Illegal Aliens To Fill Taxpayer-Funded Government Jobs!

(PCC)Outrageous! Homeless veterans would love these jobs!  The Black community bypassed. American Indians left out and US citizen skilled workers thrown under the bus! But it doesn’t stop there. The federal government is keeping a watchful eye on the Illegal Alien hiring scheme and soon Illegal Aliens maybe replacing Pentagon officials and running for Congress!

Patriots are rising up and strongly criticizing the proposal that would require the hiring of individuals who are not authorized to work in the country for taxpayer-funded state jobs.

During a passionate debate about immigration policy, Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio strongly condemned a proposed assembly bill in the California State Legislature. The bill would require the hiring of individuals who are not legally authorized to work in the United States for taxpayer-funded state jobs. DeMaio, in an interview with Fox News Digital, criticized the proposal as one of the most absurd ideas put forth by California Democrats.

The controversial bill, Assembly Bill 2586, if approved, would mandate that the University of California system hire individuals who are not legally authorized to work in the country for state-funded positions. DeMaio asserts that this initiative not only worsens the border crisis but also directly violates federal employment laws that forbid the hiring of individuals without U.S. work authorization.

“I have witnessed numerous proposals from politicians in California I find concerning, as they seem to prioritize making it easier for Illegal Aliens to enter the country and access taxpayer benefits.”

  But according to DeMaio, this idea is truly at the pinnacle of absurdity. The bill highlights the requirement for state-run universities to knowingly disregard federal law, which prohibits employers from hiring unauthorized workers.

DeMaio emphasized the possible legal consequences for state managers and the individuals who are in the country without legal documentation. “This is absolutely outrageous.” I find it highly objectionable. It is concerning that state government jobs in California are being given to individuals who are not legal residents. He mentioned the various welfare benefits and other perks that are being distributed.

He also noted that the University of California’s board of regents, who initially showed support, later backed away from the proposal due to legal concerns raised by advisors. “It’s a clear violation of federal law, a case that is indisputable,” DeMaio pointed out.

Despite these warnings, the bill has made significant progress through the legislative process, receiving overwhelming support in the Assembly with a 59-4 vote and now awaiting Senate action. DeMaio is concerned that the bill’s expedited process reflects a larger pattern of policies that encourage illegal trespass in California.

“There are concerns on two fronts. According to DeMaio, it is concerning that taxpayer-funded state government jobs are being given to individuals who are in the country illegally, which goes against federal law and puts everyone at legal risk. “However, it is important to emphasize that California politicians play a significant role in promoting human trafficking.” They are distributing these benefits, whether it’s the provision of free healthcare funded by taxpayers, the implementation of sanctuary state laws, or the creation of government jobs.

DeMaio emphasized the broader implications of the issue, highlighting its effects on national immigration policy and border security, reaching far beyond California. The author commends Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his efforts in addressing the border crisis in Texas, suggesting that it has resulted in a transfer of the burden of illegal crossings to California.

“This is a matter of national concern because if California persists in offering incentives for Illegal Aliens at the expense of taxpayers through their state government, our border will never be effectively secured,” DeMaio stated. He made a case for the need for reforms at both the federal and state levels, emphasizing that failure to address the border crisis will have far-reaching implications for the nation.

Amidst the ongoing discussion surrounding Assembly Bill 2586, DeMaio’s strong opposition brings attention to the significant disagreements regarding immigration policy and the balance of power between the state and federal governments.

Final Word: The Progressive enlightened and highly evolved Democrat leaders demand Illegal Aliens replace hurting US Citizens and if you disagree then you are no doubt a xenophobe toxic MAGA America flag waving heterosexual bourgeois racists who needs to be confined in a corrective thinking camp! (for the greater good)


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