Ilhan Omar’s Sickening Response To Mention Of US Casualties In Iraq Proves She Has No Soul

(Tea Party PAC) – Every single member of the “Squad” in Congress is despicable, but the worst of the bunch has to anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has repeatedly proven she’s morally bankrupt and does not possess a normal human soul.

It seems Omar has graduated from anti-Semitic, anti-Israel remarks to giggling at the mere mention of U.S. casualties in Iraq. Oh but that’s not all. She’s also referring to the President of the United States as the “occupant of the White House.”

If you hated this deplorable human being before, be prepared for that feeling to be elevated to a whole new level.

Here’s more from Infowars:

Radical left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) revealed her anti-American views yet again during a Democrat press conference Wednesday responding to President Trump’s speech calling for peace with Iran.

As Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) was delivering remarks regarding the slain U.S. troops of the Iraq War, Omar couldn’t help but chuckle in the background before trying to compose herself.

During her own remarks, Omar referred to Trump as the “occupant of the White House” as she accused Trump of destabilizing the region despite destroying the physical ISIS caliphate in Syria and assassinating its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“This is a man who is both an arsonist and a fireman. He starts a crisis, then he wants to create the appearance of wanting to solve it. He’s done that here,” Omar said.

“Our ability to fight ISIS has also been eroded because of the suspension of the Iran Nuclear Deal. The occupant of the White House has not done a single thing to stabilize the region. He has done everything to create more tension. We are no more safer today than we were yesterday.”

This comes a day after Omar appeared to signal to Iran that President Trump’s properties would be ideal military targets.

In her short political career Ilhan Omar has juggled campaign finance violations, defrauding her immigration status and engaging in an affair with a married white male on her staff.

What kind of person would laugh about casualties concerning their own countrymen? Oh…that’s right….Omar isn’t loyal to the United States. Her loyalties lie with those who are involved in the radical Islamic religion. Well, guess that sort of response makes sense after all.

It’s super disturbing that someone like Omar, a person who hates this country it seems, has managed to weasel into the government and is actively working to destroy our nation from within. Granted, that’s the strategy employed by all progressives, but still, it’s unsettling to see a person who seems to despise her “home” so much.

What’s even sadder is the fact she hates Trump more than she loves America. That’s a pretty common thing with the left these days, but that doesn’t make it any less of a punch in the gut. Here’s to hoping there’s no reelection for Omar and she’s kept to one term in office.



  1. Wrong. She does not “hate Trump more than she loves America,” she hates Traitor Trump BECAUSE she loves America, and so does the rest of the country. ANYBODY BUT TRUMP 2020!

  2. Why has she not been held accountable for her crimes? Everyone talks about her campaign fraud and immigration fraud but nothing is done about it!
    Enough already! Kick her out!!!!

    • Exactly!! She should not be a part of our government let alone in our country. Remove her from office and deport her giggling butt!!!🤬

  3. Her one and ONLY goal is to make every one of us a Islamist. What makes me wonder is this, she wears her head piece as if to show what a good Muslim she is but she’s an Adultress, a Liar, Anti Israel, anti-American, etc.. Does she realize that if she lived in Iran that by now she would have been stoned to death or honor killed??? She is a sad comment on the Left.

    • Don’t know why NOT WANTED UGLY Ilan Omar still wants To live in this country especially when she HATES OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP SO MUCH should pack and GET THE HELL OUT OFF USA .

  4. I’d like to know? HOW IN THE WORLD DID SHE GET ELECTED? Who would vote for this American hater and put her in office? What’s wrong with the people in Minnesota to put this radical America hating person in office. The people I know and love would not vote for her to be dog catcher!

  5. This “Thing” has NO SOUL. Just look at her dead eyes. She is evil and she gives me the creeps. Please , someone, DEPORT her sorry ass back to the part of hell where she came from.

  6. So,…..Am I to understand that we can’t fight Isis if we don’t help them get nuclear weapons?

    Omar is flying her Isis flag at half mast because some people did something and now there is one less anti-American.

  7. She’s right, though. Traitor Trump has only escalated things over there, and the senate needs to hurry up and remove him from office NOW.

  8. Notice these liberal Muslim POS pigs and the other trash like that silver-back Jackson Lee attended this watermelon party. The key Muslim rag head trash has been caught lying and stealing money so why is she not in jail, oh I forgot she is an invader from the mid-east.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with Ilhan Omar (if that’s her real name) or with any other members of the “Squad”… nothing that killing won’t fix, that is.

  10. Ilhan Omar is a DISGRACE to herself, her district, Minnesota and the country. If it was so much better in the Middle East, I suggest she return there permanently. She needs to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE and prosecuted for her flagrant violation of Immigration Law and Campaign Financing. Her election to Congress was a BIG MISTAKE for MN, of course Keith Ellison (accused of Domestic Abuse) was pushing for her to take his seat.

  11. This woman should not be allowed in the USA let alone our House of Reps. She is of Islam she represents those who say Down with America, cut off our heads, stone us to death burn us in cages she is one who would stand back and laugh as you and I Americans citizens burn etc. these people laughed when the towers were taken down. Islam is blaspheming our God, our way of life and needs to be removed from the USA. She is a true traitor along with her other Islamic crazy’s. Islam is evil it is a false blaspheming so called religion against my God and my USA.

  12. Needs to go. She’s not a American , hates America. What the f—k ,who voted her in. If they still stand with her they need to go also. Can’t be American either.

    • I do not understand exactly how this RAGHEAD, CAMELJOCKY is walking around breathing our wonderful AMERICAN AIR without any consequences whatsoever.

  13. Demons can’t own the soul of a person, they can own the human body by persuading them to do their will up to killing some one or killing their self, including laughing at the death of a people she hates

  14. And the people who have been allowed to come to the United States who elected her …. and will re-elect her…. are despicable too!!!!!!

  15. One term in office and she gets all of the benefits of medical for life and a retirement for life. If all of these liberals in Congress and Senate think Obamacare is so great, they should have to have that care themselves. Ridiculous! We need term limits for all of them!

    • YES, YES, YES!!! Term and Age limits Nancy Pelosi 79 yrs, Diane Feinstein 86 yrs, Maxine Waters 81 yrs, Chuck Grassley 86 yrs. These folks can’t stand to push themselves away from the public trough. They all want to be “Laid in State” at the Capitol Rotunda. Need to come to an agreement of retirement age, before Dementia and Alzheimers kick in. Need new blood in Congress!!

    • We also need to limit retirement pay and they should have to pay for their own medical benefits, the same way we do

    • Exactly!! TERM LIMITS!! And as you said they should have Obamacare. In addition the should have to invest to provide for their own retirement not have it provided to them because they were in Congress.

  16. Revoke Disgusting Ilhan Omar Citizenship and kick her out of the USA. She totally Anti-America and hates all that is not a Muslim

  17. why is this disgusting vile trash still in this country she should have been arrested by now really she committed immigration fraud so deport her the hell out of here now

  18. So. Who will hold her accountable? Congressional democrats have already shown they have no problem with her – no ethics complaints or censure. The press has never called her out and actually agrees with what she says. Her constituents voted for her once and who thinks they will vote her out next election. My guess is they love her. Then, who? Sadly, no one.

    • Problem is her constituents are a heavy Somali stronghold which the Obama administration brought in.
      Yes they will re elect her.
      I find it interesting that a white republican caught using campaign money for personal use had to resign.
      Yet both Omar and Rashid have been caught spending money from campaign funds and they are still here.

  19. Islam is not a Peaceful religion. It is , however, a hate mongering, gang of criminals who prey on people who only want to live peacefully. Egypt, Kenya ,Somalia , Ethiopia , Pakistan, and they are working on Germany ,England , France , Canada ,Australia ,New Zealand, United States , India ,China , and the list grows daily.
    The aforementioned countries are a short list. The islamists/muslims can’t even get along with each other.

    • Truth! They’ve been fighting each other for thousands of years, let’s get our troops out and let them fight themselves!

  20. I said it before and will say it A G A I N, what in the HELL is wrong with the morons in MN. who voted for this piece of CRAP. (Sorry crap, didn’t mean to insult you)

    • JB, The voting block that elected her is largely from the Obama administration’s locating a large group of Muslim immigrants/refugees in the area (approx. 43K). Google “Dearborn Michigan” and you will see why Muslims gained a congressional seat there as well.

  21. Deport her PERMANENTLY, after convicting her of her crimes. Make SURE that she becomes a “one termer” . . . Both in PRISON, Representative, AND DEPORTED – PERMANENTLY, never to come back! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  22. I can not stand and let this idiot of a congresswoman work for the United States Government anymore. She has been a joke since she took office and this is the last straw. She is unprofessional in all aspects of her office and this is a down right disgrace to this country, the President and our military. Omar should be fired immediately and never be allowed to returned to any government office again! Why does Polosi get away with not firing her as well?

    • “Why does Pelosi get away with not firing her as well?” Pelosi wouldn’t fire her because she is as power+insane as Omar is (or whoever she really is). In the next election the People need to fire them both.

      “The occupant of the White House has not done a single thing to stabilize the region.” This illegal occupant/invader into the People’s house hasn’t done anything to improve the House or the United States, for that matter.


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