In A Not-So-Subtle Move, Joe Biden Receives His Own Jersey From US Women’s Soccer Team

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden just received his biggest silent endorsement since the Obama “friendship bracelet” debacle: a custom-made jersey gifted by the U.S. Women’s national soccer team (USWNT).

Biden shared a photo posing with the jersey in a tweet, thanking the team for the gift and praising them for their “talent, heart, and advocacy for equal pay (which) represents the best of America and serves as an inspiration for all.”

The USWNT, which won the FIFA World Cup championship last Sunday in their final match against the Netherlands team, is squawking louder than ever to end the mythical “gender pay gap” compared to the U.S. Men’s National Team.

If his tweet is any indication, it seems Biden is as ignorant as the rest of the mathematically-challenged leftists demanding more money for the women’s team.

Because they’re demanding “equal pay” with the men’s team rather than equitable pay proportionate to the revenue they actually generate, the women’s team might find themselves up #2 creek.

Breitbart reports:

The Women’s World Cup doesn’t come close to the revenue and TV ratings of the Men’s World Cup.

The last Men’s World Cup in 2018 brought in around $6 billion, and the 2015 Women’s World Cup around $73 million, so this contributes to the pay gap. And the women’s teams actually get a higher percentage of the revenue than the men’s teams. The men get 9 percent and the women receive 13 percent.

To pay the women the same as the men, the women would likely exceed the revenue stream of the tournament.

Wait, you mean the leftists aren’t just going to prune their money tree to pay for their childish demands? They should be expected to have a basic understanding of math before whining for more money? That’s just too much to ask, apparently.

It seems Biden isn’t the only 2020 hopeful who can’t math good. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio have also expressed their support for the “equal pay” scam.

“They bring home the ratings, the revenue, and the wins,” Sen. Warren said in a tweet. “But even if they didn’t, the players of the @USWNT deserve equal pay.”

This woman just suggested that the men’s team should set the standard for the women’s team pay rate even if they don’t actually generate revenue sufficient to pay them. Seriously.

“This also has to be a moment we finally break through on pay equity, and this country’s lagging far behind” Mayor De Blasio said in an interview on CNN. “The fact that our women are paid so much less than men, they’re champions, they bring in a huge amount of revenue for U.S. Soccer. So let me say, it’s time to change that. I’ll tell you what I would do, and you know, I’m running for president. If I were president of the United States, I would insist that Congress pass an amendment to the Amateur Sports Act requiring — requiring equal pay for men and women in all of our national sports teams.”

Of course, the crazy train’s route wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the AOC station.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went above and beyond the idiocy of Warren, De Blasio, and others and declared that the women’s team should be paid at least double what the men’s team receives without any regard whatsoever for where the money would actually come from:

“At this point we shouldn’t even be asking for #EqualPay for the #USWMNT — we should demand they be paid at least twice as much,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

Meanwhile, what does our President have to say about the supposed pay gap? The Hill reports:

“I think a lot of it also has to do with the economics. I mean who draws more, where is the money coming in. I know that when you have the great stars like [Portugal’s Cristiano] Ronaldo and some of these stars that get paid a lot of money, but they draw hundreds of thousands of people. But I haven’t taken a position on that at all. I’d have to look at it.”

What a hateful, sexist bigot using all that hateful, sexist common sense and refusing to voice a stance before having all the facts, right?

While the “gender pay gap” has been debunked time and time again, no doubt it will be an effective tool for 2020 presidential hopefuls to score some social justice brownie points.