Illegal Aliens To Crush Dems Plans

(PCC)You heard it first here, folks! As the liberal cities and states continue to be overrun by undocumented immigrants from all corners of the globe, the Democrats are finally starting to realize the catastrophic consequences of their own actions! Their cities lack the necessary infrastructure, tax base, and foresight to handle the influx of millions of undocumented immigrants who possess limited skills or language proficiency, and contribute minimally to the tax base.

However, the one thing which frightens these liberal Dems the most is how much of the Hispanic community voted for Trump in the last election and have continued to support the conservative values!

Case in point. In the heart of Massachusetts, a state historically known for its strong Democratic presence, a concerning crisis has emerged, which is rapidly engulfing other sanctuary cities and states governed by Democrats. “The Blue State Migrant Crisis: A Political Catastrophe Unleashed by Biden’s Policies” – A Call for Immediate Action from the White House However, alarmingly, President Biden appears to lack any sense of urgency.

President Biden’s campaign was marked by his unwavering commitment to dismantling the border and undoing the immigration policies put in place by his predecessors. On his inaugural day, he wasted no time in dismantling the executive orders implemented by President Trump, thereby contributing to the current state of our porous border. The liberal open-door policy has not only facilitated the alarming rise of human trafficking, but it has also paved the way for the rampant spread of drug trafficking and a myriad of other consequential problems.

It is important to highlight  numerous Democrat-controlled states and municipalities are currently voicing their discontent regarding this matter. However, it should come as no surprise. It is not surprising  these blue states are finally acknowledging and addressing the issues  red border states have long been contending with.

A recent report highlights the significance of this crisis for all Americans. President Biden is caught in a conundrum as he grapples with mounting pressure to provide aid to Democratic-controlled cities, all while navigating the treacherous political landscape and the frustrating legal constraints  hinder any substantial action. The President is faced with a trifecta of challenges  demand immediate attention, irrespective of any political considerations.

Even in deep-blue cities like New York, where Democrats maintain control, there is a mounting dissatisfaction regarding the influx of illegal immigrants who are overwhelming shelters and encroaching upon areas where children should be able to play without any concerns for their safety.

This discontent stems from the failures of Democratic leadership, who have consistently ignored the concerns of their constituents and made grave errors in their decision-making. It is crucial to clarify  this frustration is not rooted in opposition to Illegal Aliens, NOT migrants, but rather in the misguided actions and lack of accountability displayed by those in power.

Let it be noted many of these Illegal Aliens are dare not part of the Hispanic community but are from all corners of the globe.

Massachusetts, a state grappling with a concerning migrant crisis, has recently taken the decisive step of declaring a state of emergency. This bold action underscores the gravity of the situation at hand. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, a staunch ally of President Biden, has expressed deep concern over the sluggish response and apparent lack of decisive action. This raises significant concerns regarding the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, suggesting  they may be more focused on managing public perception rather than acknowledging the clear shortcomings of their failed policies.

The deliberate nature of these policies is becoming more and more evident. The Biden administration’s deliberate implementation of these changes at the border suggests a calculated approach, rather than mere neglect or oversight. This bitter reality is difficult to accept, especially when the extent of damage inflicted upon crucial Democratic allies becomes evident.

Furthermore, it is deeply concerning  the President has neglected to prioritize meetings with certain Democratic leaders. Governor Kathy Hochul of New York, for instance, eagerly awaits an opportunity to engage in a conversation with President Biden, emphasizing the immense seriousness of the situation from her firsthand experience. If only he had personally witnessed the crisis or received firsthand accounts from Democratic lawmakers themselves, it might have ignited a sense of urgency within him to take action.

Final Word: Whatever you sow you shall reap. They used human beings as vote generators, cheap slave-style labor and census inflating digits. Now when their poison cup is running over they have only themselves to blame for their self-made human tsunami. OOPS!


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