Is ‘Creepy Joe… At It Again’?

(Tea Party PAC) – Joe Biden has made quite the reputation for himself of being a creep. He’s had a hard time over the last several decades with this image and there are countless videos and pictures showing Biden being just downright inappropriate towards women and young girls.

It’s not your normal touching. Biden has been a little too touchy-feely with not only his hands but his forehead too, awkwardly putting his head on females and whispering into their ears or bizarrely sniffing them.

It’s hard to imagine just how uncomfortable it must be for the women and girls being touched by Biden, it’s uncomfortable enough to see on the internet.

Back in 2019 when Joe Biden was still a candidate for president, he promised to observe “changing social norms” by keeping his hands (and forehead) to himself.

Three years later, however, and Biden has only managed to add to the ever-growing montage of inappropriate moments with women and girls.

The awkward moments just keep coming.

On Saturday, Biden made Americans cringe with his creepy behavior when he went to vote with his granddaughter Natalie, a first-time voter, in Wilmington, Delaware. Video of Biden sticking an “I Voted” sticker on Natalie and then giving her a kiss immediately went viral and viewers were split on the moment.

Some felt the moment was perfectly fine since Natalie is his granddaughter. We would normally agree but Biden also has a history of taking showers with his own daughter. It’s hard to view anything Biden does around women as “normal” and that’s how critics of the moment seemed to view it.

“Creepy Joe is at it again,” Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson tweeted on Sunday.

Then there were those who had no problem with the video, you know, the ones who likely voted for Biden and wear facemasks alone in their cars.

It’s impossible to ignore Biden’s long history of creepy, inappropriate behavior towards women and young girls.

Even after he seemed to acknowledge and apologize for his creepy behavior in 2019, it doesn’t seem he’s actually learned his lesson. You be the judge:

There’s no amount of suppression or censorship that can stop video clips like these from making their rounds on social media. Ironically, you won’t hear the “women’s rights” fanatics speaking out against Biden and his inappropriate behavior. Biden gets a free pass since he’s a Democrat. Voters are tired of this kind of blatant double standard.

On November 8, we’ll be able to send that message to Democrats loud and clear.

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