Iraq Parliament Just Made A Major Decision About Whether Or Not To Keep U.S. Military Presence In The Country

(Tea Party PAC) – If you want to know why it’s practically useless to try and help Middle Eastern countries become free and liberated from oppressive governments and backwards religious practices, look at Iraq and it’ll all become clear.

U.S. led coalition forces in the country doing battle against evil terrorist group Daesh have suspended their efforts after increasing attacks against U.S. personnel.

And to top it all off, Iraqi Parliament has decided to boot all of the foreign troop presence in the country.

Here’s more on this from Infowars:

The Iraqi Parliament has passed a resolution to demand the termination of all the foreign troop presence in the country, Sky News Arabia broadcaster reported.

During an extraordinary session convened on Sunday, the legislative body also voted to terminate the agreement with the US-led coalition fighting Daesh.

“The government commits to revoke its request for assistance from the international coalition fighting Islamic State due to the end of military operations in Iraq and the achievement of victory,” the resolution read. “The Iraqi government must work to end the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil and prohibit them from using its land, airspace or water for any reason.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi earlier requested that parliament order the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country, Sky News Arabia broadcaster reported, as Iraq’s parliament began its extraordinary session.

The Prime Minister said that both Iraq and the US are interested in terminating the foreign troop presence in the country.

The head of the Iraqi government believes that the foreign troop pullout would be beneficial to the country. He also recalled that US-Iraqi relations did not suffer despite the absence of foreign troops in the country in the period 2011-2014.

“Despite the internal and external difficulties that we might face, it remains best for Iraq on principle and practically,” Abdul Mahdi told parliament in a speech.

He added that there are two options available regarding the withdrawal of US-led coalition troops. The first would see their immediate and complete withdrawal, the second would order foreign military personnel to leave gradually.

“As Prime Minister and senior commander, I recommend the first option. Despite the external and internal difficulties that we may encounter, this option is fundamentally better for Iraq … It will help reorganize relations with the US and other nations, maintain cordial relations on the basis that territorial sovereignty is respected, and allows for no interference in internal affairs,” Mahdi remarked.

Echoing the Prime Minister’s words, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that the end of the US troop presence in the region, including military bases, navy ships and military personnel would be a fair punishment for Soleimani’s killing.

Nasrallah specified that this measure should not include civilians in the country as the punishment should be directed at the institution that implemented the killing of Soleimani.

Abdul Mahdi also said that the United States informed Iraq about the plans to target the commander several minutes before the attack. He added that the Iraqi authorities gave no such permission.

The Prime Minister revealed that he was scheduled to meet with Soleimani the same morning the general was killed in an airstrike in Baghdad. According to Abdul Mahdi, the Iranian general was expected to deliver a response from Iran to ‘a Saudi message’.

In the early hours of Friday, Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of an Iraqi Shia militia group, were among those killed by a US drone attack near Baghdad International Airport. Soleimani and al-Muhandis were blamed by Washington for organising demonstrations at the US Embassy in Baghdad on 31 December.

So this is the thanks we get for helping to liberate the country from a tyrant and helping them to establish their own government? Perhaps the anti-interventionist crowd is right about not getting tangled up in the foreign affairs of other countries. Especially since it seems they don’t appreciate the help or the sacrifices made in order to help them become free as we are free.

Maybe some folks around the globe just aren’t ready yet for the responsibilities that come with being a free republic? Seems that’s the case in the Middle East.



  1. all good comments. too bad we the people are smarter than our lifer govt
    parasites who have done nothing but
    bury us in debt with OPM.

  2. This story is incomplete. More than half of the Iraqui legislature stayed out of the chamber in protest and refused to vote so the vote to remove all US troops is merely a show vote and is nonbinding ! ! !

  3. Before we leave the U.S. should tear down every thing we have built in Iraq
    then bomb all their Oil facilities that we have been protecting and then leave
    to never return again….and no more help of any kind….

    • It’s time to take our ball and go home. Some country like China will want to control the oil without paying for it in US. dollars. The Chinese want the World Currency to be the Yen.

  4. FIRST, we must put sand in the crankcase of EVERY vehicle we leave behind.
    SECOND, we have built ’60 year’ bases there. They MUST BE BLOW UP as we leave.
    There is NO REASON to leave ANY AMERICAN GOODS in working order.
    Enjoy the stoneage people.

  5. These people have been fighting each other for over 2000 years. That how they
    think the world works. America, need to understand, ‘NO GOOD DEED GOES
    UNPUNISHED”. If people really want to be liberated, they need to stand up. Americans formed this country by standing up again a King, that want to
    control the world. We won!

    For the people of Iran, to win, they must stand against the government of their
    country. As the history of this country has shown, many may die. However, many will live to know again what freedom will feel like.

    I feel that the battle should be fought by them, not another drop of American blood should be shed on this country.

    Bring our troops and civilians home and let them deal with the outcome.

  6. Wow! are you serious? Only the naive believe we are there to promote democracy in the Middle East where the Koran, etc. is the rule.

  7. Iraq is split between Shiite and Sunni factions with other sects siding with one or the other or trying to maintain some measure of independence (Kurds).

  8. We have learned NOTHING since WWII. In both Korea and Vietnam, the name of the game was the “containment” of Communism rather than total victory! What was the result? Korea remains a divided country still technically at war, and a tenuously observed ceasefire being the only safeguard against a new outbreak of hostilities. US troops fought there right up to the end and are still there to this day helping them to keep the peace. When the ceasefire in Vietnam was eventually signed, US troops withdrew completely and the Communist North overran the South two years later. All the US troops who fought and bled and DIED in defense of Vietnam sacrificed and risked their lives for NOTHING! No clear-cut victory was obtained in Korea, and Vietnam was a military DISASTER for the USA!
    It’s long since past time for the troops to be coming home from the Middle East. Their services can be utilized much more within our own borders against domestic terrorism and other terrorist activities and infiltration. It’s time to consider the concept of Fortress America! We have to defend our own country and people FIRST, and let the rest of the world look out for themselves!

