Ilhan Omar Goes Full Open-Borders, Makes Insane Call For Leniency For Illegal Aliens

(Tea Party PAC) – Ilhan Omar (D-MN) seems to be part of a batch of radical new Democrats who exist entirely for the sake of getting Americans more used to hearing their own elected officials constantly argue for the complete and total destruction of America and everything it stands for.

It seems to be working.

This woman, who it was reported this week is currently under investigation by not one, but three government agencies for violating immigration and campaign finance law, has absolutely no shame hopping and Twitter and calling for outrageous reduction in the degree to which immigration law is enforced.

Last week, she was arguing against putting sanctions on Iran, a country that has been murdering its own citizens in the street for marching in protest of the repressive regime in power, now this.

See what I mean?

She’s absolutely shameless. It’s almost as if her entire agenda is to normalize policies that only favor Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists.

On Thursday, Omar made her call for the US government to cease detaining illegal immigrants in a tweet.

She was inspired, apparently, by an ABC News story about a small town in Georgia that has more detailed illegal immigrants than residents.

Naturally, in Omar’s mind, this is a good reason to just let all the detained illegal immigrants go.

“This should never be the case,” she wrote. “The cruelty of our immigration system becomes clearer every day. We must stop detaining immigrants and start giving them pathways to citizenship.”

Give me a break!

This is everything wrong with the American left right here, and the sick reason they’re able to gain followers with this absurd, bleeding-heart logic.

The left believes that there is absolutely no difference between an immigrant and an illegal immigrant. Their supporters buy this hook, line, and sinker, genuinely believing that President Donald Trump is overseeing a system that detains people merely for the color of their skin (it all started with Trump, too, all the detained and deported illegals under Obama didn’t count because hope and change).

This isn’t even the first time that Omar has advocated for detainments to cease.

“We need to abolish ICE and end all inhumane detention and deportation programs. We need to fight back against the criminalization of immigrants,” she said in May of last year.

“It’s un-American to criminalize immigrants for wanting to come to this country for a better life. This is why ICE needs to be defunded,” she then wrote in a June 2019 tweet.


  1. Democrats want brainless younger and younger voters . Democrats want dumber and dumber voters .
    Democrats want two people applying for the same job . Democrats want frustrated hopeless people
    Democrats want slave labour . Democrats want cheap labour . Democrats want divorced helpless women . Democrats want low wages . But democrats will always talk ,talk talk that they want to raise minimum wages .But they will increase illegals here to take away ur job ……….Democrats want increassed congestion . It will lead to increased crime ..People will be frustrated . They will vote democrats ..Most of the people relate the word democrats with democracy.. 90 % of people vote democrats for only this very reason ..All poor people think republican party is a party of rich . But democratic party leaders r the richest …

  2. an evil anti american set to ruin this country. she has no business being in the
    US congress. if it is so horrible here
    go back to your wonderful somali home.

  3. She is a muslim terrorist and is looking to undermine the US. The more illegal immigrants she can get in the country the bigger audience she will get. I say illegal immigrants because many legal immigrants vote for Trump. Because of all the immigrants coming in and their populations getting so big around the country people who hate America are getting voted into office. If we allow this to keep happening they will take over. You can see it already happening now with the nasty 4. Every election there will be more. Real Americans need to unite and fight back against them, legally. At this time we are still the majority and have the bigger voting block. When it’s time VOTE. Vote for someone and the party that fights for America. Not those that want to change our country into something that it never has been. United we can win.

  4. She is a radical corrupt hateful lying traitor and monster who is toxic to America and it’s values. No wonder she is one of most hated people.

  5. Illegal is illegal
    Every country in the world has immigration laws, they are there for a reason.
    This is not the 1800’s when our country was growing in a legal fashion and you worked or your own community supported you until you found employment but you found a quick.
    These liberals want who knows a hundred million people coming to this country end of 5-10 year. Of time who is going to pay for the Social Services we don’t have that money and they want to give them Medicare,food stamp, housing, education everything.
    We could not even afford the infrastructure we would need to increase our population that quickly let alone Social Services.
    Money grows on trees
    God please save America

  6. Well well well these political Outlaws putting our country through hell
    They stink stink to high heaven with the smell of corruption
    With CIVIL unrest and cowardly Disruption
    You hate our country,you distort the truth
    You’re a hater not a lover and you have no PROOF
    Go back home you promoter of EVIL
    Your propaganda is from the Devil and as reckless as Evel Knievel!!!


  7. illegal immigrants are not immigrants. They are criminals. This has nothing to do with prejudice and everything to do with being a law abiding American. My husband is an immigrant. he was raised under a brutal communist regime. Came here legally, and followed the legal path to become a citizen. Has never accepted any public assistance, works and pays taxes, and is a contributing member of our society. Anyone who wants to come here for a better life needs to come legally or not at all. To suggest anything different is not fair to all those who worked hard and chose to do it the right way. I don’t get a free ride and shouldn’t have to pay for anyone else’s. Work hard and contribute to our society or GET OUT.

  8. She and the likes of her are ruining America!!! Immigrants are welcome in USA if entering legally and vetted properly. It is much harder to become a citizen of other countries. Freedom rings here only if we are safe…her rhetoric makes America challenged for what has made America’s DNA. Omar needs to recuse herself and be removed from all US gov representation. She is anti-American… that is not a safe choice for we the people!

  9. Of course she wants decriminalization. She is apparently here illegally after defrauding the immigration system. She cannot be allowed to remain.

  10. Take her deranged incessant illegal criminal ass back to Somalia on a one way ticket. Why isn’t she in jail for her criminal behavior? If it was Trump the democrats would be saying nobody is above the law. She is one of the reasons that America is going to end up a third world country.

  11. Her parents lied on the immigration form as to who they really were. A warlord from Somalia is doubtful to gain access for his family. Then she marries her brother, so he can get into the US. No wonder she wants immigration abolished. She doesn’t want herself and the rest of her family to be sent back.

    • Get her out of the USA now she is out to lunch and needs to back and run IsIsIs they will take care of here !!!!!!!!!!

  12. It’s inhumane for people that believe that untold amounts of immigrants come in when there has always been a limit that are allowed to come in one year. Those that believe everyone that wants to come should be able to aren’t looking out for the citizens, they are just wanting to have their way whether it’s bad for the country or not!they aren’t thinking rational!

  13. GRRR. Just leave this nation who took you in. You immigrated from a country that was destroying it’s citizens. So now you want to turn my country into the country that you ran away from. Too bad you didn’t stay & fix your home country…

  14. Its time that we start pulling the plug on programs and people like Ilhan. They should have never been allowed to enter this country
    thru their parents or thru citizenship.
    This is our country and we need to change tge laws to accommodate US tax paying citizens
    along with identifying 10 to 12 different countries that are on the watch list and nit allow any immigration from these for the next 10 years.

  15. Ilhan, does Canada allow undocumented immigrants enter their country illegally? Name a country where this is allowed, and the United States can send the illegal/undocumented immigrants to those countries on a one-way trip.

  16. Omar, Omar…I don’t care where our legal immigrants come from…they did it right by seeking citizen ship, getting jobs, raising families, abiding by our laws, and swore allegiance to the United States of America. Beyond that, no single person who comes here illegally to game the system, avoid paying taxes, taking jobs fraudulently, and amassing themselves into ghettos with other illegals, then bringing down the neighborhoods they swarm into, trying not to get caught, and then crying foul when ICE comes for them. It’s people like you, Ilhan, that are witlessly shaming citizens for not agreeing with you, but who stand up for the laws of this country. They’ve served us well since this country was founded, and should not be abolished….well, except for the ones the democrats want to force onto us. A good example is what you are demanding for illegals, free stuff for everyone that people who work for a living have to pay for, such as Medicare for All, which, in just a few short years, would bankrupt the government. Honest workers would be the ones paying because the very wealthy have ways to hide their money. Another thing, you should be ashamed of yourself for pretending that you know anything about this country because you started right out denigrating her, and trying to change our Constitution that has served us well for hundreds of years. I suggest that you take your family and your ideas to a country that already lives the way you want to live. Oh, I’m sorry…I don’t think they’d have you back because you’re such a vile and rude person. Besides, you don’t like our way of life, you think it’s okay to marry your brother and another man with no proof that you weren’t committing incest. How can you live with yourself, and then cast names and aspersions on our President who was duly elected and loved by most of the people in this country, I guess that Obama made the inroad possible for you, and I wish you’d take him and his wife (?) with you to a Muslim country. And before you get twitchy with me, I have Muslim friends who think about you the same way I do.

  17. She may wear a U.S. House of Representatives pin on her lapel, but this woman is no American. She is pwa subversive insurgent that has NOTHING but ill will for our country. Her presence in her post is all I need to know about Obama’s brilliant Somalia immigrants resettlement program. She is very much the enemy within.

  18. Omg, go back to Where you came from. Take your beliefs with you. You want to change America to Muslim beliefs. Bye you broke American laws.

  19. She needs removed from office, and sent to Iran or were ever her parents came from. And they need to remove her now, not later. Our country does not need people like her bashing our country with her lies!!!!!

  20. I don’t CARE what happens to the ILLEGAL alien, OMAR . . . they DON’T belong HERE. The LEGAL ones belong here. The ILLEGAL ones need to be deported PERMANENTLY – especially those that commit CRIMES, like YOU, ILHAN! Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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