If New Report About Epstein Boast On Powerful People Is True, It Might Lend Credibility To Conspiracy Theories

(Tea Party PAC) – Convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide over the weekend in his cell, has become the talk of the town, with the vast majority of individuals across America believing that the man might have gotten himself killed due to all the powerful folks who were connected to him and his disgusting “business.”

In fact, a new report might actually add some credibility to those theories, as it states that Epstein actually boasted about having serious dirt on powerful people and was ready to spill the beans about the whole situation.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein told New York Times columnist James Stewart that he had dirt on many very powerful people, including the tech oligarchs.

Mr. Stewart visited Epstein at his mega mansion in Manhattan last August where he bragged about knowing an “astonishing number of rich, famous and powerful people.”

“He had the photos to prove it,” Stewart wrote, adding that Epstein claimed to have very damaging and embarrassing information on some very prominent names in the tech industry, although he didn’t drop any specific names.

“He said people in Silicon Valley had a reputation for being geeky workaholics, but that was far from the truth: They were hedonistic and regular users of recreational drugs. He said he’d witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex (Mr. Epstein stressed that he never drank or used drugs of any kind),” Stewart wrote.

Stewart recalls seeing a picture of Epstein with former President Bill Clinton on a table covered with with several framed photographs.

Epstein called Stewart earlier this year and was apparently ready to disclose more details about his life, according to Stewart. “Then early this year Mr. Epstein called to ask if I’d be interested in writing his biography. He sounded almost plaintive. I sensed that what he really wanted was companionship. As his biographer, I’d have no choice but to spend hours listening to his saga. Already leery of any further ties to him, I was relieved I could say that I was already busy with another book,” Stewart wrote.

But Epstein was arrested on July 6 on charges of sex trafficking minors and was found dead in his prison cell over the weekend.

“That was the last I heard from him. After his arrest and suicide, I’m left to wonder: What might he have told me?” Stewart added.

Epstein also reportedly kept a “little black book” with 301 Brits among his contacts, according to the FBI.

There were more than 1,000 numbers and dozens of email addresses between the Brits named in the book belonging to Prince Andrew’s pervert pal, the Mirror reported.

On Monday, US Attorney General Bill Barr said that an investigation into Epstein’s affairs would continue until all of the individuals involved in the messy affair were brought to justice. This is exactly what needs to happen as more and more Americans grow sick and tired of seeing the rich and powerful elite get away with murder — literally it seems — while injustice runs rampant.

The powerful people connected to Epstein who are also involved in shaping the culture of our country need to be brought down immediately, especially if they were in any way involved in the death of Epstein. Not so much that any of us are sad he’s gone, but more so the obstruction of justice his death creates.

Let’s hope we get the answers we seek sooner rather than later.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/epstein-boasted-he-had-dirt-on-powerful-people-including-tech-oligarchs-was-ready-to-talk/


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