Ilhan Omar Gets Put In Her Place By Veterans Over Her Push For Major GI Bill Change

(Tea Party PAC) – There are a lot of folks in the House of Representatives who have horrifically bad ideas, but none of them seem to hold a candle to Rep. Ilhan Omar. Omar, if you’ll recall, is a newbie to the world of congressional politics and has proven to be one of the most controversial members of the House by constantly spewing out anti-Semitic comments about Israel.

Well, it seems Omar wasn’t content with her status as in the “Squad” and decided that she needed to add some insanity to the mix by pushing to have the GI Bill applied to all Americans, even those who haven’t served their country in the armed forces.

As it turns out, there are a lot of veterans who aren’t happy with Omar over this and they let her know it in no uncertain terms.

Here’s more on this from WND:

“Imagine what it would do for our country and those who live here if we were to take the ethos behind the original GI Bill and apply it to everybody — canceling all student debt and making public colleges, universities, and vocational schools tuition-free,” Omar quoted from the AlterNet piece.

The GI Bill is a catch-all name for several programs aimed at giving qualifying veterans scholarships and other educational opportunities after they’ve served a certain amount of time in the military.

“This really shows how little you know,” one veteran wrote on Twitter. “The GI bill wasn’t free. I received the GI bill for proudly serving 11 years in the Army National Guard. I would completely agree that anyone who is willing to do that should also receive this great benefit.”

Other veterans mentioned the fact that the brave men and women of the armed forces often serve their country in harsh and deadly conditions, something the vast majority of the folks who would be benefitting from this new take on the GI Bill would not have experienced.

“Imagine SERVING YOUR COUNTRY (instead of your own SELF-INTERESTS),” another veteran replied. “Imagine being placed in harms way while taking fire in some foreign country while dealing with IED’s, snipers and bombs.”

“The G.I. Bill is for those who SERVED—something you know NOTHING about!”

The very reason the GI Bill exists is to allow those who have decided to serve their country, to dedicate a good portion of their lives to defending the rights and freedoms we take for granted every day, to have the door opened for higher education and bring the knowledge and discipline they acquired during their time in the military to the private sector.

This bill allows service members to have new career opportunities, especially those who serve as tank crewmen or infantrymen, so that when they come back home and are no longer in combat, they can provide for themselves and their families.

It’s critically important to take care of our warriors, because a nation that doesn’t provide opportunities for its defenders is destined to fail and falter. Without these brave individuals, some of whom shed blood and lose limbs in their time of service, we wouldn’t be able to live our lives every day in relative peace and without fear.

This is something Omar doesn’t seem to understand.



  1. Send Omar back to her native land and let shoot off her mouth. Her Muslim “brothers” will shut her up real fast. She’ll learn to appreciate American freedom. All terrorist like her need to be arrested and deported.

  2. This sorry excuse for a human being is nothing more than a closet terrorist working from within. She is no better than those who flew into the twin towers. Those guys learned to fly, omar learned to convince her district that she would be an effective congresswoman and has been working to destroy this country ever since she got elected. Omar is a terrorist! Shes no better than the 911 hijackers! She just uses different methods to destroy America. Theres a special place in hell for scum like her.

  3. The fact that these squad members are voted into office scares the crap out of me. I can’ only imagine how stupid their supporters are.

  4. I wonder if she knows I paid for my G.I. Bill. $100 a month for the first 12 months of service. I don’t know if it still works that way, but I had to pay.

  5. Omar is not her real last name. She came into the US with the Omar family, but she isn’t a member of that family. Her father was part of the regime that Somali refugees looked to escape from. Her family, the Elni’s, went to Great Britain. Regardless of how she got here, she has learned to game our system. She got her free education and then brought her brother here as her husband enabling him to get a free education as well. She totally disregards our laws and rules of conduct; lives here enjoying all the freedoms of an American citizen, yet she never misses an opportunity to find fault with America. She is an anti-semite who fosters hate and division not only in America but in the international community as well. Assimilation is not part of her vocabulary. Remember her statement about 9/11, “Some people did something”. She should be removed from our government. She does not honor American values nor does she represent anything but her own self interests. In short, her goal is to undermine the American way of life through lies and manipulation. Time for her to go.

  6. Omar,,,,kiss my ass,,,,,you are an absolute radical , terrorist,,,idiot with no common sense or intelligence,,,, you are real good at marrying kin folks,,,stealing money,,,having affairs,,,,,fraudulent acts,,,,but you are worthless as a human being and in no way are you eligible to represent real Americans,,,,men and women have died for this great nation while millions of other Armed Services members have fought for the rights we now enjoy,,,,,you are walking on hallowed ground if you pursue such a stupid act,,,,,beware the sleeping tiger,,,,you don’t want to wake it up,,,,,be very careful what you do or say,,,,your career is about over,,,,you will not be re-elected,,,,,,that is the only fact you need to know,,,

    • The problem is, she will probably be re-elected because she comes from a district that includes a whole lot of Somali “refugees” like herself. She is apparently representing them very well….