  9. The British had the right idea in the 1800s – some snot nosed third world nation causes you trouble, send a punitive expedition in to bash heads and break things. Then leave. While they’re rebuilding themselves they’ll be too busy to cause more trouble. Hold them up as an example to others, “you give us trouble, this is what will happen to YOU!”

    • Our troubles in the Middle East go back to WW1 when the British and the French divided the Middle East among themselves after the war. They used the Sykes Treaty to do this. The Arab’s wanted their own country with Damascus as the capital. The English couldn’t get the Turks out of there without help from the Arabs. T.E. Lawrence did it with help from the Arab tribes and English money and weapons. T.E. Lawrence actually wrote the doctrine for the operation for Special Forces 100 years ago to get the job done. The Arab’s are pissed off at the U.S. and we had nothing to do with us. I guess the European’s have known the Roman’s couldn’t sort the mess out either. If it wasn’t for the West’s oil money that there addicted to the would be ranching camels and raking camel shit.






    • I think they should not have killed him but send in the Seals and stopped the SUV and taken him to Gitmo and get the intel from him. He would have cried like a little girl and we would have the evidence to put the hurt to Iran big time.

      It is time to get the hell out of the middle east and send all those who came from there back and keep them all out of the US.

  11. Yes yes yes n more yes
    Get out now and charge them for
    All the infrastructures built but no airport pls. Destroy the airports
    No more taxpayer money.
    Charge them to the limit in honor of all the brave Americans who lost their lives
    These many long protracted war that
    Is senseless. God bless America
    God bless our strong n courageous PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

  12. I agree get our troops out now and let them kill each other and the US can quit sending money there also see how that works for them!!

  13. If Iraq has voted to kick out “ All “ foreign troops out of Iraq, will that not also include the Iranians? That would not necessarily be a bad thing, but I doubt that is what will happen. Keith, I agree with you, we need to be out of these countries excluding the countries that we are allied with that actually are our friends such as Israel.

  14. It’s just amazing that after everything America has done to help them that they are kicking us out if THEIR country. The American tax payer is the one paying for the fight to make THEIR lives better.
    America-WAKE UP!!! It’s mostly American blood seeping into THEIR sand. Some of them do care-But most do not. And worse-they want all Americans dead. The situation there is similar to raising a child. If you do everything for them and they do little or nothing to help they will learn little and have no respect for you. And in the end they will blame you for everything.
    Just how much American blood should we sacrifice to help a people that have no respect for all the heroic men and women that have fought, been wounded, and sacrificed their lives to help these people? I say enough is enough. Let’s get the hell out and be happy we did. As my ex boss said many times “You can’t fix stupid”-and these ungrateful people are stupid. Let them go back to killing one another. At least it won’t be American blood staining the sands of that God forsaken hell hole.

  15. Enduring Freedom!…what a joke. The only Enduring thing about it is Iran’s control over Iraq. Operation Enduring Freedom was designed to take out Saddam Hussein. For what? He kept the Shia’s in control. They were afraid of him. Iran and the Holy 13 as well as Rouhani and Koumeni were deathly afraid of him. He knew all the Rats and Where they hid out and was able to control the masses. We should have kept him in place as our Iraqi Guard Dog. Chained and Collared and kept under control but his mere presence would hold Iran and their paramours in check.

    • We put money into Iraq when the Shah if Iran was booted out of the country. Iran and Iraq have been fighting each other for control of the oil for a long time.
      The U.S. stabilized Iraq to have control. The weapons of mass destruction where in Iraq for sure. We sold them to Iraq to keep control of those weapons. Sadam sent them his buddy in Saria. If Sadam pulled over when the U.S. asked him to everything would have been all right. No he had to invade Kuwait.

  16. Trump promised to get us out and he is plus knocking off top terrorist general and others. That’s a two for one. Horay!

  17. And DON”T forget to close our boarders to them also! Deport their sleeper cells and beef up boarder security to keep them out.

  18. We should get out as soon as possible. Any landing strips we made blow them up so they can’t be used against us. And let them fin for themselves. Isaiah is the only country we need to defend or the ones who are friendly to USA,

    • Ever the Tea Potty. Highest grade achieved; Hooked on Phonics. You people might carry across better with proper spelling and grammar.

  19. Good, we don’t need to be there anyway. Too bad we can’t bring back Sadam and his two evil sons and leave them in charge when we leave.

  20. Well said Keith. We have no business in their religious civil wars. Our troops belong fighting for American freedoms and beliefs not Sunni over Shiits or ?

  21. Before we leave the country, the US should demolish destroy any and all properties that United States has built and maintained over the years. Nothing should be left for their gain. Just saying. USA rocks. Then Send Mr. Lopez over to them for his humor. Ha

  22. Great! The vote counts. Let’s get out now. Let the middle east settle the disputes that have been ongoing now for hundreds of years. Our men have been killed and maimed for decades and we are wasting our blood and treasure for these ungrateful duplicitous people/government. Time for us to come home and secure and rebuild our country. Our Citizens in Appalachia need massive amounts of medical and monetary assistance to build decent schools and bring in economic programs to elevate them into the American dream. This is not an isolationist policy…It’s putting American citizens FIRST. TRUMP ROCKS!


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