’”

What these people are doing behind Trump’s back is treason, and as such, Kerry and any others who are actively attempting to undermine the president should be charged immediately. This is going to cause us once again to look divided and weak, something we cannot afford on the geopolitical stage.

Obama, who isn’t president any longer, nor has been for the last three years, is still somehow, finding new ways to damage our reputation around the world. It’s amazing just how much damage this one president did to the country in such a short amount of time.

Here’s to hoping we end up with four more years of strong leadership from President Trump.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/01/treason-secretary-pompeo-former-obama-officials-are-telling-iran-to-wait-out-trump-then-america-will-go-back-to-appeasing-iran/


  1. If this is even a bit true.. and I am sure it is. Then these Obama snakes need to be rooted out and tried for treason. Americans are getting sick of day after day there being another commie dem attempt to ruin our country.

  2. ABOVE THE LAW…..above the law…..above the law……{ Liberal echo}…..Hilary?}….Schiff?….Nadler….Waters…..Slick perverted Willie….Biden….kerry……Elijah Cummins, & his widow…Ghislaine Maxwell, & Epstein, Comey, Rosenstein, Brennan, Harvey Weinstein…………Sooooo, many “supposedly” “NOT ABOVE THE LAW”! { so why aren’t they in Jail? ? ? ? }

    • Kerry & his treasonous crew, are indeed guilty of Treason,& an official grand jury investigation must commence immediately, before “Kerry, & his anti-American cronies” get “Hilliarized”! America, simply cannot allow this type of Anti-American activity to prevail…..”OR”…why even be America?

  3. Our Military, under Our President Donald Trump should immediately arrest each and everyone of them, because we all know exactly what has been going on. We have something that can take them all down and that is we the people who are the real Government, it is time to Invoke the “MILITARY “S MARSHAL LAW”. arrest them all for “TREASON”. If this does not happen we are all doomed and so is the world, this will bring a 3RD WORLD WAR, and the end of the world. It is about the elite and “WORLD ORDER” this is for REAL PEOPLE….It is now just a matter of time before Jesus Christ and his Angels step in to clean this earth…..I am only one person who is so concerned because people are so blind sided they can’t see what is going on everywhere in the world………..

  4. I agree. Kerry should have been arrested for TREASON 3 years ago when it was found out he was in bed with Iranians. And arrest the rest of them at the same time as Kerry.

  5. The Muslim FRAUD needs to be investigated and brought down for treason incl. all his EVIL bastards in the terrorist administration of his

  6. Kerry has been committing Treason for years and nothing has ever been done about it. Kerry should be in Prison or executed

    • Kerry has been involved in “ANTI-AMERICAN”, activities since the Viet-Nam war….&, in league with Hanoi jane! Kerry sports a couple “purple hearts”…1 for a hangnail, & the other for hemorrhoids! { These hemorrhoids, are evident all around his “brain, & mouth”!}

  7. The only solution to this problem is for President D. Trump is to WIN and win big.
    If could vote with my two hands, I would.

  8. The big question is if this is true about Kerry and Obama why is it taking so long to press charges against them? It appears that if you are a politician it takes years to charge them for illegal acts if they ever get charged but if it were Joe average he would be behind bars within months.

  9. John Kerry should be indicted for violating the Logan Act, but here we are with, yet again, another Liberal Dem thumbing his nose at Trump officials because we don’t have anyone with enough balls to indict this treasonous creep!!’ For goodness sake people do your damn jobs😡😡🤬🤬

  10. If Trump did this he most definitely be impeached and put in jail for treason. It’s time to call these people out with the proof and give them consequences. Like a child, if you don’t give them consequences then they will run omok and do whatever they want. BTW Mike I totally agree.

  11. Here’s a plausible scenario…

    Former Obama officials are behind the current Iranian backed, financially backed, actually Obama funded, terrorist attacks.

    Purpose? Another avenue to try and attempt to remove Trump.

    Remember, the goal is globalism. The goal can only be achieved by toppling America’s stature in the world.

    Also remember that they are following the Alinsky model. A model based on the criminal empire of Frank Nitti and Al Capone.

    They are willing to take two steps backward in order to take three steps forward.

    They are more than happy to compromise as long as the comprise gives them some gain.

    They attack from all imaginable angles with the purpose of diversion, subversion, dividing and eventually conquering.

    We must be resolved to stand united under our founding principles and values as defined in the four documents that make up our organic laws…

    The Declaration of Independence

    The Articles of Confederation

    The Constitution

    The Northwest Treaty

    Bob Larivee, US Senate Candidate CA

    • Well that Traitor did give the Iranians 150 million at an airport or was it billions, so technically he is a sponsor of terrorism and should be arrested be Ice, Tried for treason and put in Leavenworth or deported to ahh let’s see to North Korea. And his properties become confiscated and the govt can sell them at auction and help the feed the poor around the country and then the world. Then his library can be put to good use, by converting it into low income housing. He should love all that.