  7. One does not need to have served in the military to know how wrong it would be to change the GI bill. Men and women who serve deserve these benefits as the least we can give them for standing up for the rest of us. I am a Democrat who is embarrassed by all the talk of offering a free life to all.

  8. I respectfully agree with all the veterans who have served this country that they, and they alone, deserve the benefits of our GI Bill! I was not able to serve in our military, but do not envy ANY VETERAN who receives their reward through the GI Bill! The new left-wing idiots who are currently in our Congress should either resign or simply shut up and let the real US government function.

  9. As the grandfather of an active duty Marine and son / brother of WWII and Vietnam veterans, I support and applaud the benefits afforded to our military veterans. I do not believe we as a nation can ever fully repay the debt owed to those who serve in the military. Omars comments are indicative of a declining society where “everyone gets a trophy” whether earned or not.

  10. Omar “ The Bubblehead” is pure & simply an instigator. She’s not serious about issues or any legislation. Her mission is to foster as much hate, discontent and disruption as possible. It’s been a long time coming; let’s replace this “squeaky wheel”.

  11. My husband retired from the Marine Corps. He served one tour in Korea and three tours in Viet Nam. He wasn’t able to go to college after high school because it was his commanded obligation to serve his country. (We need to reinstate the draft.) Pay was low and peril was high. And, yes, the GI Bill did defray his college expenses but it certainly was not a “free ride”. He also worked full time. The GI Bill is to help the MILITARY readjust to civilian life. My husband served his country until the day he died and this little succubus wants dishonor him and all other MILITARY personnel.

    This she-devil has committed real crimes in this country and gets away with it because it would be sexist and racist to arrest her. Instead she was honored by electing her to Congress. She needs her citizenship revoked so she can be returned to a solitary confinement in a padded cell in her homeland. When she dies, satan will welcome her.

  12. Omar is a dangerous woman. One who knows nothing about our country, even though it saved her and her family from a certain doom.
    She supposedly married her own brother and if that’s true, could very well be here illegally. Someone needs to look into this person!

  13. My physician is from Belgium. She hates Democrats, because she says they’re Communists. She says her niece gets everything “for free” and wants more, and told her to go out and work for it. Giving people ‘free stuff’ isn’t free. The working people are paying for it, and I, for one, am not willing to pay for a stranger to go to college, buy a home, buy food, etc. Would you just let someone break into your home, live there, eat your food, pay for their healthcare, schooling, etc.; give them your car, clothing, etc.? Of course not. But this is what the Democrats want you to do. People had better wake up, and soon.

  14. Omar needs to go. I suggest she be recalled or impeached for treason. She is a know terrorist. What are we waiting for?
    If she were a Republican Omar would be history. Wake up America and lets stand for America and Americans. Our military demands our respect and the GI bill, not for people who do not serve.

  15. How did this communist ever get elected? She is a disgrace to America! Hopefully she will lose the next election and put into her place among patriots. It is a sad day when people listen to the garbage she speed out of her mouth. The squad needs to be removed.

  16. Omar is crazy her and the so called squad are not for the American working people there interest are corrupt and for them self they don’t belong in politics they are for a socialism I am a republican all my life I stand with president Trump

  17. I just can’t say how Dumb and IGNORANT these Democrats are! They forget what our Forefathers Built our Country on and it seems they are so Lost and IGNORANTto that Fact!! They would Roll Over in their Grave if they knew that They are so STUPID!!!!I hope they wake up and smell the COFFEE BEFORE IT’S TO LATE!!!! HEAVEN OR HELL!!! AND IT APPEARS DEMS.ARE HEADED FOR THE LATTER ONE!!!!

  18. Why isn’t Ilhan in FEDERAL PRISON for her crimes and DEPORTED PERMANENTLY yet? Why do we allow these crimes to go unpunished, but JAIL the innocent instead? Just asking – One CONCERNED citizen. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  19. She doesn’t care to understand what the GI Bill represents. Her goal is to upend our country and the Constitution for her own self righteous causes. So ungrateful for the freedom this country and Americans have provided to her.

  20. This is pure nonsense. Just another way to make the sacrifice of all our GI’s worth nothing. This lady knows nothing of how our Great country is run. She does not need to be any where near our government.

    • Do you really want Omar in the Marine Corps? Knowing her predilection to terrorists? I suspect that would be a way to get a lot more marines dead. I don’t want that at all. She can’t be trusted there or in Congress.

    • Ilhan is NO Lady! NO AMERICAN!
      I cannot fathom HOW her tenure in American Government (along with the rest of The Squad and its cohorts) are still allowed here! They identify with the term of “Terrorists foreign And DOMESTIC!”
      I dare say that she’s Sleazing herself
      In with Senator Sanders as HE promotes
      The destruction of America from Within.
      PLEASE, may God our creator be in
      charge! May we honor His blessing us
      with life in THIS, THE PROMISED LAND!
      And NOT be deceived by the guises of
      Satan and his beckoning to our own
      DESTRUCTION! God, PLEASE continue to BLESS AMERICA in Spite of those
      Such as those of whom we speak.
      We have become as Sodom and Gomorrah ! We ask the to find the “Lots”
      Among us and deliver us from this EVIL.

  21. Omar,originally a refugee has be given everything by the U.S. . She only knows from her experience .She’s played the card to infiltrate our Congress .Elected legally,Omar has to be voted out.Her knowledge and experience do not qualify her to serve our nation!Why would you want an antisemitic,America bashing,disrespectful of our military and law enforcement in congress.Wake up Americans!

  22. I would bet my life that NONE OF THE “SQUAD” has EVER taken a Civics class- they NO CLUE about our country or how our government works. Omar is just ANOTHER IGNORANT HALF-ASSED POLITICIAN- a TREASONOUS ONE AT THAT – vote these mindless morons out of office- she is DEFINITELY NOT A LEADER- for AMERICA

  23. I don’t understand, the United States. First of all this woman is from Somalia she was born and raised there she was on a elite team killing Americans during that time then she moves here to United States moves to the northern part of the United States go to school and then gets put into the Congress of the United States. How does a terrorist who continually beats this country down all the time in yet American still love this woman to run free and to run and maintain your position in office. It has to stop

  24. I absolutely agree until she has put herself in that place then she knows nothing about what our MEN & WOMEN have done to protect our country and others as well since we have troops all over the world. They CHOSE to join the service and serve as our protectors and We owe them everything we can do to help them transition back into civilian life and help take care of their needs whatever they may be. If she has nothing better to say the don’t say anything is what I have always heard.

  25. I hope and pray her district VOTES her OUT!!! She is the most UNAMERICAN person who has ever served OUR country!!! She is a embarrassment to her district and state.

  26. Go back to your home roots….. You have no right to talk all the shit that you do. Have a big glass of swine blood and leave America~

  27. Typical socialist response. Big government. Lets have 50% of people working for big government, so they can control everything. So sorry, it’s been tried and in every country it’s failed, just like it WILL fail here and destroy our country. Sorry folks, the helping hand you so want the government to extend is on your own arm. If you want to participate in the GI bill, then go serve your country and earn it.

  28. Anyone that wishes to comment on, eliminate, change, or give away the benefits that Military personnel have earned…….
    Should be required to spend a minimum of two years in the Military first……
    Otherwise your comments will be taken as irrelevant by ” ME “……one of the proud souls that was drafted and served proudly….!!

  29. Lois
    Omar should share the money she gets after finishing her service with the veterans.
    They definitely deserve the same benefits that The Senators and House of Representatives get

  30. A country that forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten, this dumb broad don’t even deserve to be part of our government body and in my opinion she needs to go back to Somalia and get them straightened out and show us how it’s supposed to be done and then maybe she can come back and show us how it’s done

  31. She seems identical to the Easterners that first came to this country. Show up on a foreign land and apply rules and laws that benefit themselves but do nothing for the people who were already here. She wants to minimize veterans rights and reward people who haven’t served. Send her back home.

  32. When Omar’s true background is finally revealed, she may well wind up back in that refugee camp in Kenya 🇰🇪 that she and her family were originally “rescued” from! Poetic justice if ever there was any!

  33. Omar, you seem to have forgotten the words of a great Democrat, President Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” The Democratic Party of today is hardly interested today in the principles that made your party respectable over 50 years ago. Today the party is ruthless, lawless and despicable.

  34. It seems our resident suicide bomber in training has shot her worthless mouth off again about another subject she knows nothing about.
    She is a terrorist sympathizer, supporting the terrorist activities and chanting ” death to AMERICA, death to Israel “.
    She came into this country married to her BROTHER. Illegally gave her new beau some of her campaign money.
    Guess she had to pay him to marry her.
    Anyway she will be a thorn in the Americans PPLS side until we get rid of her too.

  35. That Muslim needs to be horsewhipped then deported or shot whichever comes first, she damned sure doesn’t belong in our Government she is an enemy to America.


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