Illegals And Liberals Alike Will Be Throwing Fits Of Epic Proportions After Seeing Where ‘We Build The Wall Inc.’ Just Put Up Border Wall

(Tea Party PAC) – Building a wall at the southern border is one of the most important steps we can take as a nation to seal off the border and help curb the flow of illegals flooding into the country, which is precisely why the left is so opposed to seeing it constructed.

Progressives have worked tirelessly against President Trump to stop the wall from being built because to stem the tide of illegals would mean cutting of an important demographic Democrats pander to for votes.

However, We Built The Wall Inc. isn’t having any of this nonsense and has been constructing bits of the wall along the southern border, including a new portion on the Rio Grande River, a favorite crossing point for those who wish to disregard our laws and sneak into our country.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

No Swimming!

After a months-long legal battle with the International Boundary and Water Commission, a “United Nations-type” globalist agency which has deliberately facilitated the illegal entry of hordes of foreign nationals to illegally enter the United States, a federal judge cleared the way for Fisher Industries and We Build The Wall to continue building a section of President Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall.

As Fisher Industries and WBW, a crowdfunded organization founded by triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage, geared up to construct an 18-foot tall bollard barrier along a 3 mile stretch of the Rio Grande on private property in Mission, Texas along the Rio Grande, the IBCW flexed its bureaucratic muscle to sabotage the project.

The Department of Justice on Dec. 5 filed a lawsuit on behalf of IBCW against Fisher Industries, the construction company WBW is contracting to assemble the wall, demanding the group to discontinue building the barrier.

The IBCW, created by the U.S. and Mexico in 1889 to administer guidelines for demarcating the location of the border between the two countries, argued a wall would violate a 1970 international water treaty, endanger a butterfly habitat and cause catastrophic environmental damage and flooding on the river bank.

The National Butterfly Center joined IBCW in the suit against WBW, arguing the wall will harm the insects by causing flooding of a preserve where they dwell.

In response, U.S. District Judge Randy Crane issued a restraining order mandating WBW halt construction and ordered the government to disclose the results of a hydrology study that would substantiate its unfounded charges.

Judge Crane on Thursday refused to block the completion of Fisher Industries’ project. After nearly eight hours of testimony, Crane determined neither the government or the NBC met the burdens of proof necessary to be granted an injunction and threw out the temporary restraining suspending construction.

In less than a week, the construction of the new three-mile wall is near completion.

After congressional Democrats’ defied Trump’s request to appropriate funding for a wall in 2018, Kolfage created a GoFundMe, calling on the American public to step to the plate and fund the wall themselves.

Within days, millions of ordinary citizens donated nearly $25 million of private contributions to assure the construction of the wall would become a reality.

As donations poured in, the decorated war hero teamed up with heavy hitters in the public policy arena, including former White House advisor Steve Bannon and former Reagan administration official and congressman Tom Tancredo, and reorganized his efforts to build a 400 mile, privately funded border wall a as a 501(c)(4), We Build the Wall Inc.

As WBW maps out where it will begin construction of a third section of the wall, the IBCW will likely continue to obstruct the organization’s efforts.

Immediately after WBW assembled a wall on private property in Sunland Park, New Mexico in June, IBCW Commissioner Jayne Harkins ordered a gate, which the commission mandated be constructed on the barrier to be permanently padlocked open. Surveillance footage WBW obtained from the site could be mistaken as a scene from The Walking Dead, showing hundreds of illegal immigrants rampaging into the United States moments after IBCW staffers chained open the gate, which has yet to be closed.

“The gate was something they asked for,” Kolfage previously told the Gateway Pundit. “But instead of doing the common sense thing of shutting the gate and locking it, they leave it wide open, Monday through Friday all day long. Anyone can go to our website, we have live cameras watching the gate.

The legal victory for WBC against IBCW and NBC came a day after a federal appeals court lifted an order blocking the Trump administration from using $3.6 billion in military construction funds to erect a taxpayer-funded wall across the entire border.

Trump will reportedly use his national emergency powers to transfer an additional $7.2 billion from Pentagon accounts in 2020 to build the promised border wall. If the pending transfer is not blocked by Congress or the courts, the supplementary funding would bump up his border wall spending to $18.4 billion.

The Trump administration to date has constructed 100 miles of border wall and is in the process of planning and building another 350 miles.

While the president battles Congress for resources, WBW would be fully equipped to construct a wall along the entire 2000-mile border with the help of the American people, Kolfage explained.

“We are still raising money. We’ve just got to keep hammering at it, little chunks at a time. If every Trump supporter donates $80, then the nonprofit could build a wall on the entire 2000-mile border,” he said. “DHS has endorsed us. Border Patrol has endorsed us.”

Speaking to a campaign rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Tuesday, Trump touted the effectiveness new portions of the wall have already had on deterring foreign nationals from illegal entry.

“On part of the new wall two days ago, illegal aliens with drugs on their backs were climbing the wall. They got to the top. You know that paddle on top is called a climb resistor,” he said. “It’s very slippery and very hot, very hot, and they got stuck on the wall. They couldn’t get off the wall. Did you see that?

“I was watching the news. I was surprised that the fake news showed it and I said, ‘Isn’t that a beautiful sight?’ They couldn’t get over the wall. Couldn’t get off. They had to get the fire department to get them down. Do you believe that? 30 feet up, that’s like almost a four-story building. Washington Democrats have never been more extreme than they are now. They’re going crazy.”

As a result, illegal crossings have plummeted across the southern border in recent months, according to Customs and Border Protection.

This is the kind of action that must be done if we wish to see the crisis at the border averted and the tide of illegals drop to manageable levels. No one wants immigrants to stop coming to America. The more the merrier. All we’re asking is that folks use the front door and knock first.

