Insane: ICE Taught Transgender Migrants How To Appear More Feminine

(Tea Party PAC) – This is beyond crazy.

Newly-released footage reveals the specialized unity that featurees TVs, an outdoor recreational area, and a library, in addition to medical staff “trained in [the] best practices for the care of transgender individuals.”

“This is the self-grooming class and the self-presentation class,” a woman instructs a class full of trangender migrants. “We’re going to learn about hair, makeup, and how to present yourself to the public so that your femininity is more apparent than just someone looking at you and questioning what your gender is.”

Here is the official footage from ICE:

The facility is in Milan, Nee Mexico, where ICE has added the dedicated transgender unit to the Cibola County Correctional Center in 2017.

Here are promotional tweets from ICE:

What’s more, transgender detainees are visited twice a week by a New Mexico-based legal aide which is reportedly not affiliated with the government to help them in their asylum process by helping them prepare their cases.

When American cities are being overwhelmed by recent migrant surges brought to you by terrible laws and a “breaking point” in border security, Twitter users were less than thrilled to see ICE attempt to glorify this kushy facility.

This is insane.

While it is worthy of note that some transgender individuals from other countries may actually be the most valid cases for asylum considering how truly free our nation is in these matters (despite everything the hysterical left will tell you), it is still not at all our responsibility to teach these people how to better appear as a member of the opposite sex.

Particularly if they don’t even bother to follow our laws when they arrive here!

Why don’t we use these tax dollars towards, oh I don’t know, securing our border? Where on earth did these funds come from if Congress refuses to fund a barrier wall?!