Infuriating: Trump Supporters Wait For Days Outside Venue For Rally; Then Tulsa Does Something Deplorable At The Last-Minute

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the biggest concerns for the Trump reelection campaign this year has been the lack of holding political rallies. These events has been a way for the president to remain in close contact with his base supporters and to keep them fired up and excited about his agenda for improving the country and bringing it back from the brink of destruction that the former administration took it to.

With the coronavirus pandemic having shutdown the country and effectively banned all mass gatherings — unless you want to protest something the left believes in and/or burn your city to the ground — there’s been no rallies held by the president to get in touch with those who he is counting on to get him reelected.

Well, that’s all changed with a campaign rally due to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend. Thousands upon thousands of people are planning to attend, with many of them showing up days before the event at the venue.

And then Tulsa city officials decided to set a curfew in the downtown area located near the BOK center where the event is supposed to take place. The reason? Civil unrest caused by Black Lives Matter riots.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

With police posting information on the curfew less than an hour before it took effect, according to Tulsa World, confusion reigned on the ground where Trump supporters have been in line for days.

As seen in a video shared by Breitbart News, law enforcement is directing people to acceptable areas where they can continue waiting.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted on Monday that they have received more than 1 million ticket requests for the president’s first rally since the coronavirus pandemic, and people are already camping out to be first in line.

Without mentioning names, such as the far-left group Antifa, the Republican mayor said Tulsa police have intelligence that “organized groups” intent on violence may be planning to disrupt the rally.

“I have received information from the Tulsa Police Department and other law enforcement agencies that shows that individuals from organized groups who have been involved in destructive or violent behavior in other states are planning to travel to the City of Tulsa for purposes of causing unrest in and around the rally,” the order stated.

🚨CURFEW IN EFFECT FOR DOWNTOWN🚨As part of our preparations for President Trump’s Rally this Saturday, we are working…

Posted by Tulsa Police Department on Thursday, June 18, 2020

As of now, 250 National Guard soldiers have been called to help with event security for the rally. The troops will not be armed, carrying only shields, batons, and pepper spray as a means of protecting themselves if need be.

Wendell Franklin, Tulsa Police Chief, stated the unit will be there as a “force multiplier” to help ensure that the zones around the BOK center are safe.

We will increase our numbers; ramp up our numbers to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the event on Saturday,” said Chief Franklin.

The curfew restrictions include a specific reference to Molotov cocktails and other explosive materials:

1. People are prohibited from walking, running, loitering, standing or motoring upon any alley, street, highway, public property, sidewalk, or vacant premises within the boundaries indicated above, except for official designated duty in response to the emergency, providing public safety services, or going to or from a place of residence or work.

2. The manufacture, transfer, use, possession or transportation of a Molotov cocktail or any other device, instrument or object designed to explode or produce uncontained combustion is prohibited within the limits of the City of Tulsa.

3. The transporting, possessing or using of gasoline, kerosene, or combustible, flammable, or explosive liquids or materials in a glass or uncapped container of any kind is prohibited within the limits of the City of Tulsa, except in connection with the normal operation of motor vehicles, normal home use or legitimate commercial use.

The designated area will be off-limits from 10 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Saturday ahead of the rally, and take effect again after the rally until 6 a.m. Sunday.

What this really all comes down to is whether or not conservatives are still welcome out on the streets of America, or if leftists have succeeded in implementing some sort of plan to keep us from mobilizing together so that we can help get Trump reelected.

Let’s just say that things would not go well in the latter situation. Hopefully, peaceful protests and gatherings are something we get back to as Americans. There’s so many better ways to make a point than chaos and destruction.


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  3. Show us the $$$ and we quit rioting raping stealing harassing drawing graffiti threatening looting…. but we still vote for a Democrat who has promised everything including a new cell phone, even tho I ain’t seen it yet?

  4. Democrats will say and due anything to stop Republicans from having fun and supporting president Trump. This shows everyone that the democrats are desperate and know they have no chance with Sleepy Joe Biden. President Trump will win reelection and all these protests will ensure that he does.