  12. Nancy Pelosi violated the Logan act in Iran recently, too and she did it two other times with other countries. SHE is a treasonist as they come.

  13. Apparently the position that holds these people accountable has not been filled as of yet so I’m officially applying for that job,

  14. I believe that what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said – is very true!! What else did you expect from that Kenyan “mooslim’s” regime? They were committing corrupt and totally illegal treachery for 8 loong yrs!! That’s what DemonRats do best!! Just look at the UNpatriotic A….Holes involved!!
    But Unfortunately, no one will ever be held accountable…..The *Swamp* was a very vile place for those 8 loong yrs!! Now we are going to have to start fighting these 10th century *Towel-Heads* all over again!! But, POTUS Trump takes NO shyt and will do whatever it takes – to eradicate this problem, by hopefully cutting the head-of-the-snake-off – once and for all!! He has made a GOOD start!!

  15. If these Republicans don’t grow a pair of nuts, the Democrats are going to continue to break rules and laws. I say we need term limits immediately. All we heard from that pip squeak Lindsay Graham was he was going to investigate everything and he has done absolutely nothing but run his mouth. As for McConnell he doesn’t know if he is coming or going. Trump needs to think really hard about having a trial cause with the RINOS and the do nothing other Republicans they could turn on him in a heartbeat. MAGA

  16. Then the Republicans need to step up and arrest these people!! How is it that all these Democratic representatives and leftover Obamas, Clintons and Bidens are getting away with CLEARLY illegal, treasonous acts?
    Time for a third party with NO ties to the swamp and courage to arrest people breaking our Constitutional Laws!

  17. These slime of Obama and his administration is becoming more visible to those Americans. That believe all the bull shit spread about his honest, uncorrupt administration. Still their are people would like him as president. Unfortunately that only way the people will back the out of control. Dishonest government is a civil war, the percentage of Americans is getting larger that favor it.

  18. None of the traitors will be prosecuted for there crimes as the deep state controls the courts in DC. Just like Rep Waters should be arrested for inciting violence against conservatives

    • Exactly!!! She needs to be arrested! I bought 4 Trump 2020
      hats just to give out and wear to get reactions!! Plus I wear my red Red Sox hat to turn heads. lol

  19. If this is true and not hearsay then what are we waiting for? An arrest should already have been made. I’m afraid that the previous administration and the Clintons are immune from being charged with anything. They have carte blanche to commit heinous crimes against our beautiful country — it’s really shameful and immoral.

  20. Kerry’s overt efforts to undermine Trump’s foreign policy anger any thinking patriot. Kerry never had intellectual capacity to realize that such behavior compromises not just US policy but his own credibility. We can SEE his treason. What concerns me is the actions of the Clinton’s and Obama himself. Those three realize their rffortsmust be not just guarded but strategically covert. Please, please have some investigating reporters digging those anti-American liberals!!!

  21. The only way the FBI will cleanup is to rid of Chris Wray. He is a big zero. He is just another Comey, a total waste of good air. Neither are good for America. FrankenKerry is just a big of a dumbass.

    • If treason had been found from the previous Obama administration players, WHY have they not been prosecuted and incarcerated for their acts? WE THE PEOPLE deserve answer and ACTION from our government. Corruption MUST BE STOPPED at all cause!

    • Even with proof, they don’t have the courage to arrest ANY of them. Time to vote out both Democrats and Republicans, establish term limits and elect TRUE Patriots.

  22. These B**t**ds, Obama, Kerry and the rest of the Criminals should ALL be put in jail. They think they can own & run the Government for good behind the current Government’s backs.
    Obama is so narcissistic and full of himself and he purposely stayed in DC to try & spoil the current Gov. Soros the S**t has to have a big hand in this treasonous debacle!!

  23. Poilosi also for saying forget POUS we are not getting out of climTe agreement. She and her co Dems deserve to be prosecuted as well

    should ALL be shot for TREASON !

  25. obama is the worst president in my lifetime. I’m 77 years old. He’s worst than FDR and Carter by a longshot. Is he now in violation of the Logan Act as is Kerry. Justice must be served!

  26. This is old news as far as John Forbes Kerry is concerned. He was talking to the North Vietnamese negotiators at the Paris Peace Talks in 1972, while he was still a commissioned Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, violating both his oath of office and the Logan Act (Source: Unfit for Command, by Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD). This is the charge that the media completely ignored while Kerry was running for President when they focused on the the other charge against Kerry in this book, that he got phony Purple Hearts to get out of swift boat duty in Viet Nam.