Heck, in our society that’s just good manners, right? So what’s the big deal with applying that principle to immigration? What’s wrong with expecting folks who want to come here to abide by the rules we set for our own home?

The answer is nothing.



  1. As a former Democrat, I can say that its Open Borders policy is one of the factors that led me to walk away from the party after 40 years. I shall choose country over party every time. My advice to any people of conscience still in that party is do not walk away, RUN!

  2. There needs to be a test for a person of legal age to vote: First, they must be able to read English, next, they must be legal citizens and prove it before dropping their ballot in the box. Also, it is very much necessary that more than one person counts these votes, a second verifies them, and a third party watches them both. Too many illegals have vote in order to cancel out legal citizen’s votes. There’s too much chance of illegal voting, noting how many people are hiding out all over the United States, and the Democrats are eager to find them and let them vote.

    • Fully agree… I too love my country. English is spoken here, is the language of the country and should be the ONLY language and only legal US Citizens be voting and only their votes counted. Vote counting needs strict monitoring and illegal voters should be captured and punished per law.

  3. I agree so tired of democratic politics, I’m proud to say not democrat anymore, never they never did anything for working tax paying Americans, nothing all for the illegal immigrants , criminals they desperately to shelter and protect, I’m sick of working my fingers to the bone , overtime , just to live paycheck to paycheck, rents to high, etc and these losers who come here illegally break our laws, get medical and , housing , childcare, money 💰 so sick of bs. We need to as citizens overthrow this government and crooked politicians. We organize how politics and terms should be, ban illegals , until get legal and found free of crimes, work pay taxes, no freebies. Work like the rest of us . The AMERICAN DREAM!!!! God bless Trump and America

  4. The gate is on “private property”. That land owner should sue the IBCW commissioner for hundreds of millions for funneling thousands of illegals onto their private property. Hundreds of pictures online that show where ever illegals cross, garbage, backpaxks, personal items, and human excrement are left in the process. It also violates 4th amendment rights, and this commissioner is complicit in thousands of counts of illegal, criminal trespass. The land owner should file a criminal complaint for trespass for each illegal the cameras show cross onto his property. Oh, and who authorized video surveillance of private property without a warrant. Sounds like this landowner has many valid complaints, and can take this commissioner to the cleaners, and possibly jail. If I were him, I’d be contacting a good lawyer. Since when does an international anything, along the lines of the UN, have ANY say over private property in this constitutionally protected country.

    • The wall is absolutely useless! I commanded military units in 5 nations on 3 continents. I also taught classes in various military units. I taught those classes straight out of military manuals approved of and printed by the US military. THIS FACT IS MADE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR IN THE MANUALS. ALL BARRIERS MUST BE COVERED BY OBSERVATION AND FIRE!!! Building a wall 500 ft. tall is useless, unless people with weapons are WATCHING IT!!!!

  5. Tough shit. Illegals and liberals can all drop dead. MAGA REMOVE ALL LEFTISTS, LIBERALS and DEMOCRATS. THEY HATE COUNTRY, CONSTITUTION and US!

  6. Screw the INSECTS! . . . Couldn’t care LESS about them. The same goes for ILLEGAL immigrants! send them BACK. We don’t want them here. Go back to their country of origin. We DON’T want your problems HERE. The same goes for the TREASONISTIC Traitor Democrats. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Let’s all as U.S. citizens mandate that Pelosi, Waters,Warren,Sanders, Biden and the rest of the Demonrats leave their GATES AND DOORS OPEN FOR ANYONE TO WALK IN AND USE THEIR PERSONAL RESOURCES.

  8. How can a government agency mandate anything on private property? Sounds like a violation of the 4th amendment, illegal search and seizure. Not sure, someone should check on that.

  9. Keep building the wall. Have a measured legal immigration policy set up so all who wish to come here get a chance to do it LEGALLY. Congress has blatantly ignored their responsibility to solve this problem Both the Democrats and Republicans are to blame for this problem. Under all administrations They do not have the interest of our country at heart. To many are owned by special interest groups who have lined their pockets. Once they get into the DC swamp they lose all sense of responsibility to the citizens who voted them in. Clean house. Adopt term limits and get people in who want to work for the USA and not special interest groups. Until then nothing is going to change.

  10. Nothing more needs to be said about border security and control, but a lot more needs to be done! Keep on keeping on, We Build the Wall! Your efforts and progress are both closely observed and greatly appreciated by the overwhelming majority of the American people! When the border wall is finally completed, the Democrats will have to discover a new source for their voter fraud other than illegal aliens! They’ll do anything to steal any election they can’t win honestly!

  11. Buikd th3e wall and where it will cross privately held land do it anyway! If these lqnd owners complain just look at they and ask why. The only eason they might complqin is its their land but the truth is they want to hit the gravy train for a large number of $ for land with little or no value for farming or able to build a business that could turn a profit. !

  12. Kevin: That is for sure. Next we will be having to leave the doors to jails open so prisoners can come and go. Our court system sometimes act like they have had lobotomies. Brain dead.

    • “IBCW Commissioner Jayne Harkins ordered a gate, which the commission mandated be constructed on the barrier to be permanently padlocked open.”

      Now, Fisher Industries, the construction company; WBW the contractor for assembling the wall; and the US Government needs to sue the IBCW demanding that the gate be either controlled by the US Border Patrol or permanently padlocked-closed. This time President Trump and AG Barr need to make sure that the US Government is on the side of American Citizens, not a UN-style organization that has its own agenda (it is not performing according to the real purpose of determining the location of border as it was intended when it was set up in the 19th century).


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