Incredible: Watch As President Trump Stands, Salues, And Shakes Hands With Every Single Air Force Academy Graduate, Nearly 900 Of Them

(Tea Party PAC) – Many civilians have a difficult time understanding just how much President Trump’s unfettered support for our men and women in uniform means for our nation.

Our service members deserve the respect and regard of their commander-in-chief, but when they are held in the proper regard, it is better for our whole nation.

Since day one in office, President Trump has shown a distinct affection for his troops, whom he takes the opportunity to greet whenever he can.

Last year, he and FLOTUS also took a surprise visit to Iraq to spend some time with the troops for Christmas, despite cancelling their own family holiday in Mar-o-Lago to stay in Washington.

He also made headlines last year after going out of his way to recover the hat of a saluting Marine that had blown off his head as he stood waiting for POTUS to board Marine One.

Trump loves America, and he loves our troops, and it shows.

Still, it is simply astonishing how far he went out of his way to show his respect and affection for the graduates at the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony in Colorado this week.

After delivering his remarks, the President stood on stage, saluting and shaking the hands of each and every graduate as they walked across the stage.

This is the president of the United States, arguably the most important man on planet earth, and he takes the time to show individual gratitude and honor to every single new Air Force officer.

Try as they might, the Democrats will never be able to counter Trump’s love of country. They just can’t do it!

And you better believe he received a very warm welcome at the ceremony by the grateful new officers.

“Thank you for raising “rocked, ripped American patriots,” Trump said to the crowd, thanking the families of the new officers.

This man has unlimited energy, which is clearly fueled by his love for our nation, the troops, and his job.

This is how he’s going to make our nation great again. This is how he’s going to get elected in 2020 again.

He’s never too important to take time for the men and women of this nation who help keep us safe, and that is his way of showing us, the American people, he is fully committed to doing his job and making sure our nation is always safe and prosperous.