If You Own One Of These You Are Killing The Planet

Once again in the stellar brilliance  only Washington can produce the Biden Regime has declared  there is a danger lurking in most homes and must be dealt with in a firm and decisive manner!

This lurking danger which threatens life on planet earth is…..(wait for it)…..ceiling fans!

Yup you got it right! Who would have guessed! All this time our grandparents, children and pets have depended on the cooling breeze of a ceiling fan but now NO MORE!

Ceiling fans must be lobotomized to meet the new green edict the swamp masters has issued.

Your ceiling fan is killing Mother Earth and murdering our climate!

Now for the genuine bullsh*t keep reading!

The Biden Administration’s latest energy-efficiency proposal targets ceiling fans. This progressive decision shows their dedication to energy reduction and environmental sustainability. These rules will help management govern the development and use of energy-efficient ceiling fans, making tomorrow more ecologically friendly or break the bank for most Americans!

Opponents say these laws will limit customer choices and raise prices!

The DOE has issued stricter ceiling fan restrictions to boost energy efficiency. The DOE’s acceptance of these new rules shows their aggressive attitude to a sustainable future.

This recommendation follows previous efforts to regulate and limit the use of electric stoves, washing machines, and air conditioners. Skeptics have reasonable concerns about the rising breadth of these regulatory measures, which seem to pervade even the smallest aspects of our everyday routines.

The DOE’s claims their regulation emphasizes overhead fan energy use and the importance of assessing their environmental impacts and potential benefits to the public.

The consumers argue these new rules will cost households more money over the life of an energy-efficient fan. The significant economic hardship consumers may face owing to this situation must be considered. Redesigning and ensuring compliance might cost billions.

DOE stresses the need of these changes for national energy preservation. The swamp masters cleverly note manufacturers’ initial expenses may be high, but the long-term advantages for the environment and consumers are great. The rules strive to balance energy conservation and environmental protection, but undergirded by a further control on everyday lives.


Ceiling fan industry players have harsh viewpoints on the proposed changes. Several anti-climate change citizen activists are confused by this venture’s unfair targeting of ceiling fans. According to activist citizens, the Biden Administration’s vast plan to improve the environment in numerous industries may have nefarious intentions, but it could lead to government overreach.

Citizens raise reasonable concerns about producers’ high costs in meeting new requirements. These financial strains could have a major impact on enterprises. Anti-climate change Activists also worry excessive rules may harm ceiling fan producers. Anti-Climate Activists think these laws will burden manufacturers, reducing employment and disrupting the economy.

When legislation is implemented, it will affect both domestic and foreign ceiling fans. The decision shows the government’s commitment to environmental goals and willingness to experiment at the consumers expense.

However, producers may incur a huge financial burden as a result. Redesigning and assuring compliance might cost millions.

The ceiling fan business has varied feelings about the proposed adjustments. The unjust targeting of ceiling fans is nothing more than a brazen power grab by those Rich men north of Richmond so they can keep the swamp fed and happy! The Biden Administration’s ambitious environmental plan for all industries may have dangerous intentions, and risks undue government intrusion!

The next target very well could be electric light switches, electric wall plugs and electric toothbrushes but the swamp masters have a ‘wait and see’ attitude. The theory is “if the Biden Regime can get away with bashing ceiling fans” just think what the administration can get away with electric toothbrushes, flashlights and eliminate of life saving medical equipment!

If enforced, the proposed rule will affect both American-made and imported ceiling fans. The action shows the administration’s openness to pursue new environmental goals.

Final Word: OMG! Is it true, my ceiling fan, electric toothbrush and wall light switch is killing the planet? Hell no, it’s just a power grab by the neo-confederates who never got over the Union winning and how they took away their slaves! 





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