    • We’re just trying to stop the spread of the real pandemic that every Drumpf-sucking republicunt suffers from: STUPIDITY. With Das Fuhrer holding rallies and killing his own brain dead nazi supporters via COVID-19, Biden has already won. The election is just a formality at this point. BIDEN 2020!!!!

  5. Tulsa is drawing a big red line and is informing everyone. And then informing everyone else. Don’t even think about. Oklahomans will not be “Sleepless in Tulsa”.

  6. They can try to dissuade us all they want. Trump rallies are just the frosting on the cake. We don’t really NEED them, but they’re just so FUN when there wasn’t a whole lot to be happy about during the Obama years, that people look forward to them. Over a million people want tickets to it even though the stadium only holds 20,000. If THAT doesn’t say to the Democrats, “Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID, then I don’t know WHAT DOES. I’m not even TRYING to get into the rally, but that’s not going to stop ME from voting for Trump this November. I’d much rather enjoy the action from the comfort of my home on the internet, than deal with the traffic anyway. How many people can BIDEN accommodate in his basement???

    • Biden doesn’t need to leave his basement to win. He’s practically already won. With Fuhrer Drumpf killing his own supporters via COVID with his rallies, and any surviving republicunts’ adversity to voting by mail even during a global pandemic, Biden will win in the biggest landslide in election history, possibly even in a 538-0 shutout! BIDEN 2020!!!

  7. Why don’t they just arrest the one’s involved in violence and leave those people alone? They have a right to assemble too and if they’re not allowed to exercise their rights then perhaps they too will turn to civil disobedience.
    The difference would be that this crowd wouldn’t destroy other people’s property or purposely hurt anyone except for in self-defense.

  8. Well, perhaps the Mayor and law enforcement need to go after those violent groups who wish to violate the laws and constitutional rights of people instead of helping them deny citizens the free exercise their constitutional rights.

  9. Remember all this Democrat caused confusion and destruction when you go to the polls this fall. Remember the lock downs and loss of jobs. Remember the endless false accusations and fake impeachment. Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020! Send Nasty Nancy to Guantanamo and socialist George Soros to Siberia!

  10. In 1968 Democratic Mayor Richard J Daily stopped looting in Chicago saying , If you loot, we shoot! The looting stopped…

  11. There is a woman, a leftist, who on Facebook, has been telling her leftist “Friends”, to order tickets, and take up space. That way , the actual people that WANT to see Trump, will be locked out ! I saw her announcement, and was completely disgusted, and furious, by her actions ! These Liberals are So incredibly devious, and will use every trick in the book, and some NOT in the book to hurt our President !

  12. This is disgraceful. It is perfectly okay for rioters and looters to gather – with or without masks – commit murder, rape or any other type of violence. But Anti-American police chiefs, which are most likely controlled by the Democrat Party, can move in to stop a political rally. What is the country coming to?

  13. “…peaceful protests and gatherings are something we get back to as Americans.”

    How long will it take until we all understand the point has been made?

  14. “…peaceful protests and gatherings are something we get back to as Americans.”

    How many weeks and/or months will take before someone with infinite genius decides the intended point is made?

  15. Funny how the left is outraged when Trump supporters want to peacefully rally but just sit and watch while their friends, antifa scum, riots and causes destruction. Typical Democratic hypocrisy.

  16. Now when concert attendees did the same thing for a concert most Trump supporters said they were stupid for doing such a thing. I suppose small mind are incapable of making decision which they think is stupid on one hand and important on the other hand.

    • Yes of course Bob – you do have a small mind! You are more than willing to let rioters and looters gather in large groups – with or without masks, with or without social distancing – but a peaceful gathering of the person you disagree with is not okay. You are a HYPOCRITE!!!

    • I can only speak for myself but I was irritated when AR Gov Hutchison had TempleLive’s concert stopped while ripping their liquor license off the wall just 3 days before his directive permitted. We’ve had 2 C-19 deaths in Sebastian County this year. And all five contingent counties have had none. Stop tredding on our freedoms. We’re quite capable of managing the overall welfare of ourselves and our neighbors without having our Constitutional rights ripped away by Authoritarians 150 miles away. In this pandemic, directives, guidance and authority should be provided county by county, if not city by city. But certainly not statewide. We followed our own mostly anyway since the Guv thought our risks were the same as LR or Cummings.

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