Ilhan Omar Gives Talk To Elementary School Students…Parents Not Allowed To Attend!

(Tea Party PAC) – Ilhan Omar is not only a disgrace to our great nation, she’s likely an enemy in our midst.

This woman is supported by CAIR, which is a thinly veiled publicity arm for the Muslim Brotherhood.

She thinks 9/11 was that time “some people did something.”

She’s attacked dead American soldiers, frequently attacks Jewish Americans, and stands firmly against American sovereignty.

Oh yeah, and she married her own brother.

Does she would like a good role model for school children? Hardly.

So it’s pretty disturbing to learn that, on Friday, the radical Congresswoman visited elementary and middle school students in Minneapolis and parents and press were not allowed to attend.

They let her talk to small children without the watchful eye of parents? Yeah, that’s not totally suspicious.

Omar, safely protected from the scrutiny of parents and reporters, happily bragged about her visit from Twitter.

“One of the best parts of my job. It’s so rewarding to be back in-district visiting with dedicated staff and curious students,” Omar wrote on Twitter. “Thank you Anne Sullivan Community School for the warm welcome.”

Omar also visited St. Anthony Middle School and shared pictures on Twitter as well, writing,

“Thank you St. Anthony Middle School for inviting me to speak with the Principal’s [sic] Advisory Council and over 230+ middle school students! Education is the greatest equalizer. That is why I am committed to education equity and protecting resources all students need to succeed.”

On Thursday, ahead of her visit to St. Anthony Middle School, conservative activist Alley Waterbury posted a warning to her followers on Facebook that a protest may be taking place on behalf of the children.

“We must protect our children,” Waterbury said. “The school is asking for permission for their children to attend this event, but the parents are not allowed to attend themselves. This is a problem and no cameras.”

“Lecturing our kids behind closed doors with no parents is a no go,” she added.

Waterbury’s post has since been removed.

However, she and other protesters had reached out to the school to express their concern after her post picked up traction on social media.

Here is the reply they received from Principal Amy Kujawski:

“Thank you for your feedback. Congresswoman Omar serves as the U.S. Representative for the 5th Congressional District, which includes St. Anthony. We understand some members of our community did not vote for Congresswoman Omar. When our local, elected representatives reach out to learn about our schools and school district, we always open our doors. Congresswoman Omar’s visit will give us a chance to model civic discourse and engagement, yet we strive to offer this opportunity in a way that meets the needs of all families.”

Discourse and engagement? Clearly this was not the aim if they didn’t welcome parents or members of the press.

No, this was all about indoctrination and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. These are schoolchildren, last I checked, they’re rarely taught discourse anymore but rather spoon-fed a diet of pure, undiluted leftist propaganda.


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