  27. Most of this is utter BS just to excite a few less educated persons. Now since the beginning of this country this very thing has been going on with both sides of the isle, and since the inception of the Logan Act in 1799 only two person have ever been charged with a violation one in 1802 qnd another in 1852, neither convicted, now the Logan Act was amended in 19914 and sonme of the language was changed, but the intent was still there.
    So we should charge every American who wants to and is allowed to talk to a Foreign Government.

  28. If you want a better understanding of what is happening please read this. It was written in September of 2012.

    “Will America Stand if Good Men Do Nothing”

    Please read this “in full”. If you do or don’t agree is entirely your choice. I am asking people to “educate themselves”. Read, Listen, Seek the truth.
    America stands as a “Pillar”, not an “Empire”. The “United States of America was founded as a Nation of Principal Under “God”, a Nation where “All Men Are Created Equal and Given Inalienable Rights by Their Creator”. As a “Nation United” we stand strong, for we know true strength comes from within. If a Nation and a People build their house on a solid foundation, set “God” as their cornerstone, and stay united from within, they cannot be destroyed from the outside. “The pillar will stand strong”
    The events of 9/11 were a preview of what outside forces intend for us! The Towers represented the strength and unity of a “Nation of People United”. They knew they had to find a crack, to set a wedge, and from within they could destroy our buildings, and they thought “the morale of our Great Nation”. They didn’t understand “The Strength of the Pillar Lies Within the People. This is what makes this Nation Great”.
    Now they are trying to destroy us from within. Stand True. Look to the person beside you and know it is time to stand together, that no wedge can be driven between you. It doesn’t matter your Race, Gender, Religion, Political views, or even your Nationality, we are all in this together. There are no second chances.
    Documents were found during a raid outlining “THE PROJECT” , plans by “The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND OTHERS” to destroy us. We are in the last phase of this plan now. Glenn Beck exposed the “details” of this plan on Wednesday and Thursday Sept. 26 and 27, 2012.
    P. S. Please listen closely to events as they transpire and think about what you have read here.
    Thank you
    Feel free to pass this on. It needs to be part of our National discussion. It is lengthy. Read it anyway! Then decide for yourself.

    Page 2
    September 20, 2012
    I would like to give my condolences to the families, and to the people serving at our embassies abroad.
    I believe there is a lot more going on here than people are seeing. Most Americans have grown up here and see what is happening from that perspective.
    It really doesn’t matter where Obama was born. He spent much of his childhood in Countries that were predominantly anti-American. They certainly didn’t look up to the “American President” as the most powerful man in the world.
    That being said, Obama is still young. Where most Presidents were satisfied with one or maybe two terms in office, then move into establishing a legacy, this is not his goal. He didn’t look up to the President as the world’s most powerful leader. He instead saw the Arab and Muslim religious and military leaders to be most powerful and “Sharia” to be the dominant law. There, control equates to power.
    Obama’s Presidency is a “step” toward his ultimate goal of being the world’s “Supreme Ruler”. He knows he can’t achieve this as President of the United States. The Arab countries and many others wouldn’t allow it. Therefore you see playing out for you, worldwide, the scenario as it is now. He knows that if he controls the Middle East, and brings the United States to its knees, we can’t act unilaterally, and he can control the rest of the world either by sheer power, war, or through alliances.
    He is the first and only Western leader or President in history that could, or would be accepted as the leader of the Caliphate. He feels he is uniquely qualified to fill that position. America’s destruction would guarantee him that status. He is actively and aggressively acquiring total control. It is his “Duty” to proclaim “our” Constitution as inadequate and replace it with Sharia Law.
    In the speeches he gives, the decisions and policies he makes, a common thread stays central. He is letting the Muslim population know he stands with them. He has befriended the Muslim Brotherhood. He knows he can control the population through strict enforcement of “Sharia Law”.
    We see this as Americans, and until you look at the larger picture, it makes little or no sense. This “blindness” is emboldening nations to rise against us.

    Page 3
    Obama is using the power of “OUR” nation to shape the power structure in the Middle East and around the World to support his goal. He is removing rogue forces and leaders that could oppose him, and dismantling governments that would be overtly democratic or “pro- western”. Removing Osama Bin Laden, his leaders, and Taliban leaders makes him look good to Americans. It boosts his popularity, however, this is not entirely done for the reasons we perceive. He is doing favors for Eastern rulers, both as a show of power, and to gain stature, therefore securing his position as the ultimate ruler “he feels he is destined to be”.
    The turmoil you see in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and around the world, plays to this end. You are seeing a show of solidarity throughout the Middle East. It is absolutely reprehensible for this administration to try to cloak this and say it is only in response to a movie. This is an excuse and an appeasement. It is totally irresponsible to our National security, to “your security”.
    These attacks were planned ahead of time. Libyan President Mohammad Magarief, on “Face the Nation”, stated that the assault was “definitely planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago and they were planning criminal acts since their arrival.” The friends and allies we have in Libya, and around the world are trying to warn us. “Take Heed”.
    Obama wants the war with Israel and is waiting, putting off the war, until other factors are in place (Iran being only one). It is hard to proclaim Jerusalem as “Capital” of Israel, or maintain alliance to Israel, if you don’t agree with its existence. It is imperative Americans understand that a war with Israel “is” a war with us. Expect to be attacked when Israel is attacked. It is not the nations or the land they seek. It is our way of life and our ideology they seek to destroy.
    This is thinking we, as Americans, don’t understand. It is hard to wrap your head around the concept that someone would do this to us. But understand this. The future for him is not “here”. He is not defending Israel and he will not ultimately defend the United States against Muslim rule. He grew up in a world where they feel it is their destiny to bring nations of “Infidels” down and to ultimately rule the world. It is evident many Muslim’s believe he has been “chosen and anointed” to fulfill this prophecy. He can do now what they have been trying to do for centuries. If this can be achieved he will be given the highest honor as supreme ruler and be praised by Muslim’s throughout the Middle East and around the world.
    Please realize there are many Muslims, both in the United States and abroad who will and do stand with us and do not follow this ideology. Do not rush to judgment as these people love this country and theirs and will fight for their freedom also. This isn’t just about the United States and Israel. It is about the “freedom and future” of people throughout the world. You have allies. Seek them out.

    Page 4
    The people you see overtaking these American Embassies are not only showing their extreme hatred for the United States of America, they are showing Obama they are getting impatient and he needs to move faster. The atrocities you see, the violent murders, rapes and sodomy; the dragging of people through the streets and destroying everything behind them are playing out across the Middle East. Let that be a dire warning to all. Can you survive this? Do you think it won’t happen to you, that you are one of the select few who only have to witness this extreme hostility? Do you “not” think they plan to overrun this country as they do our embassies?
    This is “their” plan for you, to besiege this country with the ferocity and hatred they attacked the U. S. Embassy’s with. Who of you is with them? Who is it that will stand idly by and say “this can’t Happen”?

    Look at this through that lens and you will see the reasons for Obama’s decisions. They may seem foreign to us as Americans, but they are extremely calculated and strategically placed to achieve his ultimate goal. You divide this country by pitting race against race, class against class, and through gender warfare. You harness citizens with debt they feel they can never re-pay. You push the political divide by making them believe they can’t trust one another, the banks, or the police. Tell them they will lose their health care; that you are the only one they can trust, and you can create chaos. We are seeing this now, but it has not yet been taken to the streets of this “Great Nation”. For this you need collusion, people within his inner circle, the media, and people willing to follow their lead.
    They can create the chaos he needs and have set operatives in place to do just that. The “Occupy” movement, protests, and other formats have allowed them to do practice runs on our cities. They know how our law enforcement works, where our control centers and surveillance cameras are. They know how our police and military operate. Citizens and law enforcement have become accustomed to their presence and have backed off enforcement to a large degree. They have control of our financial institutions, our internet, phones, and communication systems. They have created an elaborate network to operate dissidents and activists, here and around the world. Activists can be called out “en masse” by declaring it is time for “Change”. It doesn’t seem to matter they have no idea what “change” really means.
    This administration has adamantly enforced an “open border” policy along the United States southern border. This brings into question the real purpose of “Fast and Furious”.

    Page 5
    Look closely at this and you will see how chaos can be achieved. This election can provide the “crisis” needed to make this happen. Their implementation reaches far beyond what is currently known. They control most of our intelligence operations and have veiled much of what they are doing in secrecy (amazing they can do that when they are willing to leak so many other things). They are implementing fleets of “Drones” to do surveillance on our population, and through activist judiciary, are pounding away at our “First and Second Amendment Rights”. It is very possible Obama will “Mandate” illegal legislation, as he has on other occasions, then use his activist judiciary to enforce the removal of your rights. Viewing this from the perspective I am outlining may bring to light many things that have been viewed as “curious” thus far. Some of the “I wonder why’s” can be answered, and it is quite possible you will not like what you see.
    Obama and the people close to him can’t cede power for any reason and will most likely do anything to retain and strengthen the hold on the power they have. Some in his cabinet are helping him, and have no idea they are helping him to achieve “this” goal. I believe some of them do. They think they are moving toward a “One World Government”, a “Utopian Society” in which they can rule. Little do they know, it will ultimately destroy them and all they hold dear. This society is far from Utopian and in this society there is no need for their existence. It is a society where they will be replaced and eliminated, yet they will work diligently, in secrecy, and behind closed doors to fulfill this utopian dream.
    At the center of the revolution in Egypt, Libya, and others, you find American or European operatives. These government over-throws haven’t been coincidences. They have been orchestrated and tested to develop a pattern in which to overturn our own government. There are groups of people doing treasonous and felonious acts around the world to destroy us. Our own administration is handing out classified information like it is candy, again “felonious and treasonous acts”. The breaches we know of are devastating and have endangered and cost American lives and the lives of our allies.
    It is amazing to see the charisma Barack Obama speaks with and the willingness to take what he proclaims at face value. Whether you are a supporter of his or you stand against him, educate yourself. Learn the truth. “Educate yourself”.
    Think about your role. Are you being used to fulfill this end? Do you stand on the side of a unified America, or choose to divide it? Division is their plan for you. It is imperative that we, as Americans, do not let this come to fruition.
    People know something is awry. Many talk show hosts, political pundits, and scholars around the world have been speaking to and discussing this. Conservative radio and television have been asking questions for a long time. Moderates and Progressives are entering the conversation also. The administration’s actions are hard for them to comprehend. His vision is not the vision of what the United States of America should be.

    Page 6
    I haven’t heard it brought to what I feel is its natural and ultimate conclusion.
    People are doing intensive research to identify these “traitors” who are working diligently against us. To this I applaud all who move forward when the Obama administration, the media, and many, many other groups would choose to silence you on your quest to reveal the truth. You are patriots. You bring knowledge to the world that we may stand together. The United States, Israel, and many other countries have a stake in this. It is hard to look at the facts and not see a crisis unraveling before us.
    Our enemies seek to destroy our Nation, our lifestyle, and everything American and Christian. They want to destroy Israel, the Jewish people, and proclaim it as their “Holy Ground”. They will not stop until the entire world is in their control. Look at Egypt, Libya, Syria, and the speed these countries went into chaos. Do not underestimate them. “Never” underestimate them!
    As Americans we must educate ourselves. This cannot be overstated. Our Military leaders and citizens must see this for what it is and protect our Nation at any cost. This is imperative.
    This is what we, as a Nation, are up against. I see it happening sooner, rather than later. Wake up America. For the love of God, of your Country, and of your very existence, take heed. This threat is very real and will not go away. Do not let them manipulate you and pit you one against another. You are all Americans. You have everything to gain and everything to lose. If you fight amongst yourselves, you are divided, thus easier to defeat. Stand true, stand tall, love and defend this Country, and one another. Your life may well depend on it.
    God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America

  29. You can bet that Barrack Hussein Obama is orchestrating these meetings with Iranian officials. John Kerry needs not only to be arrested for treasonous acts against the United States but the deep state is all involved as well. Lots of U S officials have dirty ties to the Middle East. Why do you think they’re all in impeachment mode.

  30. Of course Obama and Kerry are violating the Logan Act, by negotiating secretly with Iran without consent from state department, they also met with new world order leaders of European nations to continuing plotting the destruction of independent republics for a Global Socialist Global country under UN control. Look, you have to try to comprehend the madness of the left. They the elite get to keep the millions they stole serving us, @nd the rest of us must redistribute our earned holding with the third world. To do this scheme, you must destroy love of country, no nationalism, open borders, and socialism. No loyalty to nation, just the party, the Democratic Party and their secret master Soros. Treason? Look at the Democratic part congress members in the House, their led by pure hatred for America socialist.

  31. Obama, Kerry, Clinton(s) seem to have been trying to run a shadow govt for the last 3 yrs. If Trump is acquitted and runs and gets a second term, I really doubt that this will stop. Seditious, subversive, treasonous.

  32. Yes, I agree with Secretary of State Pompeo, John Kerry and anyone including former President Obama should be prosecuted for treason to fullest extent of the law. Why doesn’t someone step up and bring charges against them if we have conclusive evidence? I would bring charges myself if I could. I am very tired of having evidence on all of these people, and not doing anything about it. There is enough evidence on Hillary and Bill to lock them away forever, but no one is brave enough to bring charges against them. Why? The last account I had treason was punishable by law and very much against our Constitution. They are impeaching our president while they get away with murder literally with murder! What is wrong with this picture? I do not understand!!!!!!


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