Illegal Alien Extends Invite To ICE For Community Meeting So He Can Whine About Immigration; What Happens Next Is Justice Served

(Tea Party PAC) – Illegal immigrant Roland Gramajo, who overstayed his tourist visa, pled guilty to charges of burglary, and was then deported back to Guatemala, actually had the gall to whine about U.S. immigration after once again sneaking back into the country illegally.

Roland has called the city of Houston home for nearly 20 years now, but in August, it seems Gramajo made a huge error in judgment. He invited ICE to come to a community meeting so they could hear his complaints.

Things didn’t quite go as he planned.

Via Gateway Pundit:

ICE later arrested Roland and now he faces deportation.


The Daily Dot reported:

A Guatemalan father of five and revered member of his community has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) within weeks after he invited ICE members, among others, to a community meeting organized to address people’s rising concerns about immigration, according to reports.

Roland Gramajo, 40, organized a community meeting in southwest Houston, Texas, in August, as President Donald Trump’s orders for ICE raids riled up communities across the country, the Houston Chronicle reported.

On Thursday, he was arrested near his home and is facing deportation, the New York Times reported. It’s unclear if ICE members accepted the invitation and officially attended the community meeting. Some attendees reported that they’d seen some men, seemingly out of place, take photos of Gramajo, which some now believe were ICE agents “secretly” attending the meeting, the Times reported.

Gramajo first came to the U.S. in 1994 and outstayed his tourist visa. In 1998, he pled guilty to burglary charges. His daughter says it was a practical joke with a friend, who eventually wanted to drop the charges, that spun out of control. The case went ahead anyway, and he was deported in 2004.

He crossed back months later, without documents, and has since lived in the country.

There are a lot of reasons folks are so up in arms over immigration. First and foremost, there’s an actual physical threat to our nation posed by those who don’t respect our laws who then come into our nation without permission.

A lot of these folks have criminal backgrounds and are here to escape from being held accountable for the havoc they have wrought on their own home countries. These folks end up being murderers, rapists, and cartel drug slingers. It’s pretty horrible to look at how many lives have been ended at the hands of an illegal.

Secondly, we are not a nation of endless resources. Many of the individuals who come here illegally end up on welfare, programs that are already too bloated, and soak up resources and money that we don’t really have the luxury of spending.

This is a form of theft, whether or not the left wants to admit it. We simply cannot sustain our current system of welfare and entitlements with the addition of more illegals who just seem to pour over the border in record numbers.

It’s time to build the wall.



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