Ilhan Omar Wants Trump To Sell All His Properties; The Reason Why Is Beyond Absurd

(Tea Party PAC) – Rep. Ilhan Omar, a screechy member of the infamous “Squad” of socialistic younglings residing in Congress — all of whom also have a wild anti-Semitic streak — has decided to stand up and defend Muslim terrorists in Iran by slamming Trump repeatedly for taking out one of their top generals.

Her latest dig at the president has to do with his properties, stating he should sell them all because if Iranian terrorists target his properties in response to his taking out Gen. Qassim Soleimani, he might end up going to war with Iran.

Well, now, to be fair, if Iran targets his properties here on U.S. soil, then that would mean they are attempting to kill American citizens, which would indeed be a justification for going to war. But Omar’s not just talking about Trump’s American properties. She’s talking about all of them around the world.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) floated the theory that President Donald Trump could go to war against Iran if the Islamic regime targets his hotel properties in response to the U.S.’s deadly strike on military commander Qasem Soleimani.

“Trump needs to immediately divest from his businesses and comply with the emoluments clause. Iran could threaten Trump hotels *worldwide* and he could provoke war over the loss of revenue from skittish guests,” Omar, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote on Twitter Monday. “His business interests should not be driving military decisions.”

Her take comes after Hesameddin Ashena, a senior aide to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, tweeted a Forbes magazine video featuring Trump properties as well as a quote from Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

“I tell the whole world that if the world wants to stand up to our religion, we will stand up against their whole world,” read the quote.

Democrats have reacted with fury over President Trump’s decision to take out one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, including Omar, who vowed to “step in and stop” the president, while pushing a conspiracy theory regarding his motive behind the strike.

“So what if Trump wants war, knows this leads to war and needs the distraction?” Omar tweeted Thursday evening. “Real question is, will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? I know I will.”

The “Squad” member did not elaborate on what measure she will take to prevent the president from acting against Iran.

The strike on the Iranian general has prompted the Islamic regime to vow retaliation and formally announce it will continue violating former President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

In return, President Trump has warned that 52 Iranian sites “will be hit very fast and very hard” if Tehran strikes back at U.S. citizens or assets.

“Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!” the president tweeted Saturday evening.

This, obviously, is just another excuse for folks on the left to attack Trump, because we all know that’s what they live for these days. It’s not like they have anything better to do, right? Anyway, as long as their time, effort, and energy is focused on Trump, they are spending less time making egregious and oppresive laws.

That’s a win for America.



  1. May I suggest that you stick your foot into your lying mouth and bite down hard, Ilhan? You should have your citizenship revoked and return to Somalia, if you don’t like it here, you ungrateful slut.

  2. Who the hell are you Ilhan Omar telling telling the president of United States what you want him to do? Hey you have no right to tell that to Trump. SCRAM AND GO HOME TO SOMALIA. YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE.

  3. Huh, it would seem the lil twit thinks POTUS Trump will win the 2020 election or she would not be so concerned for his business dealings going forward. If shi tfor brains thought he would not win re-election he would be out of office in a little more than a year and it would take longer than that to divest himself of all his property.

  4. Go back to Somalia. It is clear you hate this country and guess what we feel the same about you so leave and the sooner the better.

  5. Looks like the libs don’t care, or even forgot about the 52 hostages held and mistreated by Iran. I’m glad that President Trump remembers that ugly episode and is willing to make the Iranians pay if need be.
    We finally have a President with backbone that cares about American lives and does not placate these “Death to America” haters like the last regime did.

  6. I want Ilhan Omar to serve a prison sentence for her CRIMES and be DEPORTED back to Somalia PERMANENTLY! . . . That’s what I want. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. She must have been hiding when brains were passed out. She is so stupid, it is pathetic. I guess that’s a requirement to be a demonrat.

  8. I reckon that the caption on that poster of Ilhan Omar (if that is in fact her real name) was accurate: “A HEAD DIAPER is required when one has SHIT for BRAINS!”

  9. When is the b—-tch going to be expelled from congress? I thought our representatives were suppose to put OUR country and its citizens their top priority. It seems that pelosi is such a coward when it comes to demograts that the unbelievers can do whatever they want. Its time to send the squad back where they came from. They are a shame to us and to America.

  10. I’d be willing to bet that if he did sell his properties she would expect a brokers fee for suggesting it and then demand he donate to some Muslim cause . Say like her bank account as she does not earn enough as a Congress woman and from pedaling her butt after midnight .

  11. This Omar needs to leave the USA. She is nothing more than a trouble-maker probably supported by Soros as one of his puppets. Soros’ goal is a One World Socialist Controlled Government Worldwide~!!! It’s my guess that he’s behind most of the trouble in the USA and Europe. He’s already taken over much of Britain with BREXIT.

    • I tend to agree with you . But George Soros of the sore ads is now here living in the United States . He probably has a private army of armed security guards to protect him too . He too also needs to be deported and any bank accounts in American banks frozen .With any luck the worthless old fart will croak when told his citizenship has been revoked . The old Bastard has to be at least 92 if not more so how long can the old fart last ?

  12. Well, why don’t YOU leave the USA and go back where you crawled from under a rock, leave our President and our Country the hell alone.

  13. Hey Ilhan Omar – you extremely stupid “mooslim” A… Hole!! Do America a GIANT favor and go back to somalia ASAP!! We do NOT need you in OUR Congress or the Republic in general!!

  14. Yup, watch out for those scud missiles hitting Trump towers. And people in HELL would like ice water. Any where an American is killed is an act of war. This mental midget needs to be deported.

  15. Why is that stupid creep given a microphone? She should be sent back to the uncivilized sand dunes where she belongs, certainly not here.